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The Fall of a Prince, The Rise of a King


Ezel was chosen from birth to be the next King of Knights, but when its taken from him and given to Alfred, bounds between the royal family are torn, From it comes the rise of a new clan.

Drama / Other
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The Fall of a Prince, The Rise of a King

The sun shined brightly over the crystalline main city in United Sanctuary. All the units were gathering in front of the palace to hear what important announcement their king was going to make. Meanwhile Ezel and Alfred were getting ready. Well mostly Alfred since he was fiddling with the outfit he chose to wear for this announcement. He wanted to look good since it was a public appearance after all. Ezel on the other hand could care less about those kind of things. People looked up to him as a leader that was the only thing that was important to him. Since he is going to be the future king. Ezel looked up at his brother after he was finished polishing his armor. "Calm down, you look fine."

"But Ezel father said it was huge and very important announcement. I want to look the best I can." Ezel just looked at his brother and couldn't help but laugh. Despite how annoying Alfred could be, his innocence was amusing to him. He put his armor down and fixed the helmet on his brother's head.

"There" Ezel got back up and started to put his own armor back on. Alfred looked over at his elder brother in admiration. No wonder Ezel was the next heir to the throne. He was the fitting image of one. Though deep down Alfred wished he was the one holding that honor. "Now come. Father is expecting us." Ezel stated Putting the last piece of armor on. Alfred's eyes lit up and followed his elder brother out of the room. He saw their mother in the hall way leading out to the Balcony. She smiled at her two sons and gave them both a hug.

"Your father is waiting." The two bowed to their mother made their way onto the Balcony with their Mother following right behind. The two boys bowed to their father when they got there. The elder king smiled at his two sons. He then made his way to the edge of the balcony. He raised his hands. The entire crowd became silent waiting to hear their king's words.

"My friends and fellow Subjects, we are gathered here today due to an unforeseen circumstance. Ezel and Alfred both looked at each other confused and then back at their father curious to what their father was going to say. "My first born Son Ezel, who I chose at birth to be the king of knight once my time comes and I'm to join the guardian dragons. Unfortunately he shall no longer hold that honor." Ezel's mouth dropped completely as did Alfred's. Murmurs began raging through the crowd wondering what the elder prince did to make their king go back on something so important. Ezel took a step forward

"Father, wha-"The king threw up his hand, motioning to Ezel to stop talking.

"In light of this. I have chosen my youngest son Alfred, to be my successor."

"What?" Ezel said to himself growling. Alfred's eyes lit up the one thing he wished for had finally came true, he looked over at Ezel and saw his elder brother hanging his head with a cold look upon his face his fist clenched and visibly shaking. He sheepishly smiled at his brother and made his way towards their father.

"All Hail to the Future King of Knights Alfred." All of Sanctuary bowed but all Ezel could do was just turn and walk. When Ezel got to his room he growled as he banged his fist on the table knocking everything off in the process. He heard glass shattered he saw the picture of Alfred and himself next to each other smiling. It was taken right when Ezel returned from some war or battle he fought in. He had seen so many that all kind of bled into one. He looked down at the picture picking it up, he looked and brushed his hand over the cracked glass, his eyes started to well up with tears as he growled threw it across his room. He fell to his knees and cried,

"IT'S NOT FAIR!" Ezel never felt such a strong feeling of anger and despair, sadness and every other negative emotion one could possibly feel all at once. Unbeknownst to him, Alfred stood outside his brothers room over hearing everything…he had to hold back his own tears, he had never seen nor ever heard his brother cry before. He was going to knock but decided it was best if he left his brother alone for a while. Alfred walked to the throne room and saw his father and mother were discussing something. His father held his head in shame. Alfred walked over to his parents.

"Mother, father is everything okay?" the two rulers looked down at their son.

"Yes my son, but for the time being can you go wait in your room. Your mother and I want to talk to your brother." Alfred bowed and got out of their way. He sadly smiled He still couldn't comprehend the fact that their father would go back on something like this and make him future king stripping Ezel of his one day title. Ezel sat there on the floor of his room. The tears finally starting to stop when He heard a knock on his door.

