Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 6: Hemofear, The Ultimate

*THE 3rd HOUR*

Bulma still stared up at Vegeta with cold eyes. Instead of asking him, she looked to her father. "Dad, will you help me take Trunks back to his room to rest?" Dr. Briefs nodded his head. He wanted to decline her request because he knew he would become easily winded.

Together they put Trunks's arms over their shoulders and lifted him to his feet. Then they walked towards the capsule corporation spacecraft's door and headed for the house.

Vegeta kept his arms crossed and he was rather contemplative. There was more to this sickness of his son's. What could he possibly want with the spaceship? Sick people didn't have motives…

Over the dark green blades of grass, through the back door, up the stairs, over the kitchen tiles, and over the white carpets, Bulma and Dr. Briefs helped Trunks to his bed. "Let me tuck him in." Bulma told her dad. Trunks stared blankly as she tucked the dark blue blankets around him. She kissed the top of his head. However, her boy did not respond to the gesture. Bulma thought this was odd, but she merely drew him into a hug.

"Come on dear. Let him rest." Dr. Briefs placed a hand on her shoulder. Bulma knew in her heart that sleep would do him well. Reluctantly she stood from the bed and gracefully made her way to his bedroom door. With her hand on the doorframe, she hesitated to leave his side. "My baby boy… How much longer until he's better dad?" She followed after him down the hall. She watched his white lab coat sway from side to side.

"I'd say about 9 hours now."

Bulma drew her arms behind her back and locked her fingers together as she looked down at the floor beneath her. She couldn't wait for him to be better. That's all she wanted. She watched her boots fall one after another until she suddenly ran into Vegeta's rock hard chest. She could feel his hot breath on her face.

"WOMAN. Where is that shrinking device?"

"You aren't going to get to see it with an attitude like that. Your son is sick! Don't you think you should be more concerned with that instead of some stupid…" She shrunk back thinking he was going to hit her. Instead his white gloved hand rudely found its way over her mouth.

"I don't have time to listen to you. Where is that device? I want it now." His voice was calm for the moment and his eyes were patient. She knew that this was a very rare sight and she did not want to get on his angry side.

She placed her hand on his wrist and pulled his hand away from her mouth. "Fine your majesty." And with that, she walked back out to the garage with him. Through the cluttered obstructions and old machinery, they made their way to the microscope that was focused on the shrinking device. "I was going to surprise you with an upgrade, but you can take it as it is." She rolled her eyes at him and plucked the device from under the lens.

"Hm." He grumbled. "Now show me, how does it work?"

"When you are ready to shrink, press the big black button on this side, then… Whenever you want to return to normal again, you can press the microscopic buttons on the other side." Bulma explained to him. Her previous shrinking device from the old days only made a person shrink down to a couple of inches. This device made them even smaller. It suddenly occurred to her at that moment to ask him what he even wanted the device for.

"I don't answer to you." He said stubbornly. His response made her realize why she never asked in the first place. Suddenly a loud rumble filled the silence. It was so loud, it rattled their ears, shook the house, and the vibrations could be felt in their feet. The garage window lit up with a bright blinding light and smoke began to bellow up from underneath the door. Bulma's motorcycles toppled to the cement garage floor and pictures fell to the ground.

"Bulma… This is serious…" Vegeta faced her. "Our son isn't sick. He's possessed."

Bulma placed a hand over her mouth and tears formed in her eyes as she clung to Vegeta to keep from falling over.

*THE 4th HOUR*

With his fists clinched, Trunks had no idea what to do at the moment. They had to start somewhere. For now, they weren't able to control his body due to the rejection of the control panel. They also knew they had limited time to work with, with Dr. Brief's medication surging through his body's veins.

"Alright Belia," His eyes went from staring at his feet to starting her straight in her black fiery eyes. She wanted to live, but they had to work together. "To take back control, I'm going to have to become unconscious. Make sure nothing happens to me while I'm out."

Belia nodded her head in agreement. She would protect him.

"Alright, here goes nothing." Trunks plugged his nose and started holding his breath.

"Are you serious?" She tilted her head and walked over to him with her hand held flat. "I know a way that is much faster." She stood behind him and hit the back of his neck with one quick blow. Almost instantly his knees buckled beneath him and he passed out.

