Of Nights


I will never tell her how I feel about all this. About her.

Heh, her head would probably explode and her eyes would start leaking and she would start fucking chittering like her little rat friend if I ever did happen to clue her in. God damn, I wish I didn't know it sometimes.

Heh, that little bitch (shh…softly now, oh my girl…), getting all in my face telling me how she feels and what she's been through and how "she's just like me". Ha, that just about killed me. And she was so serious too, throwing around words like "respectable" and "worthless" all the while posing like she was some grand fucking lady laying down the law!


Although, that doesn't mean she was all wrong. I guess it was a good thing she got all fired up and cleared the air. It's good to know that I can make a quick pass at her and she won't get all bent out of shape because of it. Although why the fuck I give a shit about stuff like that now is—

Fine, alright, fine. I fucking know why I give a shit about how Fuu feels. I know why I start scowling over Fuu's head when I see how other men sometimes look at her. I know what it means when I look at her and can't breathe while she's snoring away by my side. But I don't have to fucking say it out loud, especially not to her. It's not good for her mind; she would probably giggle herself to death.

It's just that as soon as you start saying shit out loud, people start to notice. No one needs to know about the little bitch. No one needs to know how much I-…come on! Shit, do you know how many times I have had to save her god damned life! If they knew about this I would be killing those kidnapping bastards every fucking day. It's just not worth it.

So, maybe because it's the truth that I won't tell her. Cause I do, you know. But I'm not going to fucking say it.

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