"Go away!" he yelled.

"Ezel? we need to talk."

"I thought I said go away"

"Ezel By the order of the king of knights I demand you to open this door."

Ezel got up and opened the door. He angrily glared at his parents. His mother and father were shocked to see the state his room was in things were torn and thrown all over the place. Along with the look of complete hatred and pain painted across their elder sons tear stained face "well are you coming in or not?" he growled. His father walked in first with his mother close behind.

"Ezel…listen, I know your upset but please try t-"

"I don't want to hear it. How the hell could you go back on something like this?! I encompass everything it is to be a leader yet you turn around 16 years later and declare Alfred is more suited than me!?"

"How dare you talk to me like that Ezel! Never have I heard something so disrespectful especially from my own flesh and blood… l can't explain why I made the choice to go back on my word. Its far more complicated then you could ever hope to understand."

"So what? I have done more for your kingdom then Alfred has ever done and will ever do! Does that not give me the right to know? I have been on the front line as your Vanguard protecting your very life, I have seen many of my friends die though I try my damn best to protect them! I helped lead us to many Victories. And this is how I'm repaid? By stripping me of that honor you bestowed upon me at birth to someone who deserves it far less!" he yelled gripping his father's wrist. With his other wrist Ezer struck his son across the face with the back of his hand. Ezel flinched and death glared his father.

"You thankless, self-centered child. How dare you disrespect your king and father like that." He shouted. "After all I have done for you? I trained and groomed you to be one of best warriors in Sanctuary. I gave you everything you needed to become great. I even allowed you to make those friends of yours who you met while out in the wild. Become your own personal army corps who follow your direct orders only .Yes I made the decision to replace you as my successor. But I have my reasons and this way it's better for Sanctuary in the long run. I- "

"I don't give a fuck what you did for me, that's not the point. The point is you stripped me of a title that is rightfully mine, and gave it to someone who can never measure up to me in any way, shape, or form!"

"You don't understand Ezel. Just accept the fact that you will no longer be the future king. And leave it at that." Ezel glared at his father coldly with a dark look. "Ezel…I'm-"Ezel threw his hand up at his father

"Be silent." Ezel walked past them and stopped when he got to the door way and coldly said "you are no longer my family." turning the corner and walking down the hall way towards the court yard. Ezer and his wife looked at their son leave and frowned. Ezer sighed deeply and had a look of udder sadness upon his face. His wife put her hand to his cheek and said quietly

"I will go and speak to him." Ezer nodded and made his way back to the throne room as his wife went to go find her eldest son. When he got there he took a seat ln his throne.

"The weight of the crown is sometimes more of a burden then a blessing." He sighed holding back the tears, he heard a knock on the door. "You may enter." He looked up and saw it was Alfred making his way towards the throne. The king tried to put on a happy face but he couldn't. His elder son's words stung and cut deeper than any injury even the finest blade ever crafted could produce.

"Father is everything okay with Ezel?" Ezer sighed not knowing exactly what to say to his young son. Alfred looked at his father's saddened face. "Does Ezel hate me…?" That question hurt the kings heart a person that young should never have to ask a question like that. He pulled Alfred into a tight embrace.

"No my son. He's just very upset. He will get over it don't worry." He hated lying above anything but he didn't want Alfred to deal with the fact that his elder brother no longer considered them his family. Alfred looked up at his father and smiled. As Ezer faked smiled at his young son. "Now come we have allot to discuss." Alfred smiled and followed his father.

Meanwhile out in the courtyard. Ezel was sitting in his favorite hiding spot that he would use to avoid Alfred when all he wanted to do was rest after a long day of training. He gazed down at the stream and sighed. "Ezel?" Ezel turned his head to the left and saw his mother standing there.

"What do you want…?" he sternly said.

