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Keep me safe story 3


Maybe since they put aside their differences now it is time to be their romance to side

Romance / Drama
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“Let’s keep this between us”


Y/n:You are back!

Yoongi:*smiles then hugs*

Y/n:i don’t hate you and I am not scared of you

Yoongi:stop that....

Y/n:Stop what?

Yoongi:*breaks hug and looks straight at y/n*making me...forget it

Y/n:What tell me!-

Yoongi:I CAN’T




(Yoongi uses his fast speed powers to push you down to the bed o make you stop talking)


Yoongi:stop making want to lose control with you

(He brushes your hair behind your ear)

Y/n:i think we sh-

Yoongi:*gives you a peck*


Yoongi:I’m sorry....

(Yoongi then again kisses your roughly the rubs his hand down your thigh and then you move your lips trying to speak)

Y/n:....I’m a virgin.......

Yoongi:....Sorry....(Your eyes focuses on his lips making you want your lips to touch his so badly as you lean in to kiss him and he loses control and he tries to remember that you are a virgin when he finally touched your area he realized what he did so he pushes you back and you started breathing heavily)

Y/n:....I know about what you did in the past...to girl

Yoongi:i don’t want you to lose your virginity to a vampire....i can’t control myself

Y/n:...Me either

Yoongi:we only known each other for a few days...I always get thirsty....

Y/n:keep me safe...

Yoongi:i will

Y/n:You can drink my blood...

Yoongi:i am not thirsty right now and I do not wanna drink your blood


Yoongi:what am i to you?

(Yoongi gets closer to your face but you look down breathing heavily looking the other way but then he pulls your chin up with his finger which makes you face him)

Y/n:a vampire......

Yoongi:That won’t be your answer for long...I have to disappear

Y/n:Can i watch you do it

Yoongi:not until you look away....

Y/n:fine......*blinks*wow! That was Quick!

(The next day time skip at work)


Mrs.Yanne:*runs to y/n and slams hands on the table angrily*MONSTER! SHE IS WORKING WITH THE KILLER



(They took her away)

At The restaurant “Starstruck”


Yoongi:yes a disguise *laughs*

Y/n:buy me a strawberry boba!


Y/n:pouts you don’t know what it’s like to be hungry again

Yoongi:i do too!

Y/n:then get me a drink and i’ll get you one

Yoongi:fines*rushes speed*

Y/n:That was fast

Yoongi:*watches y/n drink*


Himari:then get me a drink and I’ll get you one *smiles*

Yoongi:anything for you


(Time skip at night)

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