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The Pianist | Min Yoongi


The Pianist: 1. He's calm and composed 2. Unbothered by others 3. Skips classes in order to practice in the music room 4. Has the fattest crush on you

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He was gentle as he hit the keys with the tips of his fingers. His hair had been covering his dark orbes as he played, immersed in the music.

You stood there watching him, mouth open wide in awe.

You stared at him with such amazement that you hadn't noticed how you made your way towards him as he played.

What he did realize is that you were here.

The door had slammed shut which caused him to stop playing.

"Y/N," he called your name as you froze in your tracks, "come here..I have something to show you."

"Oh..okay.." you mumbled softly while you made your way over towards him.

He moved over enough so that you had room to sit on the bench beside him.

"Now...I'd like you to listen carefully.. understand?"

"Y-yes," you said, barely a whisper.

And with that, he played.

The melody was light and playful. Having many dynamic features, it complemented the child-like theme of the piece.

Abruptly without a warning, his fingers slowed down and he almost barely touched the keys. The composition now sounded so delicate that it made you listen even more.

In contrast to what you heard at first, this continuation was sad and mellow.

You looked over at Yoongi. His eyes glistened in the sunlight which had shone through the window right beside the piano.

The way his focused eyes followed the movement of the keys, and the melody which he played, caused you to become curious.

You wanted to know more about him.

Who was he really? What was he like as a child? And, was he ever in love?

Right before he was about to reach the bridge, his gaze shifted towards you and he stopped playing.

You looked down, flustered, afraid to look him in the eye once again.

"S-sorry I didn't mean to stare."

He turned ever so slightly so that his face could face you.

He looked like a kitten who was lost and had been looking for warmth. His eyes looked teary and a sigh escaped his perfectly pink lips.

He tilted his head a bit and looked at you, this time with a deeper look in his eyes.

Even though his eyes weren't blue, you had to admit that as you looked into them, you felt as if you were drowning in an ocean which would soon engulf you whole if you didn't look away.

Adjusting his head back to it's normal position he finally spoke,

"Just what is it that makes me.." he trailed of, " so...so drawn to you?"

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