"I just want to talk, I don't care if you don't say anything back. But just listen to me." Ezel just rolled his eyes and looked straight ahead. His mother sat down next to him. She tried to put her hand to his face but he pushed it away. She frowned and stared at the stream. "Ezel, I know you're upset with us…especially your father. But, you must understand he would never do something like this on purpose or in spite of you. He has valid reasons for his actions. And you should respect that. Please my son I don't want any bad blood between us. Your father and I love you Ezel we don't want to lose you."

"Too bad you already did…" he said getting up and walking away. His mother looked at her son leave and started to cry. Ezel continued walking ignoring all of the stares he was getting. He made his way back into the palace. He was trying figure out a way he could see why his father would go back on his word. He decided to pay Zenon a visit if his father couldn't tell him maybe he would.

Ezel made his way to the hall of mages. Hoping that Zenon wasn't in some sort of meeting and he could actually talk to him. He arrived at the temple like building and made his way through the doors towards the library where Zenon studied and worked. He knocked on the great door of the Library. When he heard a voice from inside.

"Who is there, and state your purpose with me?"

"It's Prince Ezel. I need to speak with you about something." He took a step back as the door opened. He entered and walked to the center of the room. He saw Zenon sitting at a desk littered with books scrolls and many other magical things. Zenon turned around to face the prince.

"So to what do I owe this honor? Prince Ezel." Zenon stated. Ezel glared at the high mage. He really could not stand him in the slightest. He sighed trying to be calm as possible.

"Zenon. I come to ask what justified reason do you have for you and the council making my father strip me of my honor to be the future King of Knights and give it to my brother?" Zenon just stared at the elder prince and sighed.

"It does not concern you Prince Ezel. The council and I advised your father to make it so for the sake of Sanctuary. It's not like I don't like you prince. I believe for Sanctuary's future to be prosper young Alfred is the better choice."

"But that doesn't make sense. How can you suggest him to enact something like this that has been official for 16 years? Just because you and the council think Alfred is a better choice? There is more than that I know there is Zenon."

"From the looks of it. The almighty leader of the Blazing Lion corps prince Ezel is being a selfish brat who is unhappy because he ended up not getting what he was promised."

"Excuse me?" Ezel said staring at the high mage with his eye brow raised.

"You heard me prince. You're being no very princely and quite frankly acting like a child."

"How dare you. By the order pf Prince Ezel son of the King of Knights Ezer I demand you to tell me the reason why!"

"Are you the King Ezel?" Zenon slyly said smiling at Ezel. All Ezel could do was just glare at Zenon. Trying his best to hold back his rage at the wording Zenon chose.

"What does that have to do with what I just demanded?" Ezel said trying remain calm

"I guess your father never taught you how politics works around here boy." He said getting up and walking towards Ezel circling him." You see prince humor me for a second. Are you king? Oh right of course you're not. Therefore I don't to give in to any demand that's not from your father. Be gone child." Ezel just growled and glared angrily at Zenon. He turned around and walked out of the room. He kicked the wall in frustration and proceeded to leave the hall. Ezel made his way back to the palace. He ignored all of the servants asking him if he was alright. He was about to get to his room when he felt someone came up behind him and jump on his back.

"Sup Ezel?" Ezel just sighed.

"Get off of me Sagramore." Sagramore sighed and did what he was told.

"Is everything okay Ezel? I was worried when your father made the announcement we all were. What happened did he tell you why?" Sagramore questioned.

"No he did not. I really don't want to talk about it."

"Oh okay. None of us think its right. You will always be our king. No one else. Why don't you come with me into town tonight, I assume you're not going to the banquet their having this evening to celebrate...you know"

"You read my mind." Ezel smiled

"Cool. See you in a few meet in the courtyard?"

"Yeah sounds good."

Sagramore smiled and turned around and let Ezel go to his room. Ezel entered his room and saw it was cleaned up. No surprise the servants did. He went over to the balcony that was outside his room. He looked out upon the town basking in the sunset he sighed and he looked down at the court yard and saw Alfred Excitedly telling Ahmes all about what happened since Ahmes just came back into town after dealing with some sort of matter with the dragons. Probably nothing more than a sparring match with Overlord. Ezel growled and turned to go back in. he laid down in his bed and sighed. As he was laying down he overheard Zeon's voice. Ezel got up and slowly put his ear up to the door. To try and hear what they were saying. '

"Sire, please I implore you to keep that boy of yours on a tighter leash."

