Warriors meets Wings Of Fire

To find the dragonets we go!

Lionblaze POV

As Lionblaze woke up, his first thought was Where am I? Then Why are there winged... things around me? Then he remembered. What had the dragons called me? A Mudwing? Yeah, that was it. A Mudwing. I looked outside, and saw the sun coming up. I turned and woke everyone up.

"So, are we going to fly, or sit around here all day?" Asked Jayfeather.

As usual, he was grumpy, just like every other morning. And day. And Night. I think you get the point. And if you didn't, its that Jayfeather is always grumpy.

"Jayfeather, we just woke up, we could not have gotten out of the cave by the time you said that." Ivypool responded, irritated.

Ivypool was the only one of us who rivals Jayfeather's grumpiness. Yay.

"Well, since were dragons now, lets use our powers, and get out of here before I fall asleep again!" He shot back. Oh no. I have to stop this before it becomes another insult war. That didn't end well last time.

"Guys, lets focus less on insulting each other, and actually get out of this damp cave?" I yelled at them both. Everyone looked at me.

"It should not be my job to stop arguments, but that's about all I have done. Suspiciously, Ivypool has been in both insult wars!" I exclaimed, shooting a glare at Ivypool. Why did they have to act so stupid! I hated it, but i could not stop it. Without another word, I flew out of the cave. Almost immediately, I bumped in to two dragons.

"Sorry!" They both exclaimed at the same time. I looked them up and down. One has amber eyes and was in shades of orange-pink, and the other has yellow eyes and gold and blue dappled patterns on her scales.

"Hi, I'm Toucan!" Exclaimed the orange-pink one.

"And I'm Jaguar!" Exclaimed the gold and blue one.

They looked friendly, but- wait, did the colour of their scales just change?! Then he remembered Glory And Dovewing. Their scales changes colours too.

"Are you Rainwings?" I asked, even though it was obvious.

"Yes we are, and you must be a Mudwing! Never met a Mudwing before. Or a Skywing.

Or a Seawing. Or a-"

"Okay, I get it, you've only seen other Rainwings." I said. Apparently Toucan liked to talk. I'll remember that next time I want to ask a question. My friends chose that moment to fly up to me.

"Hey Lionblaze, who are your new friends?" Asked Hollyleaf. She sounded genuinely friendly, which was always a good thing.

"This is Toucan and Jaguar. They are both Rainwings and they are going...?" He hoped that would get them to tell him where they were going.

"Oh, were going to Jade mountain academy!" They said at the same time. Sisters, if he had to guess.

"Whats the Jade mountain academy?" I asked.

"Oh, its a school made by the dragonets of destiny! They were going around giving out invitations! You should ask for one!" An invitation. Hmm... Ill ask if I see them.

"Sounds great, I'll ask! Bye!" I yelled as they zoomed away, hitting in to each other on the way, and hitting trees and bushes everywhere.

"Well. Lets go get an invitation." I said, before taking off in to the sky.

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