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Keep me safe


a world with Vampires all the around the world come together and y/n does not believe in all that fantasy until she sees all that”fantasy”herself but it’s coming in hot

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1:forbidden love


Y/n:*Yawns then opens eyes and gets out of bed*

(You are 18 and out of college cause you are smart but your Job is a detective but your part is to tell the fantasy from the normal clues then figure out which is true and which is false)


Y/n:waits for someone to sit


Y/n:Oh! Yes a first customer so what would you like to share*clicks pen*

Mrs.Yanne:*Shakes* W-ell u-um i have som-ething to share

Y/n:OH! Go ahead take your time no rush

Mrs.Yanne:i saw him...he had sharp teeth? I do not know what I saw or what he is but this has to be reported immediately!

Y/n::*clicks pen*okay um listen here we don’t have time for Jokes

Mrs.Yanne:Listen! He killed my daughter! There were holes in her neck



Y/n:*Laughs*you must have serious humors

Mrs.Yanne:he sticked out his sharp teeth and it went through her neck.....they were dating

Y/n:-ok um well that is enough off you go

Mrs.Yanne:he died at 19 and he cannot age...they dated and he might target..*points at y/n*you!

Y/n:Have any prove?


Y/n:How Can we possibly believe you


Y/n:Listen ma’am i-

(You see a guy look outside the window and then you lock eyes then he runs away so fast you felt like you never saw him even if it was only for 3 seconds you forgot what he looked like immediately)

Y/n:Hold on ma’am*gets up and leaves pen on table and walks outside*.....

Mrs.Yanne:He’s starting his First move*breaths heavily*

(You look outside but you see nothing so you sigh in relief then you turn back and see the same guy and you scream and then you close your eyes tight and your back and arms pushed against the wall while bending your knees but then everyone looks at you like you are crazy)

(Time skip at your house)

(You scroll through you phone in your blanket and going through your boyfriend’s Instagram And realizing he completely cheated on you when your best friend then you through your phone at the end of the bed watching he fall when you suddenly see a guy standing in the corner of your eye when you scream and close your eyes and get under your blankets but then you wake up realizing it was just a dream)

(Time skip the next day)

(You are taking a shower and singing and dancing around when you open your eyes again to see the same guy outside of the curtains of the shower then you quickly move it and nothing is there but you sigh in relief)


Y/n:*plays with pen by rolling it back and forth hand to hand*

Chae:*sits down*

Y/n:*Still plays then notices*oh...hi?

Chae:...my friend died cause of a vam-

Y/n:*Throws pen then gets up and slams hands on the table which causes everyone’s attention which made a scene*ENOUGH WITH THE FANTASY AND ALL THIS “VAMPIRE” NONSENSE I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE CRAZY PEOPLE


Chae:He is after y-

Y/n:*Pushes Chair and walks out of the place*

(Strange voice:Hey~)

Y/n:*Turns in circles*who is there?

(Strange voice:Look up)

Y/n:*looks up* there is no o- *looks down then sees guy*Ah! You were that guy who was there! Then there! Then everywhere! Stop stalking me

Yoongi:Maybe cause people think you are crazy but i am stalking you but I guess you imagined me

Y/n:Stop following me!!!*walks*


Y/n:*keeps walking then Yoongi is already ahead of you then you run to get closer*

Yoongi:What? I can’t follow you but you can follow me?

Y/n:No! It’s just....What’s your name?

Yoongi:*looks up and hands are in pockets*Min yoongi



Y/n:Why are you Here?

Yoongi:do you ever shut up?*walks faster ahead*

Y/n:*stops then thinks then runs after him*look I am a detective I ask the Questions

Yoongi:detective?...*stops walking*

Y/n:yes detective *keeps walking then realizing yoongi is left behind so you turn around and he is gone then you look around and there is no sight of him*STOP DOING THAT


Y/n:OH!*you try to come up with an excuse to prove you are not crazy*oh I said “STOP DOING THAT”cause I need to focus...

Boss:yea um listen you are acting strange are you ok?....

Y/n:Yes um i am fine!

Boss:well....you seem a little off...maybe you get a long break away from this job like a really long one?

Y/n:*you don’t understand until you realize what your boss was trying to say then tears drip down your cheek cause you wanted this job since you were 8 and you finally got it but then lost it but as you look up you see Yoongi Smirk at you and he is in the tree*

Boss:Yea....hm? What are you looking at*looks up*

Y/n:(You realize he is tryna look where you are looking at so you push and say)NO NO NO(You push him and he grabs your wrist causing you to fall on him)ahhh!

Boss:Get the f*ck off me!

Y/n:(You get straightly up and no detail missed and you run to your house)

(Time skip)

You are in your bed



To be continued

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