Fox Blood

Chapter 3

I jolted awake. It was still night, and the crickets in the grass sang in harmony with the wind and the rustling trees. Birch and falcon were still curled up on each side of me, twitching their tails and ears in their dreams.

"Guys." I whispered.

Falcon stirred and sat up, looking at me while Birch kept sleeping.

"Birch! Get up!" I said, prodding him.

He suddenly flew upward several tail-lengths, scaring the mouse dung out of me and Falcon. He landed and whipped around, looking around wildly for danger.

"What is it? What is it?" He whisper-yelled.

Falcon rolled her eyes, returning her gaze to me. "Yeah, Foxx? What is it? Why'd you wake us up suddenly in the middle of the night?" Falcon inquired, cocking her head at me.

"I can't wait. I mean, I really can't wait. We have to go now." I persisted.

"Uh… Why?" Birch asked.

"I just have this… feeling. It's hard to explain. But we have to go."

We were all full from earlier, so we just started walking. Following the creek downstream, trying to stay out of the moonlight, and often glancing up at the sky to check for kit-hungry owls and hawks. We walked until the full moon was nearly right above our heads, and we stopped.

"I feel it too now. Something's happening. I mean literally, right now." Birch softly mewed into the night, and a dreamy look fell onto his face.

"Come on, then," I shoved him, grinning. "We don't want to miss it, do we?"

A while later, I noticed a strong smell, but it faded quickly as we continued walking, so I dismissed it.

The most noticeable thing in the forest at night is the silence. Every move, every hair on my pelt seemed to be the loudest thing there. I loved the peacefulness of it all.

"Falcon, Birch," I said as quietly as I could to get their attention, scrambling over a fallen log. "This territory is amazing. If this forest's Clan lets me, I'll totally love to stay here."

Falcon jumped down behind me and studied me like I had bees in my brain. "Not me, never me. This place is way too stuffy and cramped. I can barely see the sky!" She exclaimed, obviously not caring about the peacefulness of the forest and crouching to slither under a bramble bush. I turned to follow.

"How about you, Birch?" I mewed as I flinched away from a trailing bramble.

He thought for a second. "Well," He grunted back at me, "I guess it's nice, but it kind of feels weird here."

I rolled my eyes. "Of course it feels weird. We're trespassing," I straightened up an stretched my small body, the bush behind me, and sat down hard. "Rest break?"

Falcon yawned and was about to say something, but I suddenly whipped my tail over her muzzle, frozen. She gave me a look, but dropped it as soon as she heard it too.


Birch perked his ears and widened his eyes, momentarily glancing at me and Falcon before he took off into the bushes to my right with a wild look of fear and guilt on his face. Falcon moved to follow him, but I could hear the voice's owners crossing Birch's trail scent, so I held her back. She would only run right into them.

She fiercely whisper-growled back at me. "Let me go!" And since I didn't, she turned around and ripped her tail free, running the opposite direction, not caring whether the cats heard her careless escape.

"Mouse-brain!" I muttered under my breath as I started to follow her, but one of the creatures stepped out of the ferns, blocking my path. I rammed into him headfirst and fell to the ground, dazed.

I looked up. He was a cream-colored, green-eyed tomcat with a single black stripe running down his back from his nose to the tip of his tail and a menacing scar over the top of his muzzle.

I scrambled to my feet and turned tail to run the other way, but another cat, huge black tom with a white muzzle and chest, stood in my way.

I slowly backed into the middle of the small clearing and looked all around me for means of escape, and realized that I was surrounded.

I wondered if the clans really wouldn't hurt me.



Thornstripe kind of felt bad for the ginger kit. She smelled strongly of wild fear, and he could tell that she was freaking out after realizing she was surrounded by that big a group of full-grown cats.

She had short, thick ginger-red fur with pretty black ears and paws and a white-furred patch on her nose going down on her chest and underbelly, and cloud-colored tail-tip.

Thornstripe, Deputy of ThunderClan, was only following Duskstar back from the Gathering when they had sensed trespassers in the territory and ended up finding this kit. She sure was scared. She tried to escape, but found himself, Shadeclaw, and the rest of the patrol blocking her.

He questioningly glanced at Duskstar, who stood beside him, but the ThunderClan Leader was focused on the kit.

"What's your name, kit?" Duskstar gently asked, padding forward.

The kit's fluffy fur puffed out as she arched her back and hissed, "What's yours?"

Duskstar rolled his golden eyes at Thornstripe and smiled.

This was going to be difficult.


I didn't understand why the black and white tabby tom with ginger tail and paws was rolling his eyes at the cream-colored tom.

Does he think I'm funny? I thought. Well, I wasn't going to become laughingstock. I growled.

The odd-colored tabby turned back to me. "Duskstar."

I forced my fur to lie flat and sighed, looking away. I could feel my confidence and strength slowly fading. "Foxx"

He dipped his head. "Well, then, Foxx," He mewed, "Welcome to ThunderClan."

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