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Soulmates •Jungkook × Reader•


You getting a vision of someone you don't even know. But you describe this vision as a nightmare and you also are struggling with anxiety. So you wants to find out the person you see on your vision and find a solution to solve this nightmare but the question is will you fined him and will you accept the solution he will tell you. The person is your Soulmate.

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Chapter 1

You woke up and saw what time was it you look at your phone and you shout


Mom: will you stop yelling and go to school now!!

You: MOM!! Why didn’t you wake me up mom!!



you got out from your house and then stared to run as fast as you could you reached the school and run to the locker and saw your Best friendSuyoon"

About Suyoon

she is your best friend from childhood you got bullied a lot and Suyoon was the one who always helped you in ever way she can your family are really close to her family as well so you both
are really close friends and you both also come late at school too

Suyoon: you are late too as always

You: yah and you too!! Let’s go to the class we are already late

Suyoon: yah let’s go!!

You both run to the class. You both were glad that the teacher didn’t came to the class yet. Then suyoon told you the reason why the teacher didn’t came yet.

Suyoon: so there is a transfer student is coming today that is why the teacher didn’t came yet.

You: well I’m glad though

Suyoon: I saw the boy he was really handsome!!

You: oh god suyoon you know I hate boys if he is handsome that means there will be a lot of fan girls. And they will fan girl over them.

Suyoon: oh come on its been a while you got a boy friend.

You: suyoon did you forgot what had happed at the past...

Suyoon: no..I just want you to-

You: to what. To move on...no suyoon it will never gonna happen cuz I can’t love any boy any more...

Suyoon: But-

Teacher: hello class so we have a new transfer student here. Please come in and tell them about your self

Jungkook: hello everyone I’m Jungkook nice to meet you all. Hope we can be great friends. Thank you

Teacher: OK Jungkook go and sit

Jungkook walked towards you cuz next sit was empty. He came to you and sit next to you. He look at you.

Jungkook: Hey nice t-

You: um..Jungkook right so we come to school for learning not for talking so let’s talk some other day.

Jungkook: but...OK

The class stared you were focused on the class but you feel uneasy cuz you though someone was looking at you. But you didn’t look any were but you got really mad and the you look around and saw Jungkook looking at you.

You: hey why are you looking at me..

Jungkook: cuz I want to

You: you want to what do...what ever don’t look at me again

But even telling him not to look at you he still look at you nonstop. Then the class finally end and you was about to walk away but Jungkook hold your hand

Jungkook: now the class is over should we talk now.

You: no. I told youschool" is a place to study not justclass“. So we can never talk. In school so bye.

Jungkook: yah we will see that

You got out from the classroom and gone to the canteen to eat. Then Suyoon saw you and called you

Suyoon: yah!! Why did you talked like that with him!!??

You: so what!! I didn’t like his action the way he was talk to me!!

Suyoon: cuz he was talking to you nicely!?? Listen you should at list respect him as a transfer student cuz he is a boy and handsome and rice he can do anything who knows

You: Suyoon don’t forget my mom and dad is also a CEO of a big company. So we are rice too. And Suyoon your dad and my dad is on the same company too. So no need to worry

Suyoon: but still...

Suyoon couldn’t finished her sentence cuz 7 boys came to you and suyoon and one of them was Jungkook and the others are known as BTS. But you didn’t know Jungkook is one of them too.

Jungkook: so we couldn’t talk well so I brought my friends so we all can get to know each other.

You: No thanks. I’m fine by my own I don’t want to talk or be friends with anyone. I’m really sorry. So if you excuse me I have to go to the class

Then you walk towards your class and Suyoon followed you.

Suyoon: oh my... I’m really sorry Jungkook. She didn’t mean to say like that way please forgive her.

With that Suyoon followed you

V: hey Jungkook-ah why didn’t you say anything to her??

RM: yah?? Why??

Jungkook: well you will see why

You came to the class and sit on your sit then Suyoon came.

Suyoon: hey I told you to be at list a little nice!!

You: I did!!!

Suyoon: you call that nice!!??

You: well yah!! I guess...

Suyoon: really you think it was nice to talk to someone like that way...OK I’m going to my class now.

You and Suyoon have few different classes

You: OK..

Few moments later

Jungkook came to the class and got near to you and showed you something. And you really got really mad at him. Cuz he had your phone which you had dropped on the canteen.

You: Jungkook please give it back!!!

Jungkook: nope I won’t unless you talk to me and meet me after class.

You: what!!

Jungkook: yes meet me after school. Then I will think about giving it back.

You: what!! Ugh!! OK!! But please give it back!!

Jungkook: oki

School ended then After that you waited for Jungkook to give back your phone. You were really mad cuz it was an hour you were waiting for him. Then you saw him with a lot of fan girls

You: really!! I’m here waiting and he is just talking to the girls!! And I’m waiting here for him like really!!

Then after few moments Jungkook notice you.

Jungkook: oh my you came I though you would never came

You: well I had too!! Cuz you took my phone!! Now give it back!!

Jungkook: nope we will meet tomorrow at a cafeteria then I will give your phone back.

You: what!! No give it back right now!!!

Jungkook: No you have to promise me you will come then I will give it back.

You: ok I promise you I will meet you tomorrow.

Jungkook: ok I will give you your phones Mamore card but the phone will stay with me ok. So see you tomorrow bye.

You: what!! no!!!

Jungkook walk away with his friends

You: Now I hate him even more!!!

You walk alone cuz you had to wait for him after school. And so you told Suyoon to leave. So now you have to walk alone.

You: what a good day!!!

You gone back home. You saw your mom. She called you

Mom: what took you so long??

You: its a long story mom...

Mom: at list tell me a little

You told your mom everything about you day and about Jungkook

Mom: oh my another boy aging!!

You: he talked..badly..

Mom: oh god I know who talk bad now go eat dinner and go to sleep.

You: ok mom...

You and your mom talked and eat dinner together then you gone to your room got change and go to sleep

To be continued ~

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