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What Shall I Name This Love?


The famous movie director Aman Mathur announced his next project… his dream project…which always mentions about the movie in all the interviews. Now…he is ready to make the project. He didn’t reveal that who are the protagonists of the movie. Many guesses started roaming in the film industry about the protagonists. Many young actor and actress tried to get the chance but Aman simply said that they are already chosen. He was not lying. he built the story up only after deciding the HERO and HEROIN. His best friend Arnav Singh Raizada and his sister like actress Khushi Gupta. The movie's name is “What shall I call this love?”

Romance / Fantasy
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Khushi Gupta


Khushi Gupta was a glowing star in the film industry. The entire front line heroes wanted to work with her. Not only because she is beautiful but also a talented artist.

She was rude… reserved… talks less… and doesn’t trust anyone.

She never wanted to become a CINI star. She was the only daughter of Shashi and Garima Gupta who were junior artists. They came to the film industry with a lot of dreams but they could only do side roles. When a famous director wanted Khushi to act in his movie, they agreed to it without any second thought… without Khushi’s acceptance.

Khushi was interested in studies rather than acting. She always wanted a simple life. She missed her parents a lot as they always were busy with shootings. She was irritated, disappointed, frustrated… what not? She hates the film industry. She got her first movie chance when she completed her twelfth standard. She wanted to become an IAS officer and keep her parents happy and relaxed… especially far away from the film industry.

But life always laughs at us, giving us something which we don’t want. The same happened to Khushi also. She got a very good chance, in a very good movie, from a very good director. Her parents were not ready to listen to her because only they knew how hard it is to get such a chance. Khushi acted in the movie to satisfy her parents. But her bad luck, the movie was a super-duper hit. She got many chances and Khushi had never seen failure in her career. Then there is no chance for her to quit acting. Cini field was not ready to leave KG.

But now… she has been deciding to quit as she completed all the movies which she signed when Garima was alive.

What she wants is a family. She wants to get married and settle down in life with her husband and children. Her one of the co-stars, Rohit gave her many hopes as if he will be with her for her whole life when she lost her mother. She was broken down into pieces when she got to know his real face that he used her name only to get attention and publicity. After that, she stopped believing anyone and keeps aloof from the virtual world.

The only person who she likes in the film industry is Aman. He was the one who supported her in her first movie… not professionally but personally. He felt pity, seeing her crying all the time not showing interest in acting. He consoled her and supported her like a brother. So, Aman was her moral supporter, always. She enjoys his company but she has not got a chance to work in his movie yet.

Aman called Khushi. She attended the call with a smile.

“Congratulations Aman”

“Thank you Khushi”

“I’m glad about your new project” her tone sounded happy.

“I want to meet you”

“I have a press meet tomorrow morning. You can come to the home after that meeting”

“Press meeting for?”

“I’m going to announce my termination”

“When?” He asked calmly.

“Tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock”


Aman disconnected the call.

Next day

Khushi was sleeping peacefully. Her PR cum friend Lavanya woke her up.

“Khushi… get up. Director Aman sir is here to meet you”

Khushi sat on the bed jerking. She looked at the clock and the time was 6:30 am.

“Is he really here?” she asked in a sleepy voice.

Lavanya nodded yes.

Khushi rushed to the washroom and came out within a few minutes. She directly went to the living room. Aman smiled at her, seeing her in a night suit.

“I think you didn’t hear what I said” Khushi smiled.

“I did…clearly”

Khushi looked at him frowning.

“La, ask Laxmi Di to bring coffee”

Lavanya nodded yes and went to the kitchen to insist Laxmi.

“I’m really surprised, seeing you in my place, early in the morning”

“Yeah… I want to talk to you before your press meet”

“Tell me”

“Do the media people know, for what you called them?”

“Nope… but they might have guessed”

“I’m going to start my new movie shoot soon”

“I heard about it.”

“Won’t you ask about my new movie?”

“I will get to know about it when I watch it. Let it be suspense”

“It won’t”

“Why?” she frowned.

“Because you are going to play the lead role”

Khushi chuckled sarcastically.

“I’m not kidding” Aman said seriously.

“No way Aman. Don’t you know me?”

“I know…”

“Still, do you ask me this?”

“Don’t you want to act in MY movie, before quitting?”

“Aman….” She sighed.