"Excuse me?"

"With all due respect my liege. He is starting to pry into certain matters that's between you, the Council, and I He came this afternoon and asked why well more demanded it. I don't want what I foresaw to happen before Alfred is ready." Ezer sighed.

"Did you tell him anything?"

"Of course not my king, need not to worry."

"Very well. Come I must prepare for tonight. You are dismissed Zenon."

"Thank you my liege." He bowed and turning to walk the other way. Ezel had no words for what he overheard. He backed away from the door. He grabbed his hooded cloak from his wardrobe. And threw it on. Putting up the hood up. He walked out of his room and snuck through the halls, since guests were starting to arrive. He made it to the courtyard without being seen where he met up with Sagramore and the two knights went into town.

Meanwhile back at the palace the Celebratory Banquet was going on, almost everyone in the kingdom was there besides the Blazing Lion Corps though Ezer was not surprised they didn't show up. He kept looking around but Ezel had yet to show.

"Dear, have you seen Ezel?" Ezer whispered to his wife. She shook her head and sighed.

"No I have not. You don't think he would purposely not show up do you?" Ezer Sighed. He knew deep down that was the case.

"I honestly believe so. I had no idea something like this would drive a wedge between our families."

"I know dear. But we must be positive for Alfred."

"You are right." Ezer Smiled. He looked around the room and saw everyone in sanctuary was there enjoying themselves including Alfred who was hanging out with Ahmes, Lola, Yunos, and Larrouse. But deep down Ezer had a feeling of dread that something terrible was going to happen.

Meanwhile in town. Ezel and Sagramore were sitting in the far back of their favorite pub drinking. several mugs already littered the table. Ezel sighed as he finished his drink, and motioned to the server to bring them more. The server nodded and brought them two more mugs. "You know I was thinking there has to be something you could do to make Ezer reinstate you as future king." Ezel laughed

"Please once he's made his mind up there's nothing that's going to change it. You know it's funny really, the moment I could wield a sword I was by his side going to war fighting for him and Sanctuary, as his Vanguard. I protected him hell I could be bleeding half to death and I would still be on the front lines leading the way and looked how I'm repaid by having my title given to my worthless brother."

"Are you okay Ezel?" sagramore questioned looking concerned at his friend.

"I'm just great Sagramore, how would you feel if your entire point of existence was pulled from underneath you?"

"Well I really wouldn't know what that would feel like…I have an Idea."

"Humor me what's this idea of yours."

"What if you were to challenge Alfred to a duel, and whoever wins is the future king of knights."

"No, that's not much of a challenge, I could over power Alfred in mere seconds."

"True…then what about your father? Beat him a fight and when you win make him reinstate you as future King of Knights." Ezel smiled and started to laugh

"That's brilliant!" he yelled, the two knights picked up their mugs

"Cheers to the true future king of knights, Ezel!" They clanked there mugs together and drank. Hours passed and Ezel still hadn't shown up. As the guests started to leave Ezer sighed and took a seat on the throne as the last guest left.

"I can't believe he would do something like this…was what the council said really the right decision? I know it was but why am I 2nd guessing myself."

"I know my dear, but Ezel will understand in time. I know our son would never be like this for long. You know that armor he wears amplifies negative emotions. Everything will be fine my love. Do not fret." Ezer smiled at his wife.

"Thank you my dear. Speaking of missing sons, where is Alfred?"

"He went off with Ahmes and the rest of his friends for a little while, Ahmes did just came back into town today."

"Ah yes, I need to talk to him how that went with the dragons. I guess well, I haven't heard anything from Overlord or Their newly appointed Emperor Dragonic Descendent. Now come my dear lets go to bed. We have had a very long day."

"Yes let us proceed." He got up from the throne and kissed his wife and the two walked hand in hand back to their bedroom.

