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Keep me safe Story 2

“Forbidden love but not for us”



Yoongi:lol gotcha*smirks*

Y/n:how did you get inside?!?

Yoongi:um I keep secrets

Y/n:i’m calling the cops (takes out phone then types and the number and about to call)

(Yoongi runs fast and grabs your wrist before you could call 911 and you guys just stare but you instantly can’t stand his face from hotness of him not wanting you to call the police)



Y/n:Okay! What is your deal first you put a spell-......first you disappear into thin air and then run like the flash and then flirt?

Yoongi:i have watched you since you did work

Y/n:*looks down at fingers and starts playing with them*so you saw those crazy people talking about *looks up and yoongi is gone*vampires?.....ugh*lays down at bed then looks at ceiling*

(Time skip)

Y/n:*Wakes up*....Yoongi

Yoongi’s voice:yes?

Y/n:ah!*looks around the room*Ugh! Why is he stuck in my head?!?!!!

(Time skip outside)

Y/n:*walking around*

Yoongi:Hey Y/n

Y/n:Ah! Wait how do you know my name?


Y/n:i don’t go on social media or anything or anywhere online.....

Yoongi:*makes an awkward face*

Y/n:Have you been stalking me your whole life?

Yoongi:*looks behind y/n then grabs her wrist and pulls her behind a random shop*


(Yoongi covers your mouth but you keep on screaming when you stop screaming and then inhale then exhale and open your eyes when yoongi has you against the wall as his warm hands are on your soft lips but this is the first time you touched each other and you blushed but he looked once again at your face realizing you were blushing)

Y/n:*BREATHS*Why are those people trying to find you?

Yoongi:they are hunting me


Yoongi:well that’s all I could tell you

Y/n:So apparently you are not human?

Yoongi:I could say I am a pretty dead person

Y/n:*scoffs*okay is that a joke or far from a lie

Yoongi:Oh no someone is coming!


(Yoongi pushes you back but you grab his arm and you both fall on each other but when you fall his hands land on your waist)

Y/n:Get off!

Yoongi:i never asked for you to come into my life

Y/n:not assuming you have one

Yoongi:you are so different....i thought you would be gullible

Y/n:i can’t keep my eyes of off you


Y/n:-i mean! If I do you will just disappear so I have question


Y/n:if You have been watching me at work you must of heard those old lies about vampires you know anything about that?

Yoongi:...um uh no

Y/n:Stop i know that you have something to tell me! Listen...I hallucinate seeing you this obviously fate telling me you have some words to share

Yoongi:i thought you did not believe in fantasy

Y/n:what do you mean?

Yoongi:i Can’t work with this...listen we are never gonna see each other i will disappear for good okay*gets up*

Y/n:*gets up*listen i will not leave you alone I will find you!

Yoongi:Geez you are crazy!

Y/n:what do i need to do?!?

Yoongi:please...Just let me disappear

Y/n:*sighs then waits 3 seconds then closes eyes for 10 seconds then opens them and yoongi is gone*

(Time skip at y/n’s house)

Y/n:”i thought you did not believe in fantasy”?...”I can’t work with this?”what did yoongi mean?

(The next day time skip with y/n walking outside)


Boss:oh hi y/n! Turns out you are done from your break now people keep on bringing on that you were hanging out with a vampire and the old lady claimed that boy you were hanging out with was the one who killed her daughter...you are gonna have to call him over

Y/n:....i May not know him but would I ever betray him like that?

Boss:please...i do not think you are crazy please come on

Y/n:there is no way you can make me-

(Time skip to y/n at work)


Crissida:Hey um...I know this vampire nonsense is fake but Min yoongi? He died 12 years ago and his death has passed on fast and had been forgotten but trust me stop seeing him

Y/n:he had been doing that to me...

Crissida:Search his death...*gets up and walk out the door*

(Time skip to her at the house)

“Min yoongi’s death”-Friday July 25th 2008 but he was adopted and no one cared about him so they didn’t even care about his death and forgot about him fast and moved on but they said he would kidnap girls and use them for their bodies but that is why people hated him” as y/n read it out loud.

(You got up and looked in the mirror)

Y/n:please....i am sorry I did not believe in fantasy but I already know your secrets....and all the weird words you said.....please I won’t tell a single soul about this.....oh gosh this is stupid *turns around*

Yoongi:no it’s not...


To be continued....

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