Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 2: Saiyan Fever

"SHUT UP!" Bulma yelled at Chichi to end her terrible interrogation. Bulla was clinging to her mother's leg with worry on her face.

"But where are my babies? Is Goku back?" Chichi was crying in distress. Little Pan had long since put her fingers to her ears. She was sitting across the living room on the couch. Poor Marron was crying in Videl's arms while she was sitting next to Pan.

"Look, everyone should be back soon enough. I really hope so…" Bulma had tears in her eyes as she walked over to the couch to sit. Slowly, motherly, she pulled Bulla into her arms and pressed her cheek against her daughter's.

"That doesn't look assuring…" Chichi glared at her. She was still standing and had her hands on her hips. "What happened to my boys!" She began to tug on Bulma's arm.

"Nothing happened to them Chichi! It's… Trunks!" Bulma burst into tears. She wept and wept. Bulla even acquired a few tears of her own at her mother's outburst. Chichi now felt the urge to comfort them. She had been so worried about her own, that she didn't stop to think about Bulma and her family.

Suddenly, Yamcha who had been outside finally opened the door. "You guys! Hurry come see!"

The three women and three children emerged outside under the warm sun. Bunny had been outside watering the plants and Dr. Briefs had been watching her do so. They all scurried to the place where Mr. Popo's carpet, the yellow hover craft, and Gohan and Goten stood.

Chichi ran their way and wrapped her arms around her boys at the same time. "I'm so glad you're home!" She cried. Videl and Pan then ran to Gohan after Chichi had finished with her water works.

"How did everything go?" Asked Videl.

"It was intense, but the only real loss was the tower…" He laughed. Suddenly Vegeta touched down shortly after as if he had simply accumulated and fell from the sky like precipitation.

"Get out of my way!" He demanded, cutting right through the throng of babbling fools to see his son sitting on Mr. Popo's carpet. Trunks sat up. Bulma ran to him accompanied by Bulla. They both fell to their knees and wrapped their arms around him with relief.

"I thought we lost you!" Bulma cried. Trunks had a blank expression on his face.

"Mother," He faintly smiled.

"You're such idiot!" Vegeta began. "What were you thinking? You could've been killed!" He was standing in front of his son with his arms crossed.

"No Vegeta!" Bulma came out of her hug to yell at her husband. "Don't you be a jerk to him!" She was just thankful he was alright and she didn't want Vegeta harping on him. Not after all they had been through. He didn't deserve that. Instead, he deserved a nice welcome home.

Bulla had her head nestled against her big brother's shoulder. She let go of him and then went to cling to Vegeta's leg. She was also happy to see him. There was so much happiness in the air the little girl couldn't contain herself. Vegeta looked down at her awkwardly. It made it hard for him to continue yelling at his son for his stupid actions. Bulla looked up at him with her big eyes and her cute little pigtails that flopped when she made any sudden movements. "Trunks told me you wouldn't let anything happen to him or momma." She smiled. Vegeta's cheeks began to glow a bright red.

"Hey guys!" Goku hollered, landing in the grass on his right foot. Chichi ran towards him like a bull towards a matador, just as furious too.

"GOKU!" She began. "I sure hope you learned your lesson about trusting everyone you see!" He braced himself as if she was going to smack him or punch him, but he sighed when her arms wrapped around his torso.

"Dad it's great to have you back." Gohan smiled beside his wife Videl. She was still holding Marron in her arms.

Krillin strode over the lawn with Eighteen to get his daughter from Videl. "There's my girl!" He said holding out his arms. Marron smiled and went into her giggle fit of happiness as he ticked her with his index finger. With Marron out of her mother's arms, Pan tugged at Videl's shirt and found the warm embrace she had been missing all along. And all was peaceful again for the z-fighters, or was it?

"Please… I feel like I'm dying…" Trunks continued to beg. Belia was still standing in front of the prince's son.

"Unfortunately for you Trunks, you aren't dying." She turned away from him and spread her fingers apart, then her arms. Whatever she had done, a portal had opened, more so, a moving picture had been revealed. "Feel the hopelessness that I felt." Belia smiled a sinister way and together they watched Bulma hug Trunks on their front lawn. Everyone looked happy and peaceful. He could see them all… everyone, including himself?

"What is that?" Trunks asked about the imposture. "That's not me!" A bead of sweat dripped from his chin and his eyes were half open.