Meanwhile Ezel and sagramore were drunkenly walking back from town. Ezel decided to stay the night in the barracks where the rest of his Corp lived. When they got there Ezel didn't bother taking off his armor he just found the nearest bed and fell asleep.

Several hours later the sound of trumpets blared in the morning light. Ezel begrudgingly woke up, to the sound giving him a horrible headache. He looked around for a second he had forgotten that he ended up sleeping in the barracks. He got out of bed but a wave of nausea hit him. He ran outside and proceeded to throw up on the ground. "Great…" he said Kneeling over.

"Morning gorgeous!" he turned his head to see sagramore smiling and looking at him. Ezel just rolled his eyes.

"What's the plan today?" Ezel pushed himself up off of the ground.

"Well, my body is currently regretting last night, so I'm going to go back to the palace and sleep. Everyone can do whatever they like. Train, take the day off. I don't care. Sagramore you are in charge."

"Yes sir!" Sagramore smiled saluting to his princely friend. Ezel slowly made his way back to the palace. He ignored all of the stares and whispers he was getting. All he wanted to do right now is curl up in bed. He got to the main part of the palace and through the hall with ease. But when he was about to be back at his room. He heard a voice he didn't really want to hear.

"Ezel!" Ezel growled in frustration to hearing his younger brothers voice calling for him. But before Alfred could get to him he slammed the door in Alfred's face. Alfred looked confused and he proceeded to knock on his older brother's door.

"Ezel?" he knocked again "Ezel open the door pleeeeease. I haven't seen you in a day."

"Go away Alfred!"

"But Ezel I'm bored! Dad and mom have been in meetings all day and Ahmes and his friends are busy training."

"I don't care." Ezel coldly stated. Alfred heart dropped never has he heard such animosity in his elder brothers voice.

"Sorry I asked…." Alfred said sadly walking away. Ezel rolled his eyes and laid down in bed. He gazed up at the ceiling until he drifted off to sleep. Several hours later he heard a knock on his door that woke him from his sleep.

"What do you want?" he said

"Ezel can we talk?" his mother said from beyond the door.

"We have nothing to discuss."

"Ezel your father and I know you didn't show up last night. We are disappointed in you. You could have least had the dignity to make an appearance. Do you know how embarrassing it is to not have the eldest prince show up to his brothers own celebration? None the less a few people saw you and your friend walking back from town drunk at 4 in the morning. Your father and I spent time today debunking those claims also yesterday I heard you even tried to harass Zenon? You're lucky your father and I didn't decide to-"

"Why should I care Mother? You and father are delusional. Did you really think I wouldn't be upset? Do you think I would be happy with father rewriting my entire point of existence for the past 16 years in mere seconds? The reality you need to face is that everything is not okay with us and no longer will be. You can relay the same message back to father. Good night." His mother sighed she tried to think of something to say back but she couldn't muster up any words. Her son's words shattered her pride. She went to go knock on his door. But stooped she sighed and turned around walking in the other direction.

One month later…

Ezel got up out of bed as he heard the sounds of trumpets. He really hated when they blared at 7 in the morning. He got up and stretched as walked out on to his balcony. He looked down and saw his uncles troop returning after months of being away. Ezel smiled out of any of his family he related to Ezzell the most. Ezel quickly through his armor and went down to meet his uncle. As he entered the court yard he walked towards his family and stood next to them. Ezer and his wife looked over at him shocked to see their eldest son standing there. Ezel ignored all of the stares he was getting from his parents and everyone else there. Ezer smiled as he saw his brother get off of his horse.

"Welcome home my brother!" He smiled hugging him.

"It's great to be home again." He bowed to the queen and in the process looked over at Ezel and frowned he could tell something was wrong with the eldest prince.

"Come you must be tried, why don't we go in and you can rest. We can discuss your report later"

"Sure that sounds great. Can you give me a few moments?"

"Of course." Ezer smiled him and his wife turned around and headed back in. Ezzell dismissed his troops as Alfred ran up to him and hugged him.

