Warriors meets Wings Of Fire

The Dragonets

Jayfeather POV

I could see! And all I could see were mountains, mountains in the front, mountains in the back, mountains on ether side!

Also, did I mention we were falling? From really high up? No?

Well we were. And it was scary.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” we all yelled.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING!?” yelled Lionblaze.

“If I knew don’t you think i would tell you!?” I retorted.

“What do we do!?” yelled Dovewing.

“FLY!” I screamed.

“WHAT?!?!?!?!” everybody yelled, simultaneously.

“Open your wings!” I instructed.

“How?!” Cinderheart asked.


And we did. And it worked, we started falling slower, and slower, until finally, we landed.

“That was close.” I said.

“Yeah, lets never do THAT again.” Ivypool exclaimed.

“I agree with Ivypool.” Hollyleaf said.

“I will Never, and I mean NEVER doing that again.” Foxleap agreed.

“What are we?” Lionblaze asked.

“I don’t know.” I admitted.

“Dragons, stupid.” came a voice from behind us.

We all turned, to see a 5 “Dragons” behind us.

“A what?” asked dovewing.

“ a dragon.” said a bigger dragon, looking like the leader.

“You know, what we are.” said a sarcastic voice.

“Glory, they’ve obviously hit their heads, so give them a chance to explain.” said their leader.

“So?” he prompted.

“We are not from around here.” I said.

“Obviously.” snorted the dragon their leader called “Glory”

“Glory!” said their leader.

“Sorry o great and mighty clay.” she retorted.

“You know I don’t act like that!” their leader said, defensively.

“Sorry.” he said, turning to us.

“This, he gesterd with his tail to the dragon he had been arguing with, is glory, the annoying one. He said.

“Hey!” she said.

“What, its true.” he replied. “this, he gestured with his tail to a blue dragon with swirls on her sides, is tsunami, this, he said , pointing to a small black dragon, is starflight, and this, he said, pointing to a golden dragon, is sunny.”

“Oh, and I am Clay, and together we are the dragonettes of the prophecy.

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