Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 7: Live to Fight:Fight to Live

*The 5th Hour*

In a matter of seconds the Kame house door flew off its hinges and shattered against a wall on the other side.

"You can't do that!" Krillin yelled at Vegeta. Vegeta stood erect with his hands on his hips. His white gloves and boots meant he was ready for action and wasn't taking any lip today unless it was to knock someone out. Krillin and Yamcha were both in their orange attire cowering on the floor. This was good. It meant that they had been training and were warmed up and ready to go.

"Look! I don't know why I'm wasting my time with you weaklings, but we have a situation on our hands that is going to require more than just myself. Trust me. I would rather do it on my own, but too much depends on the success of this mission." He paused and looked around the room. "Where is Piccolo and is Kakorot still training with that boy named Uub from the tournament?"

Krillin nodded his head. "Piccolo is probably off with Gohan training. In the meantime, would you mind telling us what the mission is? You can't just barge in here…"

"Listen up!" Vegeta interrupted Krillin before he could say anything else. "My son's life is at risk. I cannot stress the fact that there is too little time to be dealt with. I will explain later. For now, find Piccolo and Gohan as soon as possible and meet back at the capsule corporation in fifteen minutes! That's an order!" Vegeta barked at them and blasted off right from his position in the house. He shot up straight through the roof leaving debris on the floor beneath.

"His rich wife will pay for it…" Oolong shrugged at Master Roshi. His mouth was open in shock.

Belia stood over Trunks. He had been twisting and turning, which were obvious signs of pain. How could she tell if he was fighting on the outside world or if he was having a bad dream? She had knocked him out after all so both were very much a possibility. The only way for her to tell at this point was to report to his dream channel, located in a special location of his brain. Just as she went to turn away from Trunks she realized that she had to take him with her. She had promised to protect him. Still, it was awkward due to the fact that he was merely in a pair of blue boxers. Regardless, she picked him up and placed him on her back with her tail. While she ran over the fleshy tissue of his brain she could feel him twitch and scream in pain all the way to the dream channel. At the same time, another thing occurred to her. The dreaded heat had returned and they had no way to bring his fever down this time. Perhaps it was merely because she was running with Trunks and the exertion of her body made her sweat, but she was almost certain his body temperature was rising at a rapid incline.

Once she reached the dream channel, she stood and peered around herself. Nothing but a large wall of flesh and nerves was before her. Slowly, she walked over to it and stepped right into the web of subconscious electricity that fueled his dreams. Instantly the world around her changed. No longer was she viewing his brain, but she found herself looking up at stars across the sky, red grass, and black trees. She noticed his shell was stiff on her back. Now all she had to do was locate his unconscious self in the realm of his unconscious mind. "Trunks…" She tested her voice. It was quiet even though it felt like she was screaming. There was no breeze, no movement, no sound at all except for her own.

Carefully she moved over the red grass, searching for him, but in the dark it was hard to see. Suddenly, she tripped over something. A dark mass stuck out in the grass and she felt it move. "Trunks you had me worried…" She told him, but upon further inspection the mound of darkness was moving, slithering, and emerging from the ground like black vomit. It took the form of a black snake before her eyes and out of fear her body involuntarily dropped Trunks's shell behind her. The snake, which had the width of a thick pipe and the length of a school bus wrapped around her mercilessly, squeezing and squeezing until she was red in the face. Just before she drew her last breath, subconscious Trunks emerged from the red grass with what looked like a large fang in his grasp. He stabbed it right into the snake's back and it retreated back into the ground instantly.

"Thanks… Now how do we wake you up from this nightmare?" Belia asked him in a hurry. He was standing before her, drenched in blood. His hair was matted with it and his blue boxers were stained with it. All the while, his sleeping self was completely unscathed. Although he wasn't sure what would happen, he placed his hand on his sleeping self and noticed that his hand went right through.

"Maybe I need to get back inside my skin?" He asked as he lay down in his body. "Did it work?" He asked her. They were trying to be quick with time, because they didn't know when Hemofear would return from the ground.

"I can't tell yet for sure." She shrugged. He sat up. No longer were there two bodies, but Trunks had become one again.

"That's great, you know? Now let's get the Hell out of here!" Belia grabbed his hand instantly and they ran towards the left. Being at Hemofear's mercy in a creepy dream state was too scary. After running for a few moments, they stopped when they saw the grass turn into flesh again and they knew they had exited the dream channel.

Trunks turned around and saw the large wall of flesh. "It wasn't like that before…" Belia looked worried at the damaged brain tissue. It was once light pink, but now it was dark purple. The electrical currents were weak and it was obvious that Hemofear had also left his subconscious mind.

