Warriors meets Wings Of Fire

The mind reader

Jayfather POV

Finally, we found the dragonets of destiny. We got the invitations, and followed the dragonets to the academy. Yeah, that was boring. But, now we are (finally) at the academy, and my head hurts from all of the voices in my head. Going I wonder where the library is. Or Did he just notice me, YEAH HE NOTICED ME! YAY!. That one was especially annoying. Not that the others are not, just that this one is noticeably more annoying than all of the others. Then one voice caught my attention. I wish I could not read minds,all of these voices are giving me a headache. Ow. I reached for that voice and searched her mind. It hurt, because all of the voices were double. Finally, I found a name. Moonwatcher. I struggled through the croud, and finally found who I was looking for.

"Moonwatcher!" I yelled at her.

She turned her head to look at me.

"Hello, do I know you?" She asked.

Suddenly, I saw a flash go through her eyes, but then went away. He had heard the thought above all the others. Can he read MY mind?But then it went away.

"No, i'm Jayfeather. Lets go somewhere less noisy. Its giving me a headache." I told her.

The part about the headache was true, but not exactly the whole truth. Once we were a safe distance away, I said.

"Can you read my mind?" Lets see what her reaction was. On the outside, she said.

"No! Of course not!" But on the inside she was screaming about how I couldn't possibly know her secret.

"You're lying." I said.

"How do you know that?" She replid.

"Because I can read your mind." I said, simply. The look of shock on her face was hilarious. But she obviously didn't think so. I think I should probably give her some time to herself to think about it. I left, and I went back in to the noise.

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