Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 4: Maintaining Homeostasis

Trunks, down on one knee, with a blast of Ki pointed at the ground was rather threatening to Belia. His sweaty chest heaved.

"Alright!" She shouted. "Truce!"

Trunks smiled and then stood as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with is forearm. Belia did the same. She would've shed her clothes, but would've been awkward since she was a female.

"It's so hot in here…" Trunks complained.

Belia hunched over and placed her hands on her knees. "You know… I finally agree with you. We need to do something about it." She panted. It had been gradually getting worse.

"There's nothing we can do." Trunks told her. He was extremely intelligent. He got it from his mother.

"And just why not?" Belia stole a glance at him.

Trunks was looking around their strange surroundings making rapid connections. "My body is sick because we are the illness as viruses."

Belia stood up straight with this new discovery. Belia may not have been a doctor, but she knew enough to know that fevers could become potentially fetal. They needed to do something, anything to at least bring the temperature down a little. "I know where the command center of your body is." She told him. "Perhaps we can fix this problem through external means?"

Trunks placed his hand on his chin. This was his body. "Fine, let's go. But you are only allowed to get some medicine and nothing more."

Belia knew now wasn't the time to anger him. She had no doubt in her mind that he would kill himself just to protect his loved ones. Just before she got up, she felt compelled to pose another question. "How do I know you won't attack me while I'm preoccupied?"

Trunks had his fists clinched at his side. "I'm not like you, to attack someone when their back is turned."

Belia cocked her head back and squinted her eyes with hate. Nothing more was said. Together they walked to a strange part of the Trunks's brain, the organ they had been in for quite some. Like strands of hair, nerves became more apparent around them and they were everywhere. "It wouldn't be wise to fight here." She wanted to make sure he didn't change his mind about attacking her while she was busy. "If you hit even one of these, who knows what would happen to this body…"

Trunks blinked and carefully stepped around the web of nerves. Electrical currents passed between them and the warmth in this part of his brain wasn't so bad. Belia uncurled her tail that had been coiled behind her back and stretched it with a yawn. It had been so long since she uncurled it that Trunks forgot she had one. "There." She pointed to an object in his brain where all the purple nerves came together and connected.

"How does it work?" Trunks tilted his head in confusion. There weren't any buttons or controls. It was just a round object connected to nerves.

Belia walked up to it and placed her hands out in front of her. With her palms flat against the object she became one with Trunks's body. Trunks was back on the lab table. The Prince was standing beside him.

Vegeta noticed that his son's eyes had opened. Hopefully he wouldn't be as violent as before. Vegeta powered up either way and prepared himself for confrontation without saying anything.

"Should we say something to him?" Belia asked Trunks, but due to her connection to Trunks's body, his mouth voiced her question out loud.

"Say what to me? Who are you?" Vegeta snapped. Trunks was acting extremely strange. He watched the half Saiyan stand up and look around the room.

"No." Trunks told Belia. He didn't want her doing anything else with his body, anymore than what she had to. "Just get up and take my body to the upstairs bathroom. There is some Tylenol in a cabinet above the sink. That should take our fever down a little bit."

Vegeta grabbed his son's arm and got in his face to look into his deep black eyes. Eyes… That looked so familiar to him, but yet they were not his son's. "Where do you think you're going?"

Belia gritted her teeth in frustration and then stood back from the control center so that Vegeta couldn't hear her talk to Trunks again. "He won't let us leave the room." She told him.

Trunks began to blush with a funny look on his face. "Tell him you have to use the bathroom… really bad?"

Belia smiled and placed her hands back on the odd structure.

"I have diarrhea." Trunks told his father. Vegeta released his arm immediately with a huge wave of awkward vibes racking his mind.

"Tch. Children..." Vegeta crossed his arms upon his chest and left the room to go check on Bulma's progress in finding the shrinking device.

"I didn't tell you say that!" Trunks smacked a hand on his forehead as he glared at Belia. His cheeks were now bright red. He would never be able to look at his father the same anymore.

Belia was laughing lightly to herself as she ignored him. A few seconds later she reported back to him that she had finally reached the cabinet and the pills were in his hands.

"Take two," Trunks instructed. Belia did as told.