"It's great to be out of there." Trunks breathed heavily as he looked at her and then looked down at himself. His wounds and blood loss had only been an illusion in his dream. He sat down on the floor and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his forearm.

"That's another problem on the rise…" She pointed out the heat. Trunks sighed heavily. There were too many things going on at once. It didn't help that they couldn't tell where exactly Hemofear was, or if she could be two places at once. "I really wish we could see what is going on outside of my body." Trunks pulled his brows together. "How the Hell do I gain control of my body again?" He was so angry he was nearly in tears. "If we don't die from the medicine soon, the fever we cause will kill my body and we'll go with it anyway. And if the medicine and the fever don't kill us, then Hemofear will." He wasn't being negative. He was just being real. The odds were stacked against them. They were in an impossible situation. Even though he was inside of his own body, he had no power over it what so ever.

For once, he looked up to Belia with a defeated look. All he could say to her was… "I don't even have the power to control if I live or die anymore..."

Belia closed her eyes in disgust with her own self for causing all of this. "Trunks…" She sat beside him. "We can't give up, no matter how bad this situation appears to be." She saw it however, that he had lost all will power. To be trapped in his own body with no promise of life or a way out of it. His fate rested on the shoulders of a third party other than himself. He was in bondage in a hostile relationship between parasite and host.

*The 6th Hour*

Finally after what felt like hours, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Yamcha showed up at the capsule corporation. All four of them had key roles to play in the mission. Vegeta made sure to let them know that they would get their directions as soon as they were on board and the spaceship was on its course for a rescue mission.

Bulma sat in front of the wheel, strapped in carefully. Take off was always rough at first and made everyone feel nauseous (except for Vegeta who was used to space travel). "How do you know if we are going the right way?" Vegeta snapped at Bulma. She certainly didn't want to argue with him so she tried to explain everything as clearly as she could over the rumbling of the loud spaceship.

"When Trunks took off with the other spaceship, the course that it was set on was transferred to to my laptop. With that information, I programmed this spaceship to follow the same coordinates. The only problem is, both of these spaceships are the same model, which means they travel at the same speed. We'll never catch up to them…" Bulma didn't frown though, because she knew a way to speed their ship up. "Vegeta, I have only one space suit on board. If you went outside and used some of your energy to throttle us forward, then we could catch up to them in no time. We are only 600 hundred miles behind them."

To the rest of the idiots unfamiliar to space travel, 600 miles sounded like a lot, but to Vegeta, he couldn't agree with Bulma more. 600 miles wasn't far at all. He unclipped the belt that had been strapped around his chest and walked towards the spaceships built in closet. Sure enough, there was one suit. It was old however and obviously hadn't been upgraded. He almost asked her if she had taken this from the first human to step foot on the moon, such a humorous subject that was to him. While he got dressed he decided now was a good time to tell the others about the mission. "My son is possessed, but I'm not quite sure about the parasite controlling him. I'm going to shrink myself down to size and see if I can chase whatever resides in his body out of his system. Until I can get back out, I will need you all to be waiting for whatever shows its ugly face on the outside."

Krillin and Yamcha looked extremely confused. "What if that's not the case?"

"Yeah, what if it doesn't work?" Yamcha asked. The scar on his cheek stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Then, we'll have to try something else. I know one thing for sure though, sick people don't have motives. There is something living inside of his body and I am going to chase it out." Vegeta was so sure of this. The last accessory he put over his head was a large helmet. Despite its size for his big head, his hair still didn't have enough room to stand straight. Bulma left the spaceship on cruise control and walked him to the small ejection chamber. It was a small room with two safety doors so that the vacuum of space did not pose any threat for the passengers inside.

"We'll see you in a few." Bulma told him. There wasn't a single sign of fear in her eyes at this point and Vegeta smiled at this. A steel door slid between them and almost instantly he was ejected into the darkness of space. He knew his goal. In the silence he worked his way to the bottom of the spaceship where the rocket fuel was being emitted and exposing hot flames. Almost as soon as he saw them, Bulma shut them off, not only to conserve fuel, but to allow him to know where he had to push from so that the spaceship continued to follow its course. He moved to a small area underneath the spaceship and positioned himself between a wing and the siding. His hair turned golden in the silence of space and he pulled back his arms. It was the moment before…

"GALIC GUN!" He shouted and a stream of thick energy shot from his hands like never before. The spaceship leapt forward and all the passengers on the inside, who weren't strapped in, fell to the floor from the spaceship's small gravity machine. Vegeta watched as the Ki left a trail across the vastness of space. They probably looked like a comet shooting across the sky. Any fool would have to know that it wasn't a comet though. They only burned in atmospheres.

"Vegeta," Bulma communicated with him over an intercom that was installed in his suit.