"Oh but it is you Trunks, your shell anyway. Meanwhile, you will be stuck here, trapped, while life goes on without your conscious self. Worst of all, there is nothing you can do about it, nothing to stop it, no one to comfort you!" She laughed again. Her tail pressed against his forehead and wiped the sweat away.

"It's so hot in here…" Trunks panted. He was losing his mind and the heat made it difficult for him to think. He couldn't breathe. "Why is it so hot?" He yelled as loud as he could.

Belia folded her arms comfortably across her chest as she looked around. The heat was starting to get to her too. "You are probably sick." She shrugged. "Anyway… that is the least of your concern. Now…" She stood back from him. "I'm going to figure out how to control your body and spice up your life." She smiled. Belia blew him a kiss as she walked away. Her curly tail coiled behind her back and she faded into the darkness.

With all the fighters inside the capsule corporation, Chichi and Bulma made sure to make a celebration feast for their safe return. They all gathered around a large table in which all the food they cooked was set out in the middle. With so many Saiyans present the amount of dishes they prepared was ridiculous.

"Dig in!" Everyone stood and began to grab at dishes and reach for spoons and forks. Goku had assembled a mass of chicken legs, egg rolls, rice, sushi, and vegetables in a quick few seconds and began to stuff his face without such utensils. Vegeta looked at him with a shake of his head and made his plate in a more polite fashion, however their eating style was quite the same, even though Vegeta used a fork to stuff his face.

Trunks slowly, but surely made a plate for himself. He then stared at it. It was a sloppy plate of flood and he looked up with a dim smile. Pan and the other children were making messes of their selves and getting rice all over the table and the floor.

"It's too bad Master Roshi decided to stay at Kame house! He doesn't know what he's missing!" Krillin laughed as he brought a chicken leg to his mouth. Conversations started to arise from that simple statement. "Do you remember when Launch used to cook our meals Goku?"

Goku, who was stuffing his face, swallowed and shook his head up and down. "Yeah, but this is much better than that."

Bunny, Bulma, and Chichi blushed and smiled. They had been the ones to prepare the dinner. Even Piccolo was eating. Usually all he needed was water, but the scent of the great meal had enticed him to enjoy it like the others. "What ever happened to Launch anyway?" Bulma asked.

Nearly everyone at the table shrugged their shoulders and started to laugh. No one knew. No one cared. "Launch was crazy anyway!" Krillin joked.

Everyone was eating except for Trunks. "Darling, aren't you hungry?" Bunny asked him in her lovely accent.

Trunks turned his head to view her. Suddenly he collapsed. His head hit the edge of the table as he fell out of his chair. "Oh my!" Bunny scooted her seat back. Bulma was at Trunks's side in an instant. She placed a hand on his bleeding forehead.

"Mom, he's burning up!" Bulma told her. Bunny ran for the kitchen to wet a cold wash cloth.

"Gohan, Goten, help me move him to his bedroom." Bulma asked them for help. Her son weighed far too much for her to carry him alone. Goten got up from his place at the table and put a hand behind his head and lifted him from the floor, while Gohan picked up his feet. Once the job was finished she took off his boots and placed the wet cloth on his forehead that Bunny had given her.

"Maybe we should give him a sensu bean?" Asked Bulma, sitting beside her son on the blue comforter.

"No, that won't help him."Goten shook his head from side to side.

"What do we do then?" Bulma looked at Gohan and Goten. They had to do something. Trunks was sick.

"Give him medicine." Chichi piped up from the doorway. She believed herself to be a better mother than Bulma. Bulma couldn't believe she hadn't thought of medicine herself. Raising Super Saiyans, there weren't many times they got sick. Unlike other mothers who had to worry about their children getting colds or flues, Bulla and Trunks were practically always in good health. The only question now was what kind of medicine?

"Perhaps we should take him to a doctor?" Bulma suggested.

"That's prosperous! He's a Saiyan!" Vegeta popped his head around the corner and squeezed past Chichi. He too found it unbelievable that his boy was ill.

"That didn't stop Goku from getting that deadly heart virus during the days of the android fiasco." Gohan provided a good argument. This frightened Bulma. Whatever was making her son sick was something deadly and strong, strong enough to affect a Saiyan.