His eyes slowly opened. His surroundings were strange and his heart started drumming in his chest. Where he was the grass was red, the sky was purple, and the trees were black. The sun casted dark red shadows over the land, and the breeze was warm across his skin. He sat up and watched what looked like a huge black raven pass through the sky. Its shadow raced over the red grass and a frigid cold displaced the warm air in its path. The sun then shrunk away and the sky turned black. It made it extremely difficult to see the raven but he could still hear its wings glide through the air. Suddenly in one fowl swoop its razor sharp beak pierced his skin leaving a bleeding, gaping gash on his arm that went clear from his shoulder to his elbow. He grasped it in pain and shouted in agony as it continued to attack him. He started running in the dark away from his attacker. The only light to be seen were twinkling stars above. With his arms crossed over his head, as to protect himself, Trunks ran and ran in the dark, until the raven scooped him up in its knife-like talons. They crunched around his waist and cut into his sides.

"Let go!" He squirmed in the bird's grasp, but he couldn't manage to break free. He still couldn't use his Ki and he still felt weak.

"You thought you were going to gain control of your body again." The bird laughed. "You thought wrong!"

Trunks gasped. "Hemofear?"

The raven dropped him and he fell to the dark red grass below. The impact nearly broke every bone in his body. "Welcome to your inescapable nightmare! A place where your subconscious fears feed my strength exponentially." She morphed before his eyes back into her dark abstract form. "Are you impressed?" She walked towards Trunks. He lay in the red grass with his body curled up in pain. He knew one of his legs was broken from his fall for sure. His sides and his arm were bleeding. "In a dream dear, you can't die." She smiled as she placed a hand on his head and pulled him by his hair to his feet.

"Why… Are you doing this?" He drew in deep painful breaths, one after another.

"I can't have you regaining access to your body now. I'm using it." She whipped her hand across his face. It sent him crashing to the ground once more. His nose began to bleed. "See, I can only possess one person at a time and I need a human shield to exist. Neither Belia nor Matto were as strong as you, to survive a mental and physical assault such a this one. It would have lead even an immortal to die, because trust me, I tried to make it work... But your body, it can withstand my power enough for me to be your parasite, stealing your energy and life force from the inside out. The longer I stay within your body, the more energy I will take until there is nothing left. Once I'm done here, I will reach the center of the universe in your father's spaceship to carry out the rest of my plan for universal domination!" Hemofear began to laugh loudly. It penetrated Trunks's ears, played over and over again in his mind, and began to haunt his memory.

"What's at the center of the universe?" He asked her. He was on his hands and knees, trying to stand back up, but he was in so much pain.

"A super massive black hole!" Hemofear appeared in his face. Her eyes were red and her teeth were sharp and intimidating. "If I reach the center of the universe, the blackness generated by such a depression in space will give me infinite power, the ability to access any time period in history and teleport to any location in the cosmos! In addition to that, I will thrive in the dreams of those unconscious, torment in the realm of the conscious, and contol those who have been rendered unconscious. Heaven, Hell, and every galaxy in the universe will bow at my feet. I will be an Absolute Queen. Hemofear, The Ultimate! I will become the most powerful being ever known!"

Trunks's eyes grew wide and fear was leaking into his bloodstream. Was there any way to stop this terrible being?

Belia stood over trunks watching his movements. She wasn't sure if his plan to gain consciousness again had worked. He was tossing and turning, screaming and shouting. She had no idea what to do. Perhaps he was fighting on the outside world? There was no way to tell. She sat by his side and watched with worry. If she woke him up, would he be furious with her? He screamed again, a noise so shrill. She couldn't stand it anymore.

"TRUNKS!" She yelled. "Snap out of it!" She shook him violently, but he did not come to. She couldn't wake him up… "Oh no…" Neither of them had planned for this to happen. She couldn't protect him after all. If they couldn't work as a team, then their hope for victory disappeared by the minute. She stepped back and his body twisted and contorted in pain. This is what she had done to him. The son of the Prince of Saiyans. The damage was irreversible and nontransferable. Wither she lived or died was out of her mind at this point. Her main focus was undoing the dark deeds that had offset the natural balance of the universe. What started off as a deal in Hell, developed into something far beyond their control.

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