Dragonball AP Season 1


New Saiyans appear on Earth more than ready to combat against the Prince and his son! What horrors await the z-fighters? Will they be able to figure out the dark demands of their new antagonists?

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1: A Stranger Emerges

As if appearing on the very surface of Neptune, a single white mass stood out against the light blue. The sun hung high in the sky, shedding light on the whole stadium. People from near and far comprised the audience of all ages and nationalities. Despite everyone's differences, they were all hoping for one thing, a good fight, unless they were Mr. Hercule Satan. He was more concerned about the revenue. All morning long, fights had been taking place, some more action packed than others. Currently, the crowd was near silent with some occasional booing at what was transpiring on the floor below. Upon the tiled arena were Trunks and Goten whose teenage actions made them quite the embarrassing sight for their parents. They had become better at verbally fighting than they were at physically fighting.

"Are they just going to stand around and talk smack to each other all day or are they going to fight?" Oolong looked up at Bulma, his pig ears flopped. He was staring mainly at her breast. She had her hand on her forehead. Normally she would've smacked or punched Oolong right in the snout, but he had a point. Her cheeks were nearly the color of her red dress. Her very young daughter, Bulla sat beside her, enjoying the fact that her brother was making a fool of himself.

"Trunks is funny momma!" The little girl pointed towards her lavender haired brother who wore black pants and a white tank top.

Suddenly, Chichi stood up with her fist in the air. It made Yamcha jump. "Don't make me come down there!" Her voice penetrated the ears of the two smack talking boys. Over their shoulders they could see her eyes like daggers; her purple kimono-like wardrobe, her black hair in a bun, and those dark furious eyes left them feeling uneasy.

Goten, who was in need of a haircut, looked to his equally unkempt friend, Trunks. Their mothers had tried to talk them into haircuts before their big tournament day, but it was the style now to have long hair so that way birds could have a place to keep their homes. "I think our moms are getting mad at us, we should probably fight now."

"But we have to build up suspense before we woo the crowd!" Trunks argued. "Do you want to be remembered or not?"

Goten frowned as he recalled all of Trunks past plans to be remembered. Even as a teenage boy, Trunks still had his childhood dreams to cling to. He was always the one making the plans and calling the shots. He was just like his controlling, hotheaded father.

"Trunks, I'm sick of you. Ever since we were kids, you've always been the boss. It's not fair!"

"It's because I have the blood of a royal prince in me." Trunks stuck his tongue out at Goten. Despite the changes in the voices and their heights, they were still children at heart.

"That's it!" Goten charged at Trunks. He wasn't playing around anymore. He had heard Trunks say that line so many times he couldn't stand to hear it once more. He was like listening to Vegeta, and Trunks repeated himself all the same like a malfunctioning robot. When was he ever going to realize that Goku was the best? In an instant the two transformed into Super Saiyans and were throwing punches left and right.

"Get him honey!" Bulma shouted, even though the boys had broken the rules again by transforming. She had come out of her state of embarrassment and took to being quite proud of how her young teenage boy became so good at defense as well as offense.

"Goten! You are asking for it." Trunks warned him as Goten continued to push him towards the edge of the arena. The crowd was loud with impressed cheers. Trunks especially liked this, although his cheeks were red with his mother shaking her fist in the hair like a crazy woman. He could see her from the corner of his eye, a blur, yelling, cheering for him, and letting everyone know that that was her boy. He continued to blush while he fought.

"Asking for what?" Goten questioned. He was truly confused and this was why Trunks had always been the brains of the outfit. He had attained his smarts from his mother and his bronze from his father who might as well have been considered a 'freaking genius'. Vegeta had taught him all the fighting skills he had known and that included how to keep the upper hand in a battle.

Just then, in a heartbeat, a kick to Trunks side sent him flying sideways until he hit the arena wall right beneath a bewildered crowd's silent awe. The half Saiyan then fell to the ground shortly after, his nose leaking blood, his hair no longer golden.

Bulma scrambled down through the crowd. "Trunks!" She shouted. As she hopped over the railing in her red dress, she fell on her backside onto the grass. The momentary pain did not stop her though, or the fact that she might have just flashed some people in the audience. She quickly got back on her feet, and on her way to Trunks, she was nearly run over by Vegeta. His frame had come inches from knocking her down. The wind in his wake brushed over her face. Hopefully, he was going to teach Goten a lesson about sportsmanship.

Goten looked around himself with a bead of sweat on his forehead. He could see where Trunks had landed. He was out cold, limp in the arms of his mother who held him to her chest in tears. Goten's light blue t-shirt clung to his chest as he glanced around the arena. Both Vegeta and Goku stood at the far corner, gazing up at the sky. He followed their example and he began to quiver in fear at the sight above him. The silhouette of a young woman hovered in the air.

