Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 5: A Lethal Injection

A small digital clock sat on the counter of the garage that Bulma was working in. Behind her were motorcycles and other old vehicles that were once part of her daily use. Instead, they were stationary things of the in the past. They were like life-sized 3-D pictures that she could reach out and touch with her fingers. Each detail of every old machine reminded her of her wild past. It felt great to know she lived such a well rounded life of excitement. Right now was a low point however. It was late in the evening and she had been working all day to fix the shrinking device. It was tiny, which made it difficult to work on. It required use of a microscope to truly see what she was doing. Unknown to Vegeta, not only was she fixing it, but she was also upgrading it. He hadn't been in to bug her in a couple of hours. If she had to guess where he was, she guessed he was training. It would be a late delivery, but one that he would be quite pleased with.

"It's done." Dr. Briefs suddenly walked into the garage with a new needle and his lab attire. "But… I can't find Trunks. Do you know where he's at dear?"

Bulma turned her head quite startled. She would have to finish this later. Her son was more important than a stupid shrinking device. Together Dr. Briefs and Bulma, in her red dress, ran to the back yard. If he wasn't in the house, perhaps he was with Vegeta? The lush green blades of grass passed beneath their feet. Dr. Briefs, in his old age, found it hard to keep up. "Is there a reason you're in such a hurry?" He asked finding it hard to catch his breath. He knew it was because he smoked.

Bulma reached for the door of the circular spaceship. Thank goodness the gravitron hadn't been on because she ran right in without a second thought at the sight before her.

"VEGETA!" She screamed at the top of her lungs seeing Trunks in his resolute grasp. He was holding his boy up off the ground by his neck. It looked as if he were two seconds away from killing him. Trunks's nose was bleeding and he was shaking terribly. Only a single gash above Vegeta's eye existed. "PUT HIM DOWN!" Bulma ran to her husband and started banging her fists against his back. Vegeta simply turned his head towards Dr. Briefs.

"Give this boy his shot old man." Vegeta demanded. He was tired of putting up with his boy's irregular behavior.

Dr. Briefs stepped over the gravitron's floor and stuck the needle in the boy's arm. "In about 12 hours he should be a nice healthy boy again." The Doctor smiled at Vegeta. However, the Prince did not smile back. It was as if a permanent frown was on his face.

Vegeta dropped the boy once the injection was complete and Trunks's limp body toppled to the floor with a thud. His body's automatic reaction was to break into a coughing fit due to the lack of oxygen. Bulma dropped to his side and wrapped her arms around him with tears. "You could've set him down you jerk!" She glared angrily at Vegeta. He crossed his arms against his blood spotted chest. Although his son had just attacked him, he felt the small sting of preference within Bulma for Trunks. Then again, it was only in her female genes to be such a protective mother.

*THE 1st HOUR*

Trunks sat on the fleshy floor of his brain tissue. Thankfully, the temperature had dropped dramatically from the Tylenol he had given his body earlier. Belia sat across from him. She was planning a way to kill Trunks and take his body from him. Technically all she had to do was catch him off guard. "Look. I know what you are thinking, but I will kill myself before I ever let you take control of my body."

Belia sighed and rolled her eyes. "It's obvious though that this body isn't big enough for the two of us."

At the same time, just as much as Belia wanted to get rid of Trunks, Trunks wanted to get rid of Belia. However, he was much more compliant that she was about the whole situation. Despite the fact that she was an intruder, he refused to kill her out of spite. "For now though, we are going to have to make it work. After the effects of the Tylenol wear off, we are going to need to bring down the temperature again. What about food? What about water?"

Belia stood up immediately. "I promise I will take good care of this body for you, if that's what you're worried about." She smiled.

"Knock it off!" Trunks yelled at her. Not to be outdone, he stood as well. Both of them had taken up threatening poses. "I'm not going to let you take over my body without a fight! I don't know what your problem is. I saved your life on the lookout tower. I showed you compassion and this is how you repay me?"

Belia drew her arms back as if to fire a blast of Ki. "I owe you nothing! You shouldn't have been so soft!"

Trunks had his arms brought up as if he was getting ready to fire as well. "Fine. If I can't change your mind, then what is the point of us being here now if we are at a stalemate?" Instead of aiming at Belia he was aiming at the circular object that was connected to important branches of nerves. If he struck that, then his body would go when they went. Belia didn't care anymore. He was right. Neither of them were gaining anything from this. Suddenly Trunks's drew his arm back and brought his hand close to his face for inspection. Belia then appeared just as confused as he was.

