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Meant to be Yours


When I landed the part, I thought it was going to be the beginning of my happiest time of my life. The turmoil that came nearly destroyed me.

Mystery / Romance
C.A. Thief
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Playground Meeting

His lips met mine, warm and soft. As the swings shifted under our perched knees. Our lips momentarily, pull apart then hit back together; colliding lips mash against teeth.

I let out a laugh and Nickolaus, suddenly, arched his back his knees slipped forward. He fell face first to the hard sand. I laugh harder when the toes of his shoes caught on the swing.

“Nicky, you okay?” I asked, getting off the swing.

“Yeah,” he said, straining in a push-up.

I hold the swing still so he could free his feet and stand. Brushing grains of sand from his face which, the right cheek and his forehead were a bit red; I took him in my arms. I stood only two inches taller. He immediately cuddled to my chest.

Patting his back, “There, there. You should be more careful!” I said, putting on a regal accent.

He snorted then looked at me smiling, “That’s why I have you.” He said.

Pecking me quickly on the lips then ran to the play equipment, chuckling. He didn’t feel me shiver: the shiver was the combo of the late night chill; the fact, that I was here with him in the dead of night and of course because of the stealing of kisses.

Nickolaus had just hauled himself up to the second level by sheer upper body strength. How did I land a great guy? Strong yet sensitive. We have been dating for three months, however, we have been in secret. As we were still in the closet.

“Jericho, my love,” Nickolaus said arms open wide.

I look at him for a moment. On top of the metal and plastic open-air tower. Nearly, in all darkness, as the light was just below the platform. I smiled, “Nickolaus!“I ran to join him. Maneuvering the rock wall with great ease; I stop three feet from him.

His smile faltered a bit.

“I’d trade my life for you.” I sang.

“My life means nothing without you.” He sang back, “are you nervous about tomorrow?” He closed the gap between us and place his hands on my arms.

“A little,” I admitted and lowed my head.

Nickolaus gently lifted my head up with the pad of his finger under my chin. I met his eyes, he was smiling, “Jericho, you are going to do splendidly.”

I smirk, “I hope so.”

“What is it that you always say about performing?”

I glared at him hating when he used my own words. I sigh, “‘It is not all about the voice or looks but the passion in the delivery’.” I recite, then look away. Just my eyes, as his finger was still under my chin.

“Don’t sell yourself short, Jer. You have been rehearsing for a month for this audition, you got this.”

“I just wish you would come,” I said, meeting his gaze again.

Nickolaus offered me a sad smile,“Are we ready?”

I, like he, was growing tired our meeting place, “No.” I said, hugging him, “but perhaps sooner then we know.”

He gave me a confused look.

“If I get the part of J.D.Then we will plan our coming out.”

He kissed me long and passionately. After what seemed like an eternity we broke apart and we said our goodnights.

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