Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 9: Oasis :Part 1

*The 9th Hour*

Trunks looked at his father who had his arms folded across his chest. Although Vegeta had shot Belia, there were no hard feelings between father and son. They couldn't dwell on bitter feelings in such a situation. Besides, Vegeta was just trying to protect his son. Speaking of protection, there were still others who needed the Prince. "Father, Hemofear has left and she's on the outside." Trunks told him. His voice was quiet. He wasn't in a rush anymore. He had met his father only to give him the message Krillin had asked for him to deliver.

Vegeta powered up. His golden glow spread across the floor. He turned his back on his son. "Well, aren't you coming?" He wondered if his son was going to go fight on the outside with him.

"Where am I to go father? I'm already in the place where I belong-My own skin." Trunks fell on his knees beside Belia. Since this was his body, he couldn't leave like Vegeta anyway. He drew Belia's flaccid body into his arms.

"I promise to wish you back if you don't make it." Vegeta told Trunks.

"When we die, we won't exist anymore."

Vegeta didn't say anything after his son's response. He knew that there was no time for talk. It was time to take action. In a bright flash he took off and Trunks watched his father's Super Saiyan light vanish into the distance.

With the heat flooding over them, he felt Belia's tail lying limp over his leg. Carefully, he picked her tail up and stroked it. He was startled to feel that she was shedding. Hair accumulated at the end of his fingers to his dismay. He then ran his fingers through his dull lavender hair and about twelve strands settled in his hand…

In absolute rage, Gohan fired a blinding light at Hemofear who was currently in the form of Chichi. Goku may have been afraid of needles, but Gohan wasn't. Just as he had done once before against Cell, he had to protect the others. He was fighting with his emotions. They all were. Hemofear felt the blast tear through her skin and it made her realize just how powerful the new arrivals were. She was actually considering changing hosts. Before everyone's eyes Hemofear's body began to melt into a liquid shadow, a pool of muck on the floor, with red eyes and a goal.

In one quick movement, the black shadow raced towards Gohan when suddenly, Vegeta appeared in her course. He raised his hands above his head and his eyes grew dark from the shadow. The light was so bright, she screamed in terror.

"Vegeta! You are going to kill us all!" Piccolo shouted. His k-9's flashed and his eyes were wide.

"FINAL FLASH!" His words pierced their ears and the whole spaceship shook violently…

*The 10th Hour*

Trunks shook with weakness and he could feel Belia's warm breath against his neck. He was hesitant to release her, but couldn't keep her in his arms any longer. Carefully he laid her down beside him and collapsed beside her. In the faintly lit surroundings, Trunks could not see Belia, although he could imagine her poor condition—pale and covered in sweat and blood. He was fortunate not to see such a sight. It wasn't how she would want to be remembered with swollen, dark eyes and a trembling body.

Lying beside her he could hear her light breaths. It was the only thing letting him know if she was still alive. As he contemplated about the end he pictured his mother and his sister. They would never receive a hug from him again or share in beloved laugher. There were so many things he would miss out on, without actually experiencing the pain of desire, because souls that vanished forever could not feel a sense of longing. At this, Trunks realized he would rather Hell. At least there he could keep his memories, his character, and his identity.

He then thought of his prideful father. Such a stubborn man Vegeta was. He had accomplished a great amount of evil and an even greater amount of good. Imbedded in Trunks's mind was the moment just before his father had stuck him unconscious. It was before Vegeta went to fight Majin Buu. Back then, Trunks was just a little boy. Vegeta said,

"Trunks, there's something you must know. You've made me proud my son." (Akira Toriyama: Dragonball Z: Season 8)

Trunks could remember looking up at his father's determined, resolute countenance that was covered in blood from battle. He was brave and fearless, even though he was the risk of disappearing from Earth forever to reside in Hell. Not only was Vegeta's sacrifice a gift of life for Trunks, it was also a lesson that he grew to understand and appreciate more and more each and every day.

Trunks laid in the darkness. Perhaps this was what an eternity of non existence felt like. If it weren't for Belia's light breaths, he wouldn't have been able to tell if he were alive anymore. He longed to talk to her at least once more to share with her his father's stories of bravery, pride, and honor as to comfort her and help her accept their inevitable end.

The more Trunks thought the more his own voice sounded estrange in his own mind, until finally, it stopped… His quivering muscles relaxed and his head shifted to the side. Slowly, his eyes closed and he drifted into unconsciousness.

It was not a state to be unwelcomed as Trunks realized. The sky above him was blue and the grass was green. In the distance ran a water fall and beside it sat Belia. She wore a pale blue dress and her feet were emerged in the very water that lay before her.

Trunks then looked down at his self. He wore a white t-shirt and Khaki shorts. His eyes floated upwards again at her apparition before him. Her short black hair gleamed in the sun, her light pink cheeks and lips radiated warmth and the moss covered rocks smelt of Earth.

"I've been waiting for you." She smiled a radiant grin. With her hand, she patted the ground beside her. Trunks walked barefoot over the lush green grass and sat along the edge of the pond. She then placed her delicate hand against his chest. "This is our oasis." Trunks nodded his head in understanding. His blue eyes were soaking up the vivid imagery around them. It was so beautiful, like no place he had ever seen before. "Promise me you'll return someday." A single tear formed in the corner of her eye. "Because, I know in my heart that you will continue on to accomplish great things." Her words were echoing in his head. He was the one who had wanted to console her, but it was now the opposite. She was giving him hope.

"How will I find this place again?" He looked confused. This location was unfamiliar to him.

"Just close your eyes… and dream." Her voice was quiet. "I may not be here when you return, but promise me you'll come back to our oasis."

Trunks placed his hand over hers. "I promise."

Belia's apparitional figure began to fade and her pale blue dress billowed in the wind like the leaves of the weeping willows around them.

"Goodbye Trunks…" Her lips drew back into a smile and in a matter of seconds, she vanished.

In the sweltering heat, Trunks awoke with a start in the darkness. Although he couldn't see, he crawled on his hands and knees across the floor. But he knew who he was looking for was no longer there and would never be again.

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