"I can't fire…" Trunks told her.

"Neither can I." She said. They were both staring awkwardly at each other in the near silence inspecting their selves. In that instant they became hyper aware of their surroundings. "What does this mean?" Trunks slowly walked over to a delicate branch of nerves. Earlier, electrical currents had been passing through rapidly. Now he only saw one per five seconds. Unfortunately, neither he nor Belia had been paying attention to this before to know when this change actually began. Belia walked to his side to inspect the nerves. They weren't damaged at all. There was nothing obstructing them either.

"Perhaps there is less brain activity going on at the moment. Maybe your body is asleep?" She asked.

Trunks stood back and placed his hands on his hips. Just like in the outside world, he was only in a pair of blue boxers. Maybe Belia was right, he was simply asleep. "Where do you think my body is asleep at?" He asked her. "We never left the bathroom."

Belia began to walk towards the control center. "Whenever your conscious state is absent, like you and I when we control it, your body goes into a state of cruise control. It might have moved. It might be asleep on the bathroom floor. Let me check."

Trunks began to run towards her. "What do you think you're doing? This is my body. I told you, you aren't going to…" Just as Belia touched the control center a bright electrical current shocked her and sent her flying backwards. She landed flat on her back at Trunks's feet, winded and confused.

"I… Don't understand what the problem is." She stammered.

Trunks stepped over her and reached out as well. "Maybe my body just doesn't want to respond to an intruder." He snapped at her. Unfortunately the results were the same and he landed beside her on the floor. Both of them had been rejected.

He tilted his head to the side to view her. "What did you do?"

"What do you mean 'what did I do'?" She drew her brows together. "I haven't had the chance to leave your sight since it stopped working."

Trunks got on his feet again. "If only we had been paying attention!" He shouted. Then they would've noticed the change and what caused it. "Maybe it's Hemofear?" He suggested quickly as he began to pace on the fleshy floor.

Belia got up and brushed herself off with her tail. "Maybe you've suffered severe trauma? Maybe you're in a coma or on the verge of dying?" She started suggesting other ideas that sounded worse than the suggestion of Hemofear.

"Alright. What if something has happened on the outside that we aren't aware of? How do we find out what happened?" He looked to her for answers, although he didn't know why. She wasn't a doctor and never before had either of them been in a situation like this. Magic in their universe often defied all logic and it made following natural science impossible. "Hey!" Trunks exclaimed suddenly. "You remember that strange moving image that you opened up in front of me that showed us the outside world when I first woke up here?"

Belia nodded.

"Well, what if it has a rewind button?"

"It should." She told him. "That was located in your brain's memory section. Let's go try it." Together they left the control center and headed for the long tunnel that Trunks knew all too well. "How did you know how to work the memory section?" He suddenly asked her.

"Hemofear and I met before you woke up."

Trunks looked at her suddenly. He was upset he didn't know about this sooner. "So she gave you instructions on how to use my body?"

"Some, but not all. Of course, there is more to it than that. She also showed me where your dreams are channeled." Belia wrapped her tail around her waist as they pace walked.

"So earlier, was that you I was competing with over control of my body or not?"

Belia stopped walking suddenly. "What?"

"Earlier, when I was in the lab, my body attacked my mother, father, and grandpa. I saw it. I struggled to keep control. I thought it was you."

Belia looked excited right away. "It must have been Hemofear... How did you do it? Maybe you can still use that method to look at the outside world again and figure out what happened without using the control center or the memory section? It might be faster."

Trunks pushed her to keep walking forward. "I don't exactly remember how I did it. Let's check my body's memory first and then we'll work on gaining consciousness again." He said, although he did remember how to do it. He simply did not trust her enough though. The method he had used last time required passing out. If he did that again, what would she do to him while he was out?

*The 2nd HOUR*

Once Belia and Trunks reached the memory section of his brain, he could clearly see the place from which he escaped. The blood was still all over the floor. Together, they walked around it to the floating image. For the moment the screen was black.

"How do you rewind it?" Trunks asked her.