"I'm so glad your back!" Alfred happily yelled. Ezzell turned around and smiled at his younger nephew.

"Hey Buddy." he said hugging young Alfred. He looked up and saw Ezel walking away. "Hey can you give me a few moments. Then I will tell you stories okay?"

"Sure!" he smiled. Petting Ezzell's horse. Ezzell smiled walked over to Ezel and put his arm around him. Ezel jumped slightly at the sudden touch on his shoulder

"Ezel come let's take a walk." Ezel nodded and followed his uncle. The two walked through the palace gardens in silence. Until Ezzell spoke up. "Ezel, is everything alright here?"

"What do you mean…?"

"There have been murmurs that there is to be a new successor. What's going on? I want to hear it from you before my brother." Ezel sighed. "Please Ezel, you know you can tell me anything." Ezel took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Yes. The murmur are indeed true…Alfred is going to succeed the throne…."

"For what reason? IT was always the first born who gets to succeed. Why is it now Alfred."

"I have no idea…Mother and father know, but they refuse to tell me…as does Zenon and the entire council." Ezell just sighed.

"That's odd…given this news. How is your relationship with your parents and brother?"

"I no longer associate myself with them

"Oh…well…uh…" Ezzell then cleared his throat trying to figure out what to say.

"Is it wrong of me not to?"

"What do you mean?"

"Mother and father are painting me to be quite a narcissist recently, and are acting like I should be happy for Alfred. Which I'm not! How can I be okay with my father rewriting my entire point of existence? Is it wrong for me to? Because I don't."

"Well…Ezel, can you wield a sword?"

"Yes of course I am. What does that-"Ezzell Smiled at his nephew?

"Then you're old enough to feel and do whatever you personally think is right. I agree with some of the things you said, and some I don't. I'm not you, I don't know how you feel so I can't tell you what's wrong or not. Neither can my brother nor your mother. You understand what I mean Ezel?" Ezel smiled. Ezzell smiled back and patted his nephew on the shoulder. Now come lets head back. I need to report to my brother. "

"I will see you later I'm going to stay here for a bit."

"Very well, see you soon." Ezel waved back and smiled and took a seat on the bench next to the stream.

Meanwhile back at the palace Ezzell walked into the throne room to see his brother, his brother's wife and Zenon Ezzell got to the throne and bowed.

"Well then, now that were all here. Ezzell do you wish to report?" Zenon smiled.

"Well we did engage in battle against Steele vampirs troops, it was a successful win. Steele vampir did retreat though but he lost many of his troops so he shouldn't be a threat for a while."

"Is that all?"

"No actually. I was wondering what is going on with Ezel?"

"What do you mean?" ezer questioned.

"Well I heard a murmur that he no longer has the title of future king? Is that true?"

"Let me handle this sire please."

Zenon summoned a giant blue orb in the room and Ezzell was blinded a short minute until he saw the picture appear with in it with Ezel standing there, Sanctuary in ruin looking up a mighty dragon like creature with red and black rings donning his body, and scythe. Zenon let the image disappear.

"That is part of the vison I saw. If ezel was to be com king that would happen, Sanctuary would fall. To that thing. That's is why I highly advised my king and the council, about taking a way and bestowing it to Prince Alfred."

"Something doesn't seem right about that….how could prince ezel be the down fall of Sanctuary? If Ezel is the cause, then what makes it different if he is king or not? You sure you can trust this one vision that Zenon saw?"

"Excuse me, but I beg to differ sir." Zenon growled. Quickly regaining his composure as Ezer glanced at him. "Listen Ezzell I know you have a good relationship with your eldest nephew. But be warry of him. I know what I saw I-"

"You mean saw what you taught yourself how to do. I know your master never trained you fully in the art of divination. You can only do what you taught yourself."

"How dare you speak to me like that? You're just as bad as that –"

"Ezzell, Zenon enough. My brother I know it's hard to fathom. But I trust what Zenon saw. Unless someone proves me otherwise. I cannot go back on making Alfred future king. Do not discuss what you saw with anyone." Ezzell growled at his brother.