"What? What is it?" He asked, still exuding energy.

"We're coming up on the stolen spaceship now!" She informed him. "Turn it down a notch; we don't want to pass Trunks." Vegeta started controlling the energy that left his palms. He had been exerting his self for so long now he was beginning to feel drained and his arm was starting to burn from the rapid escape of energy through his body. "Now listen carefully. When we get close enough to the other spaceship you need to blast the propulsion system without blowing it up. That will prevent the spaceship from moving."

"And just how do I do that woman?" Vegeta snapped at her. Ki was a very powerful thing and it was tricky to not blow something up.

"Don't aim for the engine, just am for the cylinders at the bottom of the ship that are emitting rocket fuel. You should do it now actually Vegeta. We are in perfect range."

Vegeta finally put his arms down and drew in a deep breath of air from his space suit's oxygen tank. He then moved around the piece of floating metal and saw the other spaceship in plain sight. With a smile on his face beneath the helmet, he brought his hand to his face and made the shape of a gun with his fingers.

"Bang!" He shot a three small but powerful balls of energy at the propulsion system, causing the metal cylinders to become deformed and unable to move the spaceship ahead any farther. Almost instantly the spaceship slowed down to a near stop and they slowly caught up to it. "Alright Vegeta! Good job. Come back inside and we'll link the spaceships to get on board."

*The 7th Hour*

Back on board and finally out of the suit, Vegeta turned to the troops he had rallied. "Once docking is complete we are going to go on board that ship." He then pulled the tiny shrinking device Bulma had made him out from under his white armor. "After I shrink, I want one of you to stick the shrinking device in Trunks's ear." Everyone nodded in accordance. The mission appeared to be going simple and easy for the moment. None of them could predict a change though, they could only prepare for it.

Bulma who had been setting up the link between the two ships, finally announced a success. "Guys its ready!" She told them. None of them responded to her. They didn't have the slightest clue what to expect. With their gravitron on 1 it matched Earth's gravity… However as they transferred through the long narrow tube between the two spaceships, the gravitron on the other spaceship was off. In fact, it appeared dead. All the lights were off. The only think that gave light was the control panel. It was flashing red, indicating that something had gone terribly wrong with the propulsion system. After they searched with their eyes, they saw Trunks's body floating in the darkness. The lack of gravity promoted this. None the less, it looked extremely creepy. His hair danced around his face and his eyes were closed. He looked like a fetus, wrapped in a ball, and suspended comfortably. His knees were brought to his chest and his arms were wrapped around them. Yamcha went to say something, but Vegeta grabbed his arm in the silence to keep him shut up. This had to be a surprise or else it might not work.

Vegeta flipped a switch on the side of the shrinking device to turn it on then he pressed the large button that Bulma had prompted. Shortly after, he disappeared from sight. Piccolo decided that he would carry out the rest of the plan since he had long fingers that could place the device in Trunks's ear, better than any of the rest. Piccolo plucked the floating device from the air and quietly drifted over to Trunks with the device on the tip of his finger. In seconds he had positioned the weightless device in the boy's ear.

"Great job Piccolo!" Yamcha exclaimed. Instantly, Trunks shifted. His pitch black eyes glared at the intruders on the ship. Krillin stepped back in fright alongside Yamcha.

"Way to go Yamcha…" Krillin stuttered sarcastically at the scar faced bandit. It was because of him that Hemofear had become aware of their presence on board the ship. Trunks uncurled from his ball and his fist met with Piccolo's cheek in one weak blow. It barely made him flinch. This was a sure sign that Trunks's body was near its end and running out of energy to give. It was also sick with a fever—therefore- Hemofear saw it fit to leave the protection of the boy's body for a short period of time to dispose of her new threats.

"What have you done to this ship?" Trunks hissed and through his mouth came forth the black snake, Hemofear. She took up another form right before their eyes as her abstract self. Trunks's body floated vacantly behind her. His blue eyes were half open and there was nothing in control of him any longer, so long as Hemofear was outside of his body.

Several buttons that Vegeta hadn't seen before were in sight now that he was smaller. His shrunken body had been placed inside a protective capsule on the minute side of the device. He opened the glass door of his protective chamber with ease and looked out at the world. Sure enough he was in Trunks's ear, but he wasn't headed outward, he needed to get inside. With extreme quietness, he flew further into his boy's ear. An immediate wave of heat struck him, the further inside he got. Past his boy's ear canal and eardrum, Vegeta began his search for the intruder. If he was being controlled, surely the crook was going to be located in the brain.

Belia sat beside a defeated Trunks. He had his hands folded over his knees that were brought to his chest. "This is enough Trunks." She shouted as she stood up from his side. She couldn't stand his negativity. "We can't just sit around and do absolutely nothing."