She simply swiped her hand across the screen as if it was operated on a spindle until actual images filled their vision. The last image was around the time he used the bathroom. They re-watched the instance when he washed his hands and looked at himself in the mirror. "That's when we left your body on cruise control." Belia pointed out the change in Trunks's disposition. His facial expression went from aware to completely apathetic as if he were bored. His eyes were half open and his mouth was straight. It was apparent that no one was in control of him there. It was almost as if he were high. Then they watched him leave the mirror. Mostly looking down at his feet they saw the carpeted floors turn into kitchen tiles, then stairs, then grass. Suddenly Bulla filled the screen. She wore a smile on her face as she pointed at her brother.

"She was probably making fun of you for peeing with the door open." Belia reminded Trunks.

"Shut up!" Trunks told Belia and they listened carefully to the memory.

Brother, said Bulla. What's wrong? His little sister's hand fell to her side and she tilted her head with a sad appearance in her watering eyes. Together Belia and Trunk's watched the little girl's expression turn into fear as Trunks's body neared her. His shadow* towered over her. The details of the memory were getting more and more vivid the closer he got. Her little nose, her glistening blue eyes, and light blue pigtailed hair. Get away from her, Vegeta's voice could suddenly be heard in the memory. After hearing his voice, Vegeta appeared before Bulla with his arms extended towards Trunks as if he were going to attack. Instantly his father fell to the ground after receiving an unexpected blow to the head from Trunks's fist. The memory of Bulla running away then played after that. Her blue dress swaying back and forth as she ran for the house away from the backyard spaceship that had the gravitron in it. Yes! The spaceship will be all mine! Trunks's voice replayed as he turned to face the circular machine with the capsule corp. logo on it. He entered it, looking past other details. The gravitron filled the screen followed by the bright red launch button that was getting larger as he neared it. It appeared to be the only thing in sight with his eyes fixed on it. Suddenly, the floor filled the memory, along with a trail of dark blood. White-gloved hands then picked him up off the floor and Vegeta's angry dark eyes were in full view. Vegeta! Bulma's voice sounded and then her figure moved into the picture. She banged her fists against is back. Put him down! Vegeta kept his eyes focused on Trunks's visage. Give the boy his shot old man. Dr. Briefs was at the edge of Trunks's peripheral vision with a needle. And then. The screen. Went Black.

Trunks looked at Belia. "Well, we know one thing for sure. Hemofear is still here and she wanted the spaceship. But I don't understand why she is using my body too. If Hemofear wanted, she could just take the spaceship and go without my body... unless... she is using it as a meat shield. As for the shot… I think our time is nearing." Trunks was staring into Belia's discouraged face. "Do you want to live?" Trunks asked her.

Belia was quiet for a moment. "Not like this…" She finally admitted to him. "Honestly Trunks, I wasn't thinking straight… I didn't know that it would turn out like this."

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you just saying that because you might cease to exist or are you truly sincere?"

"Don't touch me!" She smacked his hand away. "DO you think I dreamed of getting stuck in this shitty situation, being trapped in a teenage boy's body for the rest of my existence? NO! This isn't what I had in mind! These weren't my intentions."

Trunks grabbed her wrists in anger. He didn't want her here anymore than she wanted to be there. She could've just said sorry. "You are impossible!" He shouted at her. "I aided this situation's terrible outcome by helping you live. I hoped that you would change. These weren't my intentions either, but at least I can say sorry!"

Belia started walking away from him. "So all you want is an apology?"

Trunks stormed after her. "No." He grabbed her again and swung her around. "What I want from you, is something you should've been asking for from yourself all these years. Acceptance! Just accept your past Belia. It has made you who you are today. I'm sorry Frieza did what he did to you and our people, but it's time to move on. If you don't, you'll never grow as a person. Look at yourself…" Trunks stared into her dark onyx eyes.

"Just look at yourself…" He repeated. "You wanted control of my body. Frieza would be proud of your actions, but are you?"

Tears were forming in her eyes and her face was getting hot and red.

"Belia, you may be terrified of Frieza to this day, but what I think you really fear the most is becoming his successor. Don't let it happen. Please."

Belia shook her head up and down in agreement.

"Now. Can I trust you?" Trunks asked her.

"Yes." She told him. He could see the fire in her eyes. Before, it was dim and dying. Now, he saw the real Belia, the last of the female Saiyans who was nothing but herself. She had finally accepted her past and was ready to move on. Separate, Trunks and Belia were only a movement. Together, they were a force. It was time to take responsibility for their actions. Belia had to fix the terrible contract she had made with Hemofear- The dark shapeless being, fueled by animosity and trepidation, existing from the shadows, and tormenting through oppressive pacts.

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