"I haven't seen another Saiyan in quite a long time." She emphasized the word long.

"Hey, y… y… you can't enter a match that's already going on. That's cheating." Goten stammered. "Who are you anyway? Why did you do that to Trunks?"

She floated down to the arena floor and landed gently on her white boots. Her curly brown tail moved back and forth impatiently, raveling and unraveling in different directions. "Planet Vegeta looks a whole lot different now days and there sure are a lot of weaklings. We were supposed to enhance our race, not belittle it. I don't understand." She crossed her arms. "I must admit though, I find it remarkable that you two are Super Saiyans at such a young age." The woman smiled. She wore a rather odd, white, gold, and blue uniform. Her boots, and gloves were quite similar to Vegeta's, but her top armor was different. It was custom fit for a woman and the flank guards were all white in addition to her shoulder pads. Gold planks were around her sides instead of down the front and her blue pants also had gold shin guards.

The announcer in the background was babbling on about rules and regulations, and encouraging them to exit the arena, but neither of them seemed to listen.

"My name is Belia. I am a pinnacle of the Saiyan race." She said as she drew her black brows together. "I want to fight you. You see, I love battle and I've been deprived of it for a long time. Hopefully you will put up a much better fight than that little disappointment over there." Her words were harsh as they left her rouged lips.

Vegeta was instantly pissed at her comment. No one insulted his kin. He powered up and jumped onto the arena. He was in his usual martial arts tournament attire, which consisted of white gloves and boots, with a dark blue shirt and pants. He was too confident that she was a fraud to go Super Saiyan.

"Bulma," Goku assessed the severity of the situation. He was in his normal orange apparel. If Belia was a pure bred Saiyan then they had a potentially dangerous situation on their hands. "Tell the announcer to evacuate everyone in the stadium now. We don't want any casualties like we had when Majin Buu took control of Vegeta."

Trunks was now conscious again with the help of a sensu bean. He had heard every word of Goku's demand and having experienced the Saiyan's power, knew that he was right. "Let's go mom!" He picked up Bulma by her arms and flew her quickly to the announcer who they knew all too well from over the years.

"But people aren't just going to leave," The announcer argued. "They are going to want their money back."

Bulma smacked him across the face. "You tell them that Cell is back or else!"

The blonde announcer complied with her wishes as he loosened his tie that began to feel like it was choking him. Only brave souls stayed behind in the arena, but those who enjoyed their lives wisely fled in a panic.

"Goten," Vegeta snapped. "Leave this imposter to me." He said, stepping over the cement tiles. His apathetic visage hid the near uncontrollable rage boiling beneath his skin.

Goten could hear both the anger and confidence in Vegeta's rattling voice. The boy shook his head in accordance and went to stand next to his father, Goku, on the edge of the arena. Yamcha, Gohan, Chichi, Oolong, Krillin, and Eighteen had joined him as well.

Belia scrutinized him. Her harsh eyes glared at the short man before her. "You look familiar." She said, placing a hand on her head. Her memory was a rather rotten device.

"Don't play mind games with me." Vegeta asserted his authority on the situation. "I want straight answers." He held his right fist in front of him. If there was one thing he could do effectively, it was intimidate others. "How do you know about the Saiyans?"

"I am one." She shrugged had rendered his question as an annoyance.

"That's impossible. Planet Vegeta was destroyed a long time ago. There are no other Saiyans left except for me, and Kakorot, and our offspring."

Belia tilted her head and kept her hand above her dark brows with her index finger pressed against her temple. Her short black hair gleamed under the sunlight and exposed the faintly red tips of her hair that matched her rose red lips. She mouthed quietly to herself as if she were thinking out loud. "You're right… I was destroyed along with planet Vegeta. I remember it now. I watched Frieza as he did it."

"You aren't fooling me! I don't know how you know about Frieza, but I'm not going to stand around all day and listen to your false stories!" Vegeta yelled.

"If you ask me," She sassed, "I think you are an imposter. If you were a true Saiyan, you wouldn't tuck your tail in your pants. It's offensive to our race and we would consider you a disgrace for hiding your Saiyan inheritance."

Vegeta growled angrily at her insult and he wasn't about to admit that he had lost his tail permanently. It reminded him of the time he had also insulted Kakorot for that same reason. It hurt his pride and to make up for it, he powered up into a Super Saiyan. For a moment she looked taken back, but her own arrogance led her to laugh at him. She wasn't going to pass up a perfectly good fight that she had been waiting for.