"Have you forgotten that your father is a doctor?" Dr. Briefs stood behind Chichi with his hands on his lab coat. He was more than willing to look into his grandson's condition. Thus Dr. Briefs brought all of his medical equipment into the room and began his analysis.

Bulma refused to leave her son's side, while she encouraged the others to go back and finish their dinner. It was too much of a hassle to try to fit everyone into one tiny room anyway.

Dr. Briefs needed much room to work anyway. He placed a square machine on the nightstand next to Trunks's bed and laid his equipment out across the dresser beside that. He then took Trunks's temperature, his blood pressure, and then checked his ears nose and eyes. Next, he took a sample of his blood with a needle.

"Thank goodness Goku isn't in here to see this!" Dr. Briefs laughed as he worked quickly. Bulma was far too worried to laugh at his humor. He placed the needle of blood into a vile and then placed it in a small machine the shape of a box which he had placed on the wooden nightstand beside the bed. On the screen numbers and letters flashed. "Oh my…" Dr. Briefs began to frown and rub his mustache.

"What! What?" Bulma scrambled to the machine. She didn't understand what the letters and numbers meant. This must have been a new invention her father created not too long ago. Finally the machine clicked. As if printing a receipt, the machine spat out a long sheet of paper that Dr. Briefs brought close to his eyes to read.

"Well, his temperature is one hundred and four degrees due to some sort of virus… It's nothing I've seen before. Whatever it is, it's attacking his brain. It doesn't appear to be contagious though. If we don't get his temperature to fall, I'm afraid the worse may come to pass." Dr. Briefs stood back and shook his head. "We need to fill a bathtub with ice and set him in it. That should cool him down a bit. I will start searching for a cure right away. Don't you worry dear." He told his daughter. Despite this, she was going to worry.

Dr. Briefs left for his lab and Bulma ran into the living room. "Goten," She bossed him again. "Move Trunks into the bathroom and put him in the tub." The boy dropped his forks and obeyed her commands. Bulma then went to the kitchen and grabbed the whole ice box out of the freezer in their fridge. It was heavy and full of plenty of ice. She then went to the bathroom and poured it into the tub. Trunks pulled his brows together in his sleep. He may have been unconscious, but he still reacted to the cold. She then ran some cold water. It soaked his clothes and wet his air as she used the same wash cloth from earlier to place over his forehead. She wouldn't concern herself over anything else until Trunks's condition lightened up.

Trunks looked around his strange dark environment. Finally, the temperature had dropped. "Thank goodness." He sighed with relief. His energy was returning and he felt like he could actually do something about his confinement. He squirmed and squirmed to no avail. He was held tight with no way out. He summoned Ki in his constricted hands and fired away. As the energy shot through the fleshy walls of his confinement he fell to the damp floor. "AH!" He exclaimed and placed a hand on his head. The pain was excruciating. He pulled the remains of fleshy wall from his body. As he did so, red liquid stained his hands. "What is this?" He asked.

He looked around the darkroom and saw the moving picture Belia had left floating in the air. It displayed him in a bathtub full of ice with a look of pain on his face. "What?" His eyes began to widen. He then decided he would have to prove his assumption true. He shot a small blast of Ki at the floor beneath his feet. Pain filled his own head and the Trunks in the vision jerked his head to the left. It was then that he knew he was inside of his own body. He looked around for Belia. Thank goodness she was gone. How was he going to get her out of his body? Furthermore, how was he going to regain access to it? He stood on his own two feet and took off running into the darkness, not exactly knowing what to do or how to navigate his own body, even guided by his own glowing Ki.

Hours had passed and Vegeta appeared in the bathroom doorway. "I told everyone to go home."

Bulma looked over her shoulder at him. "Why would you do that?"

He shrugged. "I didn't think it was necessary for them to be here anymore."

Bulma rested her chin against the side of the tub again as she looked at Trunks. Vegeta left with nothing more to say to her.

In the hallway he saw Bulla. "Can I see Trunks?" She asked him.

"No." He replied. It was best that she didn't see him like this. "It's time for bed." Vegeta told her and walked her to her room. It was filled with several pink objects and stuffed animals.

"Is Trunks going to be alright Papa?" The little girl undressed and then slipped into her pajamas. Vegeta shook his head yes and watched her climb into bed. He then tossed the cover over her and left her room. Bulma would've tucked her in, but in his mind that equated to spoiling the girl.

His top priority now became the gravity machine. It was training time.

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