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The Friendly Ghost|| JIMIN FF


When you moved into the cheap, old house downtown, because of a low paying job. People say it’s haunted, and spooky because of the family who died there, thinking there were revengeful spirits. But what happens when you find a happy and chaotic ghost living there? “People think you’re..scary?” “Yep! Funny isn’t it? But hey! At least they leave some things around, did you know I actually found a rat eating some cheese earlier?! So cute! Yet.. so ugly.” “Again.. people thought you were scary?” —- Please support me! I moved off Wattpad because they have gotten breached and emails were being hacked. I don’t really trust it. Anyways! Lots of love! ~🦋

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter One: New House?

August 15th, 2020.

“I heard a kid died there.. or something like that? They say if you moved in you get constant bad luck. Some girl said something about seeing a boy with old-time clothes walking up the stairs before he disappeared!”

Jin said, following Max around the house as she continued to pack her clothes and such.

“Look here, Jin.. I don’t have money to go spending on some lavish hotel. This house is all I got, and I’m not even a believer.” Max replied, rolling her eyes.

Max packed the last suitcase, Jin continuing to pester her, about how she could stay at his house until she gets situated.

“I can’t Jin! I want to stand on my own two feet, i’ve been living with you for days!”

Max exclaims, annoyed.

Jin huffs and leaves the room, finally Max at peace as she grabs the last bag taking it outside to her small car.

“If you move out because of a ghost don’t come crying to me!” Jin yells out the upstairs window. Max rolls her eyes again, walking to the front car door, Driving off before Jin can repeat how stupid she was being.

“This is it! Finally my own house, away from Jin. That annoying pest.. pfft.” Max says to herself. She slowly walks around.

Before she came, it was super dusty. She managed to dust and clean the house before and dangers could really occur to her, health wise. She hasn’t been able to do much, but seeing her bed already got in the master bedroom makes her want to just fall asleep on the spot.

Max lazily lays on the bed, on her stomach. She stares at darkness from the pillow.

I have to unpack tomorrow..’ Max thinks to herself, groaning annoyed.

What do you think so far? If you like it, I will continue! <3

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