Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 3: Coexistence

Trunks stood in his tan boots that he wished to rip from his feet. He tore his black sweat shirt off over his chest, revealing his toned body that was covered in perspiration. He had no idea how long he had been searching, but there was no end to the long tunnel-like structure he had been running down. The heat had returned again. He took deep breaths, one after another as his throat felt as if it were tightening. How was he going to get Belia out of his body? Where was she?

"The heat… It's too much." He said, falling to his knees. For whatever reason, he was extremely sick. His head was spinning. His mouth fell open and he closed his eyes. His head fell down between his shoulders. And he passed out. The darkness only lasted for a quick moment and then a blinding bright light filled his sight.

"There, there dear," Dr. Briefs stood back from the laboratory table and hugged his daughter who stood at his side.

"You're awake!" Bulma went to Trunks's side and threw her arms around his radiating torso. Her love, her son, her first born, her darling pride and joy. She stood back from him and untied her yellow scarf from around her neck. Gently, she wiped the sweat from his forehead. His fever had either broken or it was getting worse.

"Mom, I had this terrible dream…" Trunks began, as he sat up. He was so confused. Had he dreamt of confinement or not? Why was he in the lab? He was shirtless and Goosebumps dotted his skin as he shivered with chills. The only piece of clothing that covered his body was his blue boxers.

"Oh, honey." Bulma was just happy to see him awake. Trunks looked towards his grandpa who was coming at him with a needle now. His circular glasses gleamed and his grey hair swayed a little as he walked.

"This should do the trick and get rid of that nasty virus and bring your fever down." He smiled as he flicked the needle. His mustache moved with his lips. Scratch, the black cat, was on his shoulder, ever content.

"I'm sick?" Trunks asked. Dr. Briefs continued to near him. Trunks was beginning to believe that his dream was more than a coincidence.

"I'm going to stick you in your arm." He warned his grandson. Once he reached Trunks he took the boy's bicep in his grasp.

Suddenly Trunks jerked his arm away and rolled off of the lab table in one water-like move. In the process of his actions, he knocked Bulma over and transformed into a Super Saiyan. Bulma fell back on her buttocks with a thud and a hint of uncertainty in her eye. Trunks placed his hands against his temples and cringed in pain.

"Trunks!" Bulma asked on the floor. "What's wrong?"

He grunted and his face was contorted with a grimace. "Stay away…" He warned. "STAY AWAY." His golden hair moved around him and his eyes were as black as a ravens' feathers.

In a heartbeat, Vegeta appeared in the doorway. "What's going on here?" He demanded. He was in his tight black training shorts and he was shirtless. All the while, he took in the current sight of his son standing before him. Every muscle in Trunks's body had tensed. He could see the golden air move about his Super Saiyan son. Vegeta knew, however, that Trunks was in no condition to emit all of his energy. He could feel how weak the signal was. Trunks began to laugh and his eyes were dark. They were completely pitch black despite the fact that he had gone Super Saiyan.

"Time to have fun!" Trunks voiced malevolently, shooting a blast of Ki at his father. Vegeta managed to grab the energy and neutralize it in the palm of his hand. Again, his son was far too weak. Illness had stunted his power and made him weaker.

"What are you doing?" He asked his son. He was going to destroy the lab if he kept this attitude up. Perhaps he was delirious from his sickness?

"The boy needs his shot…" Dr. Briefs drew his brows together.

"Not you you idiot!" Vegeta silenced his father-in-law who thought he had been Vegeta's target of inquiry.

Trunks looked down at the woman at his feet. Bulma was gazing up at him with fear in her sapphire eyes. "Get up!" He screamed at his mother. Bulma jumped, but she kept her character. She still held her yellow scarf that was stained with Trunks's sweat and she clinched it with anger.

"How dare you talk to your mother like that!" She snapped back at him.

Trunks reached for her instead, grabbing her harshly by her right forearm and yanking her to her feet. It left a red mark on her skin and tears in her eyes. The scarf that had been in her grasp had fallen to the floor. For once, she was scared of her own son. Within him was the power not only to save her, but also to kill her. Vegeta was taken back. He knew immediately that this wasn't his son. The Trunks he knew would never touch his mother in such a way. "Who are you?" Vegeta demanded an answer.

Bulma could feel Trunks shaking and hear his deep breathing.

Suddenly, Dr. Briefs lunged for Trunks with the needle. He was determined to give the boy his shot. Unfortunately, Trunks lifted his arm and in one quick swing, Dr. Briefs flew into the wall of the laboratory, and he was out cold. Vegeta realized that he had to act now.

He went to grab his boy, but Trunks formed a ball of Ki at the tip of his finger and held it to Bulma's temple. Vegeta stood in horror. Horror that his son was threatening his mother. He knew his son was weak, he could feel the low power that his weak body was radiating on the account of his sickness. Perhaps this was a side effect; Extreme violent actions?

"Help…" Trunks whispered. The energy at the tip of Trunks's shaking finger was beginning to fade. He had tears in his eyes. Vegeta examined his boy's pleading visage. It was both fierce with hate, yet so helpless. His jaw was clinched shut yet his eyes were filled with moisture that gleamed with hope, almost as if within him resided two extremely different personalities. The Ki had completely disappeared and his hair turned lavender once more. "No!" He shouted angrily, drawing his brows together. He summoned energy into his body again. It had taken much more time to transform for a second time. So long as his son had Bulma in his grasp, no matter how weak Trunks was, Vegeta couldn't do a thing about it for fears of hurting his wife.