In the palm of her hands grew a single bright ball of light. She knew how strong the legendary Super Saiyans were and just how important it was to take on a stronger form to fair against him. She threw the ball of light into the sky. "Expand!" She stretched her fingers and the light grew to reveal a false moon. It augmented in size until it was nearly as bright as the sun. Its orange light danced across the arena and generated blutz waves that were completely off the charts. Apparently she had perfected the technique of generating false moons.

Vegeta's eyes grew big as she began to transform. So many memories were rushing back to him. He was picturing him and Kakorot's fight that took place so many years ago in which not only had he transformed, but Gohan as well.

"Hell no!" He snapped out of his flashback. "GALICK GUN!" He pulled his arms back and got down on one knee. Small pebbles, rocks, tiles, and other objects began to defy gravity. With the investment of great amounts of his energy infused in the blast, he did all that he could to prevent her from completing her transformation. Using his abs and his arm muscles, he thrust the formation of Ki forward. The ball of light, that she had formed, exploded into tiny particles that rained from the sky once the powers met. She then shrunk back down to size.

"How dare you!" She yelled. They were both drained for the moment. She had put a lot of energy into the creation of her false moon in hopes that it would pay off. Unfortunately for her, Vegeta had superior battle experience and knew all too well the benefits of the Oozaru transformation, in addition to the draw backs.

"For being a pinnacle of our race, you sure tired out fast." Vegeta insulted her once more as he recovered, still on one knee.

"Yeah, well who the Hell are you?" She said gasping for air. Silence hung in the stadium. Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Eighteen, Chichi, Oolong, and Bulma were watching from the sidelines completely absorbed in the confrontation, none of them had moved or offered to help since Vegeta's pride wouldn't allow them to step foot on the arena.

Vegeta had finally regained his breath and he stood erect once more with his fists at his sides. He then held his palm up and generated another blast of Ki.

"Vegeta! No!" Goku suddenly shouted as he stepped foot on the arena, urging him to stop what he was about to do. "I spared your life when you first came here. Please don't do this!"

Vegeta faltered, but his gut instinct told him it was the right thing to do. For whatever reason, he had a terrible feeling about this female who claimed to be a Saiyan. His eyes darted from Goku back to the issue at hand. His bright blonde hair and the light of the energy his body was emitting moved around him abnormally. He was preparing to continue his assault.

Just as soon as he fired, Belia disappeared from sight. "Damn!" He exclaimed. Time and time again he shot at her, going against Kakorot's wishes, but the blasts of Ki repeatedly missed her by inches and struck the stands behind her. Tile by tile he also blasted away chunks of the arena. Although she was tired and winded, she was fast. Under more careful observation, Vegeta realized not only was she fast, but she was flexible. With water-like moves her body contoured to his blasts and evaded with perfect elegance and techniques that he had never seen before.

He continued his frontal onslaught, until Goku stopped his unbridled actions. He grabbed his wrist and struggled to force Vegeta's arm down. "You don't know what you are doing…" Goku grunted.

"Kakorot you idiot!" Unfortunately, Goku's attempt to contain Vegeta was in vain. Vegeta's last attack had pierced her directly in her chest, straight through her left lung beneath her heart. He had been a little off due to Kakorot's interference, but on any other day he was a marksman. Belia lay still upon the debris of cement tiles. She was face down and her tail lay flaccid beside her.

Goku scrambled for her and placed his fingers on her warm neck to feel for a pulse. She was still alive. "We need to help her." He said. "Bulma, throw me a sensu bean!"

Vegeta looked to his mate. He could tell that Bulma wasn't thrilled about it either, considering the female Saiyan had attacked their son. "Kakorot, you remember the Hell you went through with me?"

"Yes, but look at you now." Goku raised his head and turned it so that he could view Vegeta.

"You can't count on everyone to be the same." Vegeta argued.

Again, he listened to Goku's speech. It was like hearing it for the first time all over again. "I will take full responsibility for her while she's here, but there must be a reason why for all of this. Don't you want to know?" Goku paused. "I've never known you to be so drawn away from a conflict. Don't you want to know who this woman is? Why are you acting like this now Vegeta?"

Vegeta snarled and spat on the ground. In order to rid the Earth of the female Saiyan he would have to go through Goku. His arms were crossed and his countenance was unreadable. "This is different Kakorot. You wouldn't understand." The more Vegeta thought about it, the more frustrated he became, because he didn't fully understand it either. Who was this woman? How did she get to Earth? He let his arms fall to his sides and he made his way to the edge of the arena on the opposite side from the others. He wanted to distance himself from the new situation that brought within him, a feeling of discontent, thus he took to the sky and flew away. He would deal with it on his own time, in his own way.

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