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World of Dragons


This is a WoF (Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland) fanfiction, with my OCs. Each chapter is in the point of view of a different character. Follow as you learn about their backstories, and how they all come together. Note, this takes place in the time of the Darkstalker Legends book.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Dew-Drop

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Sharp gleaming claws split through the white eggg shell, causing cracks to branch out.

“It’s happening.” A voice hissed, but with excitement.

More cracks appeared, until finally a miniature snout poked through the egg shell.

“Oh moons! Look at her.. She’s so precious!” A RainWing, almost completely yellow said, bounding on her front talons. The other RainWing next to her gave the dragonet a gentle smile, and reached down to pick her up.

“Hydrangea.. What shall we name her?” The RainWing asked the female RainWing. The toucans and other rainforest birds chirped happily, and the night insects let out soothing chirps as well. The rainforest felt so alive, the breeze whisking through the tall trees, rustling the gentle leaves.

“Let’s call her.. Dew-Drop.” The other RainWing, Hydrangea, said with a smile. Dew-Drop shook herself, and opened her eyes for the first time, hoping to take in her surroundings. Only.. There was nothing? The dragonet squeaked and yipped, while looking around with a puzzled expression.

“Oh dear, Thicket, is something wrong with her?” Hydrangea asked, digging her claws into the soil. Thicket, the male RainWing seemed puzzled as well.

“I don’t know.. She’s just looking around so wildly.” Thicket stated, patting the RainWing dragonet gently on the head.

Dew-Drop swiveled her head, looking everywhere. She could hear them.. But why couldn’t she see them? Why couldn’t she see anything? She squirmed and wriggled in her father’s talons, squeaking quickly. She waved her talons all around, pointing out one claw.

“Thicket, she’s pointing to a papaya. Perhaps she’s just hungry.” Hydrangea let out a worried sigh. First pair of RainWings to ever do families. They all said this would go wrong.. Please let nothing be wrong with her! Hydrangea thought furiously, desperately, as if thinking that thought with all her will would make it reality.

“Moons, look at her eyes! Why.. Why do they look like that?” Thicket asked, poking Hydrangea’s shoulder. Dew-Drop’s eyes were a cloudy misty white, an empty but somehow strangely majestic color.

“Hmm.. RainWing eyes can usually come in all different colors, but you can hardly see her pupil.” Hydrangea said in a-matter-of-fact tone, going into her professor mode. She gave a hard look at Dew-Drop’s eyes and frowned. “But still, this is hardly normal at all.”

“Moons.. Hydrangea.. What if something’s wrong with her? I don’t want her to have a troubled life..” Thickett said softly, hanging his head jsut slightly.

“It’ll be fine Thicket! We’ll help her, and be there!” Hydrangea said cheerfullly. “Now, let’s get our new dragonet some food and rest!”
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