"My body can't handle this!" Trunks started screaming, shaking his head back and forth. "You're going to kill me!" Bulma kept her eyes on Vegeta, hoping that her son's episode would soon pass. His grip was tightening around her torso so much that it felt as if she couldn't breathe. All the while, she was crying due to the fact that her father had been struck unconscious.

Vegeta watched in horror as Trunks continued to raise his power level. "IT HURTS! STOP!" Trunks was screaming in agony. Suddenly he threw Bulma from his grasp. Vegeta blurred out of sight to catch her before her fragile body could slam against the wall. Instead, her head bumped into his rock hard chest.

"Vegeta…" Silent tears fell from her eyes as they watched their son fall to his knees. He was phasing in and out of Super Saiyan until finally he passed out again.

Trunks woke up on the floor of the fleshy tunnel. He was startled and couldn't understand a single bit of what was going on. What had just happened? He patted his bare chest which was nearly soaking wet. The heat was too much. He didn't want to pass out again so he began to tear off the rest of his clothes. "Hello?" He shouted. His voice traveled and echoed… Stripped down to just his boxers, he dared to take off his boots, however the floors burned the bottoms of his feet. He had to keep his boots on. With heavy footfalls he dared to walk on down the terribly hot tunnel.

Once at the end of the tunnel he heard a voice. "What the Hell is going on here?" Belia yelled in anger. Trunks stood hidden behind the corner and peaked as to see who Belia's question was aimed at.

A deep laugher filled the strange place. "Belia, I am giving you your revenge. Trunks is suffering and will continue to suffer so long as you are inside his body. Mind you, there is no way for you to leave his body either." Hemofear's dark figure floated around and placed her abstract hands on Belia's shoulder. "Remember this, you must be sure not to do too much in one day… or your abuse of his body will kill him. He is flesh and blood after all. And, if he dies, you will cease to exist for all eternity just as Trunks's soul will."

Belia suddenly looked frightened. She should've known better than to make a deal with Hemofear. "Why can't I leave? Why will we cease to exist?"

"You see…" Hemofear moved away from Belia and smiled an ugly smile. "When the explosion happened on that odd structure your body was completely obliterated, so I fused your soul with Trunks's body and trapped the two of you inside in the form of viruses. You can't leave his body because your soul can't exist without a shell, neither can his. When you two die, there will be no Heaven or Hell…"

Hemofear laughed. "Oh… and one more thing…" She said just before disappeared. "If there exists a strong enough medication, it will cleanse Trunks's body of the two of you since you are both in the form of viruses right now. Mind you, if that happens… You will both be erased from existence and leave nothing but an empty shell behind that is, Trunks's body." Hemofear then turned into a shadow and left the strange room.

With Hemofear absent, Trunks conjured the confidence to approach Belia and he stepped out from behind the fleshy wall. "Are you happy now Belia! Was it worth it? Did you get what you wanted?" Trunks asked.

"Go to Hell!" She shouted at him with her fists clinched. Sweat was dripping down her forehead. "I can still rid of you here and now and take control of your body!" She threatened him as she gathered a blast of Ki in her right hand. This wasn't over yet.

"What is the point of that? I thought you wanted me to suffer? If you erase me from existence now, there would be no point to all of this." Trunks argued with her. Belia saw the flaw in her plan. She regretted signing up for this and agreeing to make a deal with Hemofear. She began to settle with the idea of making the prince suffer.

"I can still rid of you here and torture your loved ones." She raised a brow and shot a blast of Ki at him. He merely dodged it and the blast struck the fleshy wall behind him. Trunks fell to the floor and placed his head in his hands with a shout of pain. Belia was happy to discover an advantage over him, but angry with herself that she had damaged the body that was allowing her to live. She had to be more careful.

Trunks formed a ball of Ki in his own hand and pointed it at the wall behind him as well. "I will kill myself if I must…" He threatened. Her confident expression changed and she realized he was very much in power just as much as she was. This was a dilemma. They were competing for control over his weakened Saiyan body that they both relied on to exist. They had reached a stalemate…

Vegeta pushed Bulma away from him and walked towards Trunks. He picked his son's limp, half-naked body up and placed him back on the lab table. He was covered in Goosebumps and sweat. "Woman…" Vegeta looked to his wife. She was helping the recovering Dr. Briefs to his feet. His head was bleeding with a minor injury from hitting the wall. At their feet was the broken needle. Its contents had busted all over the floor.

"Oh dear, I believe I'm going to have to get to work on another dose." Dr. Briefs brushed himself off and wiped the blood from his forehead. "If we don't cure him soon, his fever is going to kill him, or worse, his destructive behavior will kill us all!"

Bulma let her father get back to work and found herself at Vegeta's side.

"While your father works on a cure, find your shrinking device as fast as you can dear."

"What?" She looked at him. Had he just called her dear? His arms were crossed in a resolute way.

"Just do it!" He snapped at her.

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