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Keep me safe:story 4


They cannot be together and fate brings them apart but destiny is waiting

Romance / Drama
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Love bites

(At her house)

Y/n:I KNOW! I had so much fun then-

(Yoongi starts staring at her neck and feels a connection)

Y/n:-Yea then....are you listening

Yoongi:oh yea what?


Yoongi:*looks down*i don’t understand

Y/n:*stops smiling*

Yoongi:*looks straight at y/n*you treat me like I am alive and not a vampire but you’re not scared and you know I killed that girl and pretended to date her and you know what I did in my past...don’t you think I would do that to you?

Y/n:...i know how to make you smile...forget that you are a vampire

Yoongi:i can’t always protect you...you are just using me

Y/n:for what?

Yoongi:i am a bloodsucking immortal....you are just...i don’t know

Y/n:Why are you doing this?

Yoongi:doing what?

Y/n:I get it you haven’t drank blood for 4 days here*moves hair*

Yoongi:*uses speed to stop her and moves her hair back again*

(Once again you stare right into his eyes and lose focus which makes you wanna do anything he says)


Y/n:Can vampires cast spells?

Yoongi:only girl vampires


Yoongi:there are less vampire girls cause boys are stronger


Yoongi:oh and i Can’t turn you into a vampire cause you are not fully dead...you have to bite someone when their dead so their ghost awakens or you die by a vampire bite which is not physically possible


Yoongi:I know what you are thinking vampire’s read your mind and I can remember your scent

Y/n:so you are a werewolf?

Yoongi:lol no*smiles*

Y/n:*laughs then stops and looks into yoongi’s eyes*

Yoongi:*notices*there is only one catch*


Yoongi:don’t look straight into my eyes cause it will make you fall in love with me

Y/n:oh right like i haven’t already*notices what she just said so covers mouths*

Yoongi:*chuckles and moves y/n’s hands off of her mouth*don’t cover that pretty face of yours


Yoongi:i told you not to look in my eyes

Y/n:Sure, but you can’t know whether or not I am faking this love for you..

Yoongi:*smiles but then looks at y/n’s neck and eyes turn red*

Y/n:*looks the other way to grab the phone*oh here is my phone let me*looks back and yoongi is gone*Huh?

(Time skip to the next day)

Yoongi:Hi y/n

Y/n:hi? You left last night

Yoongi:Sorry for out fight

Y/n:it is ok

Yoongi:*moves y/n’s hair back then gets closer to her*

Y/n:*backs away and yoongi still move forward*um yoongi

Yoongi:Sorry y/n *sticks vangs out and Jumps on y/n*

Y/n:*wakes up and breaths heavily while putting hand on chess*yoongi?
(Time skip to her at work)
Y/n:*Plays with pen by throwing it up in the air while focusing on the pen and catching while throwing it to hand to hands*
(Someone comes in and sits down and y/n throws her pen in the air but then realizes someone came in so she focuses on them and pen drops on the floor)
Y/n:oh hi
Dai:hi um my sister has a bad infection in the head that causes her to see Vampires and other fantasy stuff and we first thought it was allergies but she also grows these horrible holes in her neck and she claims a vampire bit but obviously there was no scientific proof and her eyes turn blue and yellow but her eyes turn blue at night and yellow at morning..kinda like the colors at day and night and she has rashes but we went to the doctor and they said it could be something wrong in her brain when she starts growing up...

Y/n:um listen if you wanna solve this problem call the police but you already toke her to the doctor and so yea but I could still write this down if you wa-*looks down at the floor and the pen is gone*okay never mind*looks up and the lady is gone*wha-OH COME ON!
(At her house aka time skip)

Y/n:*chops up salad in the kitchen then cuts finger and touches neck*ouch!

Yoongi:Oh no!

Y/n:Ahhhh!*falls down*

Yoongi:give me your finger!

Y/n:how about a no?

Yoongi:*speeds his way to her and grabs her finger*


Yoongi:*sucks it*

Y/n:*Squeezes eyes shut but then realizes what he is doing so peeks*

Yoongi:*stops*there! *realizes there is blood on neck*

Y/n:Oh! I just remembered! I touched my neck when I-

Yoongi:*uses speed to quickly move to bite her neck*

Y/n:Ahhh!*breaths heavily In pain*

(Yoongi puts his hand on her soft thigh and starts rubbing it to make her calm down from the pain)

Y/n:*starts calming down and breathing slowly*

(Yoongi loses control and starts reaching her area while still sucking on her neck)


To be continued.....

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