"Done," She reported back to him.

"Now take my body back to the lab so we can be done with this." Trunks demanded. He didn't want her controlling his body any longer than she had to. If there was one thing to be said about this situation, it was definitely not a trusting relationship between them. They weren't working together, but they were forcing each other to take care of the body they were confined to by using threats.

"Ah…" She stepped back from the control panel with awkward movements.

"What?" Trunks asked her.

"You're body really does need to use the restroom…" She faltered with her words. There was definitely pressure in his abdomen.

"Well… are you going to let me go or not?" Trunks was concerned for his body.

"I think it would be hilarious if you peed down your leg." She began to crack up laughing to ease the awkwardness.

"No!" Trunks objected. He had already degraded himself before his father.

"Well, I'm not doing it. Besides, I would probably miss or something... and I don't think you would trust me not to attack you while you were busy… doing business." Belia placed her hands on her hips. She really did want to let him pee down his leg. Her revenge was being a comedic comeback rather than a serious one.

She was right, Trunks didn't Trust her. "Look… I'll do it." He said. As he walked towards the control center, he kept one hand charged with Ki and aimed at the delicate nerves around them. "If you try anything, it's the end for both of us." Belia shook her head in agreement and folded her arms across her chest in disappointment. Trunks was no fun.

With her cute little pigtails Bulla skipped down the halls of capsule corp. A small stuffed animal was in her grasp. She was on her way to check on her brother to make sure he was okay. Last night, Papa wouldn't let her see him, but he was busy now. That meant she could sneak into her grandpas lab. She skipped and skipped until she came to the end of the hall and turned her head just before she came to the stairs. Instantly, she did a double take as she peered into the bathroom.

"EWWW!" She screamed. "Trunks is peeing with the door open!"

Trunks's chin shot up as he was relieving himself in the white toilet. He felt completely embarrassed as the image of his little sister's petrified visage burned into his memory, and he watched his little sister run away in disgust. She had left her stuffed animal behind as well. Once Trunks was done, he flushed the toilet, then washed his hands.

Trunks stepped back from the control panel and then yelled at Belia. "You didn't shut the door!"

She shrugged. "I thought we were just going to get medicine."

"This is just great!" Trunks yelled sarcastically. Not only had he established an air of awkwardness between him and his father, but now he and his little sister would never be able to speak to each other the same way.

Belia made quick assumptions in her mind and began to laugh wildly again. "Someone saw you!" She held her sides in laugher. "This is the best revenge ever!"

Trunks folded his arms across his chest in anger. He would rather death at this point. He had to get her out of his body! They could not go on like this, sharing; sharing the responsibility of keeping him alive, keeping him out of trouble, keeping him fed, bathed, and groomed. All the while, they had to keep his fever at bay so long as they existed as viruses inside him…

It was mid day and even though the weather was nice, Doctor Briefs had been inside all day recreating the cure he had made earlier. It was easier this time around since he had written his ingredients down. "This otta' do the trick." He flicked the needle and smiled. "Trunks will be better in no time..." He turned around to view his grandson, but the boy was gone. Dr. Briefs had been so distracted with his work, he didn't even realize the boy was missing. "Oh dear..." He scratched the back of his head. He had to find Trunks as soon as possible, or the boy would never get better...

Bulma stood with her hands on her hips and a sad expression on her face. The micro shrinking device that lay so idly on the shelf in their garage was broken. It would probably take her days to fix it too. She picked it up again and turned it over in her hand. It was in the shape of a circle and there was a button on the top. It had the power to shrink anyone of any size, but it only worked on one person at a time. There was a small chip in the device that rendered it useless for the moment however. It was a blessing that she had even found it after hours of searching, but there were still drawbacks.

"Did you find it woman?" Vegeta asked her, appearing in the entrance. The silhouette of his body was all that she could see.

"Yes, but its broken. It's going to take me days to fix it..." She frowned.

Vegeta hid his anger. Bulma spent so much time on impressive inventions only to abuse them. That was a waste of time and money. "I want it fixed by tomorrow." He prompted.

"But Vegeta..." She argued. That was an impossible deadline to meet.

"Make it work!" He demanded.

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