Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 8: Belia, The Fallen Saiyan

*The 8th Hour*

With one devastating blow, Krillin flew past the gravitron device and hit the spaceship wall. The wall was merely a rather thin sheet of metal that separated them from the harsh vacuum of space. They were all lucky that he didn't go through. Piccolo glared at Hemofear. His green fists were balled up at his sides and his purple wardrobe was ripped, revealing his pink abs and sculpted muscles. Although he was near death, he didn't appear to be scared. He knew something the others didn't… Currently Hemofear was in her true form, a tall female character with grey skin, dark eyes, and a black curly Mohawk. Behind her a strange thing began to happen to her skin. Bubbles and blisters began to pop and from them came long, bloody, yet scaly tentacles. Their span was enormous. Out of all of her many forms, this was by far the most terrifying as she continued to manipulate her shape shifting body into something completely heinous. Her bones began to protrude from the left side of her body and especially in her face. Almost as if she had ripped her own skin, her jaw bone revealed itself and exposed her sharp teeth, gums and all. She wasn't just any villain who went to Hell. She was a villain from Hell.

Yamcha and Krillin had never seen anything so terrifying in all their lives. How were they to fight such a being? Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu were all typical villains of their past, all conjuring their own unique sort of fear. Hemofear could contort her body, manipulate it, and evoke fear to the highest degree in her victims. "Piccolo, what's the matter?" She smiled and her red forked tongue wiggled outside of her mouth. She was growing extremely frustrated because she could not muster any fear within him. Piccolo was confident, too confident and it bugged her that she didn't know what caused him to be such a way. Instantly she started laughing. "I'm calling your bluff green man. There is nothing you can do to save your friends or yourself." All of the warriors could tell that she had gotten much stronger. However, her strength was mainly that of Trunks's. In addition to Trunks's stolen energy, she was also feeding off of their terror. The more she startled them, the greater her strength grew. But Piccolo continued to deny her access to anymore power.

Piccolo drew his fingers to his forehead at once and did the only thing he saw fit. "SOLAR FLARE!" The light he emitted blinded not only Hemofear, but also Krillin and Yamcha. He then took advantage of her blind state. The light had eaten away her skin yet she hadn't screamed in pain like before. Even their most effective attacks weren't working.

"Is that the only trick you have up your sleeve? I don't need to see to know what's going on here." Hemofear smiled and her tentacles groped blindly around the space craft, the five of them, scaly and wet. Three grabbed each fighter. Krillin, Piccolo, and Yamcha were all in her grasp. She squeezed and squeezed and their bones were crushing beneath their skin as she floated above the tiles. None of them could breathe. Suddenly a thought accrued to Krillin and Yamcha. Where was Gohan? He had left with them on the ship, now he was gone. It was strange because he had been so quiet… Piccolo, despite all his pain, wore a faint yet prominent smile.

Standing in the harsh heat and pitch black, Belia was smashed against Trunks's chest. They were both covered in a sticky sweat. Perhaps this was the end? Slowly they slid down the wall and sat on the floor. They couldn't see a single thing in the internal darkness, they couldn't even light their way. It was over as they knew it as they sat in the silence.

Started by one little spark, the electrical currents picked back up again. One of their darkest moments had come to pass and they both sighed with relief. Together they watched the nerves generate pulses again and blood flow through the tiny veins under their feet. They could hear his heart beating in the distance along with weak, shallow breaths. For all they knew, his body had shut down and who knew when it would happen again, or if next time it was a permanent death. "Hurry! We don't have much time!" Together they stood and took off running to find Vegeta. They started calling the Prince's name as they searched.

"Wow Trunks, your brain must be pretty empty if our voices are echoing…" Belia told him, quite horse from yelling so much. Even with death so close, it was great to know that they could still joke around with one another. At this, Trunks merely rolled his eyes at her with a grin.

Hemofear saw the red faces of the warriors before her and laughed in delight at their torture. "I guess you could say I'm a 'hands on' type of person…" She joked. None of them laughed at this though, and who could blame them, they were being squeezed to death. Suddenly, in the capsule corporation space ship Gohan appeared before Hemofear, his father close behind. Goku had obviously teleported them. He had two fingers on his forehead and his hand on his son's shoulder. Gohan was nearly his height now and they were almost identical in Super Saiyan form and matching orange wardrobes.

"Welcome to the party!" Hemofear's deep metallic voice bellowed. Her two free tentacles went to lunge for them, but no sooner than they had appeared, Gohan and Goku disappeared out of sight.

