Warriors meets Wings Of Fire

The insult war.

We talked with these “Dragons”, and found out that they were in a prophecy, and that half the world wants to kill them, the other half worships them. Yeah, weird, I know. So I introduced me and my friends, and they laughed at our names. Especially Glory, the colour changing one.

“HAH! Lionblaze? Jayfeather? Ivypool? Your names are so weird!” You can guess who said that.

“Your one to talk, Glory, like, what kind of name is that?” Ivypool retorted angrily. I wanted to claw Glory’s face, but I knew that would not help the situation. So instead, I tried reason.

“Please, don’t get in to a fight, they were just surprised at our names.” I said, trying to sound reasonable.

“Your name means a pool of ivy, do you expect us not to make fun of you?” Glory retorted evenly.

“Guys...” I said.

“You name means beauty, so I don’t know why they named you that.” Ivypool shot back angrily.

“Guys...” I said, a little louder this time

“There’s nowhere you can see your reflection here, so I don’t know who you could be calling ugly. ” Glory retorted.

“Guys...” I said, practically yelling now.

“Oh, so your stupid as well as ugly, a combination you pull off perfectly!” Ivypool shot back. This was turning into a war of insults! I had to stop this.

“GUYS!” I yelled, as loud as I could. Everybody stared at me.

“Would you stop acting like a newborn! You're wasting time that we could be using to figure out how to change back, or learn how to use our bodies! So please, stop, FIGHTING!”

I yelled angrily. How could they be so immature? Everybody was still staring at me.

“Sorry.” They both muttered, before shooting murderous glares at each other.

“Come on, lets find shelter for the night.” I said, and flew off.

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