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A Writer's Life


They thought I have the perfect life. They couldn't have been more wrong. Starring Valeria Ortiz Fabeiro, Rajwan, Littlesamkay and Barron Trump.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

I stood next to Hayden Summerall as we were shooting the very first scenes of my famous novel The Exhausting Journey, when poor Katherine and Fredrick started their project of opening a restaurant.

I silently watched them acting professionally, eyes following both of them, making sure they were doing alright.

But then I was alarmed by the bell ringing as Pamela shouted "Cut !".

I think I drifted off again. I thought.

It was lunch break time, and everyone was busy eating or talking.

I quietly sat on a table, with a pink-covered notebook and a black-inked pen and started writing a new part of Different Dimensions in a blank paper.

I was too focusing on writing and what might happen next that I didn't notice Hayden sitting next to me.

He tapped my shoulder gently, and I looked up to him, startled.

"Hey, how are you ?" he said, smiling slightly.

I returned the smile "I'm great, thanks".

"So what are you writing ?" he asked, rather curious.

"It's a new novel I'm working on, titled Different Dimensions"

He smiled. "Nice".

I've always been a fan of him, all his songs and the ways he acts. It was lovely. But don't get me wrong, I have feelings for someone else. Someone who bought my lips for 60 thousand dollars, just saying.

15 minutes later, Charles Marshall Manning or "Mars", walked up to us.

"Hey, Adelle, Hayden..um, Pamela wants to talk to both of you about the next scene." he spoke.

"Ok, we'll go right away" I said, standing up, and walking away.

Mars is our video editor, and he's also MattyB's cousin, but he did a huge help since I published my novel, plus he was a nice person, that's why I preferred him over any other editor.

**3 hours later :**

The day was nearly over, so I rode my limo and arrived home, which was located in Washington DC, and it was pretty wide, like a mansion.

I knocked on the door and waited for a moment, It was sunny outside, so much for the way it rained yesterday, but for someone who lived in a country where the highest degree was 41°C, I didn't find it so interesting.

The door opened, revealing our maid Fiona, who was taking care of us while mum was at her work or away.

"Hey, Fiona. How are you?"

She smiled "I'm great, Miss. Thanks."

"Is someone home ?" I asked, eyeing our living room.

"Yes, miss. Mr Rajwan, and Mrs Joanna are. But Miss Allison is not here, she left 30 minutes ago"

I slightly nodded, and headed to the kitchen, as I realized I was hungry.

I started to make a snack, when Rajwan entered the kitchen, I ran to hug him. he hugged me back, touching my very tall brown hair.

"How did your day go ?" he asked, smiling after we let go.

"Great, thank you. Are you hungry ?"

He nodded.

I nodded back and turned to the refrigerator, letting out some ingredients.

A few minutes later I set the table, and sat down next to Rajwan.

When we finished eating, I went to my room.

I changed into something comfortable, then sat on the bed, writing.

I sank into my thoughts.

But I was interrupted by mum knocking on my bedroom door.

I sighed, then said "Enter".

She opened the door, and entered. Sitting next to me on the bed.

"Honey, I need to tell you something"

I looked up to her, as she spoke, nervous.

"Well, we're having some problems in producing the next set of clothing. And we need to go back to Egypt"

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