"Fine Ezer. I hope this is all worth the despair, grief and pain you have caused your eldest son that your eyes have been blinded to," Ezzell stated coldly as he turned around and left. Ezer sighed and rand his hand down his face.

"Sire, please do not take what he said to heart. Prince Ezel will be fine. He's just being a moody teenager. Give it a little more time. "

"Yes, your dismissed Zenon." Zenon bowed and walked out of the throne room. Ezer got up off of the throne and decided to try to talk to ezel.

Meanwhile Ezel was sitting in the palace garden still when he heard footsteps come up next to him."

"Mind if I sit?" Ezel glared at his father. His father could tell it was a no. Ezer sighed and smiled looking at the stream

"It's funny I remember when you use to come here all the time and try to hide when you weren't in the mood for training. You always loved playing in the stream trying to catch the fish with your bare hands. You were quite good a-"

"What does this have to do with anything?" ezel stated. "Why are you talking about things of the past?"

"Because…I miss that Ezel. I know it's been hard. But I miss you. Please come back my son, I feel like as the days and weeks go by were losing you more and more. I-"

"Your bond with me was cut the minute you stripped me of my title. This battle that you will never win, because it ended when it started." Ezel said getting up and walking away. Ezer thought back to what his brother said as he started to cry.

"I really have lost you…" Ezer said to himself sadly walking back to the palace.

Ezel made his way back to the palace when he passed the training ground and saw Ahmes training with his younger brother. Ezel decided to stay and watch for a little bit. He couldn't help but laugh as Alfred tried to block light blows from Ahmes. Still somehow managing and struggling to hold off the blows even with using unsharpened swords. Alfred happen to look over and saw Ezel standing there. "EZEL!" Alfred yelled enthusiastically seeing his almost none existent brother. As soon as he did he felt something blunt whack him in the side and knock him down.

"Concentrate!" Ahemes said pointing the tip of blade at Alfred. "If this was real fight I would have killed you. By now you must never get side tracked in battle. It can cost you your life. Understand future king." Ezel growled at the last part of his comment.

"Yes Ahmes I understand." Alfred said getting up.

"So Ezel fancy seeing you here. Usually you're off messing with those untrained Gals of yours.

"When did you get all high and mighty? Last time I checked you're a just a knight, while I'm a commander, a prince and the best solider in sanctuary." Ezel smiled turning around and started to walk away Ahmes growled but he then smirked.

"It's no wonder king Ezer made the decision to make Alfred future king. He has more likable qualities then you do."

"What did you just say…?" Ezel turned back around death glared at Ahmes. Alfred looked over surprised that Ahmes would say something like that.

"Come now you heard me, Alfred is allot more likeable then you. You know it's true. Now and days the only people who like you is your uncle and those friends of yours." Ezel growled and bared his teeth at Ahmes. "What's wrong Prince? Did I strike nerve?" Ahmes laughed. In mere seconds Ezel was on him with swords drawn. Ahmes quickly drew his blaster blade and blocked the oncoming strike.

"Stop!" Alfred yelled. Ahmes and Ezel both looked at him.

"You two don't need to fight." Ezel looked at Alfred and put down his blades.

"You're right Alfred. We don't because we all know I would win." With that said he turned around and left. Ahmes growled at the elder prince's comment.

"Ahmes, are you okay?" Ahmes closed his eyes and regained his composure.

"I will be. Your brother really pisses me off. That's all for now. Go see if your father needs you for something." Ahmes sheathed his weapon and walked away leaving Alfred standing there alone. "What in the messiahs name is happening here…" he sadly said to himself.

Late That night Ezel sat in his room finishing cleaning his twin swords. When he got done he stared at the glistening blades. "Tonight's the night… it's time to take back what's rightfully mine." He felt the burning flames of anger and hatred emitting from the depths of his soul. He relaxed his body and let the emotions emitting from within power the armor he wore. Ezel had never felt this way before the power he had surging through his entire body at this moment was glorifying. He got off of his bed with this swords drawn and made his way to the throne room.