“Please Khushi… this is my special project. I so want you in that. Won’t you do this for your brother?”

“Emotional blackmail?”

Aman chuckled.

“Be it… I have no choice”

“There are many talented actresses in the industry”

“But, no one can be Khushi”

“But, I have called the media”

“It’s not a big deal. Just announce that you are my movie heroine”

Khushi sighed.

“Aman… please, don’t make me say NO to you.”

“Don’t say…” he demanded.

She closed her face by her palms, sighing.

“I have not heard you mention any of your movies as close to your heart. Don’t you want such a movie in your career? Trust me; this movie is going to be a milestone of your career”

Khushi looked at him miserably.

“One last movie, Khushi… for me… for your brother… please” Aman pleaded.

“Stop pleading me”

“Then accept my offer”

“What will you do if I don’t accept?”

“I will drop the project”

“Have you gone mad?” she asked shockingly.

“I will go mad if you don’t accept”

“What is so important about my presence in the movie?”

“You will get to know that soon”

“Will you really drop the project?”

“Mother promise”

“I can’t believe”

“ASR also didn’t believe”


“He is a male lead of the movie”

“Hey, Devi Maiya….” She sighed.


“His name has gossiped with almost all the heroines with whom he acts”

“It’s all common in the industry Khushi. Don’t think about it”

She sighed.

“That means, did you intentionally avoid his movies when he approached you?”

Khushi nodded yes. Aman chuckled. It seems, there is a cold war between these two. Don’t know what will happen in the sets.

“Will you accept my offer?”

“Do I have any other choice?”

Aman nodded no smilingly.

Khushi officially made an announcement about the movie in the press meet.


Ratna was serving breakfast for Arnav. Arvind came to dining with Arnav’s laptop.

“Chotte, see here, a girl is asking you a question.” He said winking.

Ratna stopped serving and looked at him. He would have come up with something cranky.

“When will we get a kissing scene from you, my dear romantic hero….?” He said dreamingly and chuckled.

Hitting Arvind by a plate Ratna glared at him.

“Talk like a father” She chided.

“Our son is a mass romantic hero of the film industry. Girls are dying for him. See, how many emails are there in his inbox unopened? I’m helping my son to know about his fan’s wishes.” He defended.

“Mom, let him enjoy. You are not even interested to watch my movies.” Arnav laughed.

“Movies? Really? It’s full of rubbish in the name of Romance.” She frowned.

“Ratna, only young generation guys like me will like such movies” Arvind shared high-five with Arnav.

“Ohh… really? Tell me one thing; does any heroine of his film looks homely? Don’t know what kind of taste is this” she murmured.

At the same time, Arvind received a massage from his friend who just saw Khushi’s announcement on the TV.

“Ratna… do you know who is his next heroine?” Arvind questioned.

Ratna looked at him without answering.

“Your favorite Khushi Gupta”…. He shouted. Ratna opened her mouth in excitement.

“Really?” she shouted in return.

“Did she agree?” Arnav asked unbelievably.

“Yes, Chotte… she officially announced”

Arnav sighed.

“Thank you Devi Maiya… I will watch your movie this time” Ratna said happily.

“She also acts glamor. But you like her?” Arnav snapped.

“But she never acts awkward, unlike your previous heroines.” she snapped back.

“Haughty head, unlike my previous heroines….” Arnav blabbered.

“Haughty head? How do you know? You never worked with her before?” Ratna questioned.

“I saw her at the Airport. She went crossing me…. But she didn’t smile at me… not even looked at me forget about smiling.” He said panting hard.

“She didn’t smile at you…. so, she is the haughty head?” Ratna asked raising her brows.

“Isn’t she?” He answered questioning.

“Why didn’t you smile at her when you saw her?” she trapped him. Arnav was tongue-tied.

“She might be in some other thought. Didn’t you say she didn’t look at you? If she didn’t look at you then how could she smile at you? It’s you who is a real haughty head who didn’t smile at her… even after seeing her. Couldn’t you smile at her? What big ego?” She defended Khushi.

Arnav really doesn’t know what to answer. Ratna is not wrong. He could have smiled at her.

“Next time, throwing your dirty HERO ego, you smile at her first. Even if she doesn’t smile at you after that, then I will accept she is the haughty head.”

Ratna started eating breakfast not looking at Arnav who only looking at Ratna.

To be continued…

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