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Best Friends With Benefits ( On Request Story)


What happens when one drunken mistake cost you a lifetime trouble ? And what happen who you fall in love with doesn't love you back and he is someone you're forbidden to get close to cause of the relationship between you two . Will taking risk worth it ? Read to find out .!! Copyright © sammy_girl1998 and fanofsomeone . Mature content. ‼️‼️‼️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Read at your own risk .

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I wake up cause of the sun ray hitting on my face and making it uncomfortable for me to sleep cause of the hotness it is providing on face .

I think my room's ac isn't working as the hotness is getting unbearable and I can feel it between my legs .

Wait , between my legs .

I try to move my legs but wince in return . There's something inside of me . Did I fall asleep while using a dildo ?

A dildo ? When did I even buy one . I have none .

What's it then ?

With closed eyes , I reach my hand down towards the south part of my body and touch something rough yet moist . Seems like some kind of meat .

What the hell?

Did my gender get transferred like one of those movies ? Where girl turns into a boy and boy turns into a girl cause of some kind of crime they committed and god above punish them for those ill deeds .

Wtf !

How will I face my family and friends now ?

I move my hand upwards and touch my belly to find it naked . Why the fuck I'm naked now ?

Oww .. what was that? The meat moves when I don't even move at all !

Owww !!! It's hurting me .

Waittttt what the actual fuck is happening?!!!

I feel something or someone with long fingers grabbing the side of my waist tightly.

Someone is here !!!!!!

Robber , burglar or maybe a killer !!!

" Help" I yell .

" Stop yelling girl" someone with a very heavy raspy tone says and speed up .

Speed up what?

The .. the thing between my legs is moving inside of my pussy .

" Noooo" I yell again .

" Stop" he speeds up again and grab my waist tightly and within few seconds , I feel warm liquids running down my legs .

I am now breathing heavily cause of the force he used to fuck .

I am.. oops .. was a virgin for god sake !

Key word : Was .

"oh fuck" the man behind me mumbles against my naked shoulder and grab my breast .

" Hey don't touch" I warn him and he chuckles in my ear .

"I'm inside of your vagina and you're telling me not to touch your boobs . Tch tch!" .

I stay quiet as he is right . What's the point of stopping him ... what the !

I'm going insane .

I pull away from him and moan in pain as his manhood or cock get pulled in a harsh way out of me .

" Owww" the man yells . Damn I used both of pain . But, why should I care right?

I grab the white sheets and cover my naked body .

" Hey ! Give me some . I'm naked too" he yells and I hold my head with both hands .

" Stop yelling , I'm having a hangover" I shout back .

" So am I , woman" he yells again but I care less .

I get up with the blanket just then my phone rings .

Where's it now ?

I turn around and start to search for my phone .

And hear a gasp .

Why is he gasping now ?

I turn to give him a glare but stops .

" What the fuck!!!??!" I yell once again .

" Jesus Fucking Christ" He yells at the same time as me .

" You!" We both say in unison and he gets horrified after seeing my face and I stand there like all the air jumps out of my lungs into a trash can .

" What are you doing here ?" He asks me without bothering to cover his sword .

" Hey put on some clothes first" I shout and turn back to face another side . To my misery , I am now facing the mirror .

" Good choice" he chuckles and grab his boxers and puts it on .

" You were a virgin, wow . I didn't know" he says amusingly and it offends me .

" No. I wasn't virgin . Who told you I was ? Huh" I say in my defence and he laughs .

" Blood stains are saying otherwise" he says and I turn to face him and he points at the white bed sheets covered with my blood . I gasp seeing the area of the stain . I bleed a lot .

And I don't even remember a single thing .

" Don't lie when it's as true as the sun light" he speaks some humour in me .

I turn around and grab my panties and bra .

" The hell!" I yell at him seeing the torn panties and bra . This is why I don't buy lace stuff usually. They get torn apart easily .

" Wow, we were so in the moment at night" he says with a proud smile on his face and I roll my eyes.

I walk around and gather my jeans and top .

" I'm going to take shower" I inform him and walk inside the shower .

" Mind if I join?" He yells and before I can say no . He is already in butt naked .

" What are you .." I get stop by his lips pressing tight against my lips and I'm being pushed against the shower wall .

" One last time Nandini" he says and tuck the towel away from my body and in a quick move he is all inside of my pussy .

" Manik . We are best friends" I say to stop him but do I really want him to stop now ?

" Just don't open your mouth now" he says against my neck and plant a kiss .

I couldn't help but moan his name .

" Manik" I yell when he hits on my spot and I immediately find myself coming for him .

"Oh god" he grabs my one breast into his fist as he speeds up again and after long 5 minutes he explodes into my womb.

" Oh fuckk that was the best sex of my life" he whispers and kiss me again .

I keep my legs wrap around his waist and his one hand is still on my breast and he is now playing with my hard nipple and the other one is on my back . Helping me to stay against the wall .

" yeah" I'm out of breath cause of the ride he just gave me .

I am seeing stars now .


" so what are you doing here in Delhi?" He asks after taking a sip of his coffee .

" I came here to attend a wedding then my aunt requested me to stay back as yesterday was my birthday. So , I stayed back and my cousin Navya suggested me we should hang out . I denied but she kind of forced and see here I'm with you" I say eating my omelet .

" You should be thankful that it's me and not any stranger" he says suggestively and I just nod .

" And you? Were not you in Australia with your uncle ?" I ask remembering he left for Australia 2 years ago .

" Yes , I was but I had to come back cause my mom died ... in an accident ... it was last year and I couldn't leave my dad alone here to grieve about her any longer ." He says and takes a bite of his steak .

" I'm so sorry to hear that . I can feel what's going on in your life . You have been through a lot . I'm so sorry Manik" I say and place my hand on top of his which is resting on the table next to his plate of steak .

" It's okay . It's 1 been year already . I'm over it" he says but the pain his in vocal didn't go unnoticed by me .

I nod and finish eating my food and look at him to find him already looking at me .

" Nandini... I want you ..." he says and I gasp.

" Please ?" I don't what happened cause right now I'm riding my friend from childhood in the public washroom .

" Ohh yesss... just like that" saying that he pulls my top up and bury his face in my cleavage.

After 15 minutes we hit our climax and but he still holds me in the same place .

" Thank you so much" he says and kiss my lips before taking out some tissue papers and cleaning me up .

" We have lots to catch up from last 2 years . So , wanna hang out in my place ?" He suggests and I nod absentmindedly.

If sitting with him in the public place can let me ride his cock then only god knows what will happen we will be in his house .

The most wondering part is I'm not stopping him .

It's shocking me a lot .

What's this ?

Why am I letting him do that?

Please tell me if you have the answer.


Here is the first part of the book " Best Friends with Benefits"

Don't forget to comment and let me know what do you think of it so far .

This is going to be the journey of two friends with lots of sexual tension .

If you continue then you're more than welcome .

But, before you start reading , please note :

Copyright © sammy_girl1998

This book is a work of fiction . Names of persons , places , characters , incidents and events , businesses are fictional as well . And it's completely imagination of the author and is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or cultures !

Any resemblance to actual persons , living or dead , or actual events is purely coincidental.

Don't read if you're under 15!!

You have been warned so don't blame me if any where and any part of this book bothers you .

Thank you for choosing the book .

Hopefully, I'll meet you in the upcoming future .

Lots of love .

Sam .

24 July 2020 .

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