Back in the throne room Ezer and his wife stood there discussing something with one another. Ezel snarled looking at his parents from outside the throne room. Ezel closed his eyes and entered room "Father…" Ezel coldly called. Ezer and his wife looked over and saw their eldest son. With his swords drawn slowly approach the throne with a dark look in his eyes. Ezer and his wife sensed something was terribly wrong with their eldest son.

"Ezel what is wrong my son?" before he could say anything else Ezel rushed towards him his swords at the ready. Quickly Ezer drew his sword to block his sons incoming attack "Ezel what is the meaning of this!?" he yelled. Drawing his swords away he pointed one at the king of knights.

"Fight me father! If I am to win you will bestow upon me the title that is rightfully mine!" he yelled going in for another strike, which his father blocked as well.

"Ezel what is wrong with you!? I am not going to fight my son! Let's us talk this out"

"We are beyond the point for words. Let's settle this the traditional way of the royal paladins."

The guards were about to step in but Ezer stopped them.

"Very well if this is the only way so be it." Ezer said going in for a strike.

Ezel smirked as he blocked the incoming attack. The two knights went back and forth each refusing to let the other one give an inch. Ezer's wife looked upon in horror as her husband and her son fighting what it looked like to the death. "Please stop Ezel I beg you" but her pleads feel upon deaf ears as her son kept striking somehow her husband was fending off their sons blows. But she noticed that her husband started to slow. Ezel took notice this as well. Faster and faster he swung. Suddenly Ezer felt something sharp swipe across his knee and he cried out in pain as he fell.

Meanwhile Alfred heard his father's scream of pain "Father?" Alfred yelled as he quickly jumped out of bed. And ran towards the throne room. In the throne room. Ezel was on his father in a mere second. Suddenly Ezer felt Ezel's foot collide with his face. Ezer was on the floor his sword slightly out of reach. Before he could reach for it. Ezel impaled his father's hand with one of this swords.

"Do you give?" Ezel coldly stated. Ezer glared up at his son.

"Ezel where did we fail in raising you?"

"When you chose to strip me of my title. Do you give? "He yelled pointing the tip of his sword at his father neck

"Ezel I will never give. As long as I am alive I will never give into demands that will harm sanctuary."

"So be it then, you can rule up on high with the guardian dragons." Eel got off of his father and grabbed his father's sword and was about to strike the final blow. When he heard a scream.

"No!" the three turned and saw young Alfred his eyes widened and he stood there paralyzed with terror. Ezel saw Alfred and his eyes softened and he turned back to see what he had just did. He shook his head and was about to be sick. He grabbed his swords and backed up. And turned around and ran the other direction. Alfred followed behind his brother" Ezel wait!" calling out to him. But Ezel heard nothing. He busted through the front doors of the palace.

"Ezel please wait." He turned to see Alfred standing there. Ezel shook his head and ran off in the other direction. Alfred stood there his eyes tearing up. He was so confused and had to many questions. None in which he knew would probably never get answered.

Ezel ran back to the barracks where his troop stayed. When he got there everyone was waiting for him. They all looked concerned. "Ezel is everything okay?" Ezel sighed at sagrymores question.

"Get your weapons and armor on were leaving sanctuary."

"Ezel what happened."

"I almost killed him Sagramore I almost killed my father…Alfred came in and saw so I fled."


"That's why I want us to leave. I'm not coming back until I'm ready to take back what's rightfully mine."

"We will follow you to the far reaches of Cray and back. You are our king Ezel no one else will ever have our respect." Ezel smiled at sagramore.

"Were ready." Ezel turned to see every one of the blazing lion corps standing in front of him.

"Friends, form this day forward, we will no longer be associated with the nation of United Sanctuary. I am here by renaming us the Gold Paladins. With me as your leader we will one day return and when we do. I will rightfully take back my title that was stripped from me! Now lets us move out." Ezel said as he marched past his friends and all followed behind him. The moon shined brightly on the group of paladins as they marched towards the shadowy outline of the Dragon Empire unsure of what the future will hold.

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