"So, we meet again! Are you going to fight fair this time?" Goku smiled. He was floating behind Hemofear. Gohan was above her. Last time she was about, Goku had been turned to stone by her in a dirty fight at Master Roshi's. Back then, she was only in the form of a shadow-Belia's shadow. It was shortly after Belia's first fight with Vegeta that they had brought her over to Master Roshi's since Chichi and Bulma wouldn't allow her in either of their houses. Everything had been just fine as Belia slept on the couch recovering from her battle with Vegeta, but as she slept, Belia's shadow kept moving in strange ways until Goku stepped on it. He remembered it jumping up and attacking him, Krillin, Master Roshi, and Oolong. Before he knew it, they were in a strange realm watching everything go down at the lookout tower.

That felt like so long ago…

Piccolo, Krillin, and Yamcha were still in Hemofear's grasp and in a mere second, Gohan used a disk to cut them free. Hemofear's tentacles retracted back into her body and she began to take a new form before everyone's eyes.

"I see you are still going to fight dirty…" Goku frowned as she turned around. The spitting image of his wife stood with her hands on her hips and a dirty smiled on her face. Her purple attire and black hair in a bun, even her dark eyes were a perfect replica. "You are sick." Goku shook his head from side to side at such disrespect.

"Let's see just how sick I can be…" Hemofear unbuttoned the top of her shirt and from between her breast she pulled forth a large needle.

Among the dimly lit brain, Vegeta kept himself Super Saiyan just in case it got dark again. His godly glow radiated over the walls as he flew and just as he turned a curved opening, he heard shouting.

"Father!" Trunks yelled.

"Vegeta!" Belia hollered after him.

Vegeta knew her voice all too well. It was feminine yet it had a Saiyan accent that required her to speak in lower tones. He raced towards them as fast as he could with not a moment to spare. His godly apparition spilt light on their dim surroundings and he could feel the hot air brush over his face.

Target practice, it was.

A blinding bright light raced down the open space and Trunks turned his head to view his fallen comrade. Vegeta had shot a strong blast of Ki right through her left shoulder in the blink of an eye.

There was nothing more unpredictable and dangerous than a pissed Saiyan Prince.

Unmoving, she was supine. To see her fall at his side, Trunks was completely devastated. Vegeta went to fire another powerful blast of Ki at her, but Trunks fell to his knees and covered her body with his own with what little strength he had. "Don't!" Trunks started reasoning with his father. Despite how Belia had been the cause for all of this, he was trying to let his father know that she was on their side.

"I don't give a damn whose side she's on! She's going to pay for this!" He yelled at his boy. He didn't care if she was good. What his stubborn mind led him to believe was that she had started it and he was going to finish it. He had learned from Kakorot's poor decisions not to let anything go unfinished or else it would come back to haunt them later. It was exactly as this situation was. Belia had been let go by Trunks and now the problem was far worse than before. He assumed Belia was his son's possessor. Why else would he find her in his body?

Trunks realized his father was being unreasonable or at least that there was a misunderstanding. "Please, don't kill her." He begged. "She's changed! You must believe me."

Vegeta let the ball of Ki grow in his grasp. "I don't care! I CAME HERE TO FINISH THIS." He warned. "I did not come here to show mercy or pity! If we don't get rid of Belia, you are going to die!"

"You don't understand!" Trunks raised his voice. His brows were pulled together and yet he still protected Belia.

"No, you don't understand me, son. I'm going to kill you too if you don't get out of the damn way!" Vegeta shouted. The Ki was still growing in size. He was angry, furious with how they had let things get this far and go so wrong. He was constantly taking responsibility for everyone else's mistakes.

"Fine, but remember Cell, father! Remember that you let things get out of hand once too! Everyone chipped into make up for your mistake, especially Gohan and Goku. It's what family and friends are for. We support each other and we all share the same faults! If you want to kill Belia, you're going to have to kill me!" Trunks defended himself and Belia the best that he could. Regardless, he was still flinching.

Vegeta let the Ki dissipate in his grasp. He then put his hands on his hips. "You are all a bunch of idiots!" He shouted. "If Belia has changed, then why are we 600 miles away from Earth trying to keep you alive and bring you back home?"

"Hemofear!" Trunks summed everything up in one word. It was enough for Vegeta to realize that shooting Belia may not have been the best course of action.

Her shoulder was practically ripped open and her body had gone into shock. On top of the medicine, the heat, and exhaustion, Belia's condition had finally reached its worst.


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