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Unexpected surprising life ahead


A girl who had a bad life but had her escape room will she be able to escape Every single time or it ends there she she fell in love with her crush Seung him on TV she has been wishing for that one moment but will it come. "Who are you", he removes his mask revealing a unexpected surprise will it countine surprising her or what. The question is when will these questions be answered 🌸😋💕 stay tuned Can I get your help picking the cover page abgmy suggestions.

Drama / Adventure
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Since I am a South African I will be making my first story for South African teens love y'all and all my girls out there shine and come read and come take the position of a South African 💜💜💜

If you hate kpop don't bother to read or comment badly to this story cause a have no time for shitty jokes cause it's a waste of time thank you🧡🧡


Y/n-. Your name

Sam- older half brother

Andy- one year older half brother

Betha- maid

Nicole- step mom

Tiffany- Half two years younger siter

May- younger half sister

Simon- biological dad

Bts members

Blackpink members

Nanadia- biological lovely caring mother

Elizabeth- lovely mother to my mom and sweet grandma to me and others

Raven- best buddie

Your highschool chat group

And more just stay tuned

Lets get it 🌸💗🔥

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