He kept his eyes adverted from her fiery glare. "How many times do I have to tell you?" He asked. "There is nothing we can do. It's out of our control now."

Belia refused to believe that he was right. "You are wrong!"

Trunks showed his father's tempter at once. His anger rose to the surface. Obviously the stress and the heat was getting to him. "Just what do you suppose we do then?" He shouted as he went to punch her. Again, in one blow she struck him unconscious by hitting him in the back of his neck.

When Trunks opened his eyes, he saw before him, Hemofear, Piccolo, Krillin, and Yamcha. They were all on board Bulma's capsule corporation spaceship. Hemofear was closing in on them, getting ready to attack and kill. Trunks wanted to yell 'watch out!', but there was too little energy in his body. He felt drained, nauseous, and cold.

Worse of all…

He felt used.

It was almost as if his body was so very tired and worn out, it almost didn't have enough energy to keep his soul any longer. Every breath was terribly hard to take and he had a pounding headache. He could feel his heartbeat slow in his chest and his palms were soaked in cold sweat. Just as soon as he viewed the short glimpse, Belia shook him awake inside his body.

"I'm so sorry," She apologized. "I didn't mean to hit you. I was just defending myself. Are you okay?"

Trunks sat up and wiped his eyes. "Hit me again!" He told her. Now she was sure he was suffering from heat exhaustion. "Hemofear isn't in control anymore! I have access to my body!" He was excited.

Belia shared his enthusiasm, but then she appeared skeptical. "How do you know it wasn't an illusionary dream?"

Suddenly, Trunks lost his smile. "I… I felt it. It felt real."

"What do you mean?" She asked. Since she had vowed to protect him, she didn't want to send him back to a dream state that was potentially inescapable and dangerous.

"It wasn't like in my dream, where the illusion of pain would come and go. This was real because I could feel the energy being drained from every part of my body, all of my muscles, and especially in my mind. I don't know how much longer my body is going to survive, honestly." He told her. At this point, he was trying to figure out what they could accomplish with such a weak body. They knew one thing for sure though, there wasn't any way to cool his body temperature down on board a capsule corporation ship. There weren't any Tylenol and a severe fever was beginning to turn into the least of their problems.

In the stifling heat of a raging fever and the steady decline of health in a dying body, Trunks held her white gloved hands in his own.

"Belia, while I am still able to control my own fate…" Trunks's sapphire eyes were shimmering. "May I please get the chance to tell everyone goodbye before we disappear forever?"

Belia stood frozen. She didn't want him to give up. She didn't want to give up. But she had to accept the fact that this was his choice no matter what. This was his body, not hers. "If that is what you want…" She told him. At least they didn't have to disappear alone… With one swift, painless blow, he blacked out again, but she did not let him fall. Instead, she caught him with her tail and kept him on his feet.

Again, in harsh reality, Trunks tilted his head to see the action going on in the spaceship. Poor Krillin was getting the beating of his life and Yamcha was in pretty bad shape, all the while, Piccolo was struggling to protect his two weaker fellow fighters, but where was his father? Surely, his father would've fought for him as well?

Trunks looked around the space craft and then accidentally asked aloud, "Where is my father?"

Among all the fighting, Krillin was the only one who heard him. "Find you father!" He shouted. "Hurry! Tell him it's time to come out now, we really need help!"

Trunks was in a state of shock. His father was inside his body?

Belia didn't keep him waiting for long as he woke up again. They stared awkwardly at each other for one second. "My father is here." He told her, sitting up suddenly. "We need to find him!" He grabbed her hand and took off running as fast as he could towards the main tunnel in his brain It was in fact his longitudinal fissure which separated his right half from his left half.

She followed after him in the scolding heat. "What are we doing again?" The only light in his body were the electrical currents running through his brain and in one quick second everything grew dark. He suddenly stopped and yanked her into his arms. They were leaning against a warm fleshy wall and couldn't see a thing.

"Oh God… Trunks?" She started to panic. They were both terribly frightened. "Trunks…" She asked him again. They were both trembling.

"Shhh…" He told her. "Can you hear that?"

They were both silent and holding their breaths to strain their ears in the pitch black heat. "I can't hear anything at all…" She told him after seconds.

"I know…" He held her close. "I can't hear my heartbeat anymore…"

It was at that moment that Belia became hyper aware of the silence. Now that it was brought to her attention there had always been back ground noise. It had been barely noticeable, but it was once there- the soft sound of breathing, the constant drum of his body's heart beat, and the faint noise of the electric currents. All of these things she had become habituated to from being in his body for so long.

Now, it was deathly quiet…

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