5 Times Spike got his Ring Back and the 1 Time he didn't

Chapter 2: Envying

“You fear this one,” Adam told Spike, referring to the slayer they were plotting to kill in his lair.

“Watch it, mate. I don’t fear anything. I just know my enemies,” Spike told him, a little offended.

“Do you?” asked Adam. “Then why haven’t you killed this slayer yet?”

That was an excellent question. Why hadn’t he killed Buffy?

“Because… Because I know her,” the vampire realised. “Thanks to this buggering chip in my head, I know the slayer. I’ve lived in her house, I’ve had proper conversations with her, and I’ve let her feed me blood from a bloody mug, for Christ’s sake!”

“So you feel for her?”

“No!” Spike said without thinking about it. Then he thought about it and added, “No, I don’t…feel anything. But I know her, I know about her mum and her sister and her friends and I know who would be left behind without her.”

“That sounds like feelings,” Adam remarked.

“Well it’s not! I don’t fancy the slayer!”

“I never said you did.”

“Jesus! Its not my fault her stupid witch put me under a spell. I was engaged to a slayer for one bloody night and it always comes back to haunt me! My reputation was ruined!” Spike snapped.


“Yeah, it was a spell and I got down on one knee and gave her a soddin’ ring. A ring that she never gave back!” Spike remembered. “I’m going to get that bleedin’ ring if it’s the last thing I do!”

Spike strode confidentially up the stairs and down the hall towards Buffy’s dorm having successfully turned her friends away from her. A couple of familiar scents drifted up the stairs with him but they were hidden under a mixture of other smells so they were unidentifiable.

Without knocking, but with the knowledge that he already had an invitation, Spike flung the door open only to be met with two of the faces her hated most in the world.

“Spike,” both Riley and Angel hissed.

“Angel,” he hissed in returned, ignoring the soldier. “Are you here just to ruin my life even more or in an attempt to sleep with the slayer again? ‘Cos we all know that last time it made you a little too cheerful.”

“What are you doing here, vampire?” Riley hissed.

“I just came to talk to Buffy,” he glared, stepping around her boyfriends and towards the slayer.

“What do you want, Spike?”

“My ring.”

“What?” Of everything Buffy had envisioned him saying, it wasn’t that.

“My ring. I figure that if the world is ending – again – I ought to take back what’s mine while I have the chance. You better not have thrown it out,” he snapped. “That ring was worth something!”

“What ring?” Angel asked in confusion.

Spike spoke before Buffy had the chance.

“Our engagement ring.”

The other men in the room nearly choked in surprise. “You’re what?”

“Engagement ring,” Spike gleefully told his grandsire. “Didn’t think you were the only vampire Buffy went for, did you? Once you’d gone, she moved on to the younger male in the Aurelian line. I think she has a type,” he whispered.

Shocked, Angel just looked at Buffy. “Please tell me he’s lying.”

She gulped. “It’s a long story.”

“It was a short and sweet affair, wasn’t it, love? I even agreed to invite Mr Broody to the wedding. Mind you, that was only to see the look on your face,” he smirked at Angel. “I’m just upset it was cancelled before the honeymoon.”

Angel and Riley growled at Spike but Buffy simple wasn’t in the mood for a fight.

“Just take your ring and go, Spike,” she ordered. She picked up the jewellery box on her bedside table, rummaged inside and produced the ring. “Happy?”

“Ecstatic!” he replied sarcastically.

“Then leave,” Buffy instructed, pushing him towards the door.

“Don’t I get a goodbye kiss? For old times’ sake?” Spike winked.

The door slammed in his face.

“Well that was rude!” he yelled through the wood.

Spike strolled away, grinning, and slipped the ring back onto his finger, into its rightful place.

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