Warriors meets Wings Of Fire

The new dragonets.

Clay POV

Who were these dragonets? And why were they here? He had just introduced him and his friends, and he was hoping they would do the same.

“Dragonets of the prophecy, what prophecy, and what are dragonets?” Asked the sandwing. What! How do these dragonets not know about the prophecy! Everyone knows about the prophecy!

“What do you mean, what prophecy, as far as I know there is only one prophecy, the dragonet prophecy!” Glory exclaimed. Okay, so the sandwing must have amnesia, or had been living under a rock. Probably amnesia.

“Okay, first off, what's a dragonet?” Asked the mudwing.

They don’t know what dragonets are either! It must be something serious then.

“I think it’s a young dragon.” Responded the nightwing.

Okay, at least one of them knew what a dragonet was.

But the others... he was not so sure about.

“Okay, then whats a dragon?” The mudwing asked. He must be really messed up. Like, REALLLLY messed up.

“Only what you are.” Replied Glory, sarcasticly.

“Okay, your technically a dragonet, but you get the point.”

Glory was definitely NOT helping.

“That is the exact same thing you told me last time i asked, so this time can you give me an actual answer?” Well, that was to be expected. That was the exact same answer she gave last time. Huh.

“Okay, you want an answer, but we cant give it to you until you tell us your names.” I said

“Okay, here we go...”

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