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Obedience Story1:Not officially love


It’s About a girl (y/n)who is recently dating this guy who is apart of The number one TOP mafia gang but (y/n) dose not know about that but once she finds out they end their relationship until she regrets that moment

Romance / Drama
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Now a different life

(You walk past Jungkook as you start suspecting some suspicion from him so you walk up to him)

Y/n:Are you stalking me?

Jungkook:No? I don’t even know if you live in a house

Y/n:Wait a minute i never asked about what you do for a living

Jungkook:I need to be breathing in order to live

(Jungkook tries to act clueless)

Y/n:I am serious

Jungkook:so your curious?...i respect that but listen We have secrets too and besides we aren’t even official

Y/n:What? Are you saying we are officially dating now?

Jungkook:no...we went on a date

Y/n:I get why you act like this...it’s cause you never had a date...or even liked someone

Jungkook:....Liked someone?

Y/n:this is stupid..I call on for another date

Jungkook:I’m the man I should be asking the Questions

Y/n:I’m a lady

Jungkook:fine “ladies first”

Y/n:Wow! Such a gentlemen.....I don’t get it..first we have lots of fun then the next second we are not a good match?...

Jungkook:sorry but it’s not like your special or I like you!

Y/n:then why did you want to go on a date?

Jungkook:Wow! So dramatic

Y/n:Maybe never use a dating app it dose not suit you

Jungkook:Whatever try not to get too much into my life

Y/n:...you know some people are sensitive

Jungkook:Look....I had been on a date...the truth is I actually had a girlfriend but that is all I could tell you

Y/n:look Can we Please have another date?

Jungkook:WOW! So desperate! You even act like her

Y/n:*smiles*Then why not get along?*flips hair then walks*

Jungkook:.......hmmm....okay maybe Tuesday!

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