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My Guardian Angel


He looked heavenly. Just like an angel. After the tragic death of Claire's grandmother her world flips upside down. Her grandmother took care of her for almost all her life while her parent's were busy with their jobs and now there is no trace of her. What happens to Claire when a creature, calling himself an angel appears?

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Chapter 1

It was a regular day at school.

Nothing new.

Nothing particularly strange.

Or so I thought ...

All of a sudden in the middle of our lecture the class phone rings and the teacher tells me to get my homework and jacket and meet my mom at the office.

I stood up calmly. Although I was confused I decided to do as told.

' Maybe,'

I thought to myself as I got my jacket and backpack out of my locker,

' there's a one time only sale at one of the shopping centers?'

A grin like that of a Cheshire cat spread across my face.

' Oh yes, this will be fun.'

But as soon as I was heading down to the school's front door with my stuff,

I witnessed something I didn't think I'd be able to see today.

It was my mother. Her face was red and her shaking hands were covering her face as she sat at the couch in front of the reception.

Staff members gathered around her with glasses of water and tissues.

As well as comforting words of all sorts.

While watching her from a far, one of the staff noticed me and with a sad look and a word of " I'm so sorry,"

the lady gestured to my mom.

I went up to my mom and hugged her.

" Hope....? Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm so very sorry, I-" she cried in despair with pain in her eyes. Every time she looked at me it made each tear run down faster than the other, until there was a shallow pool of tears before our feet.

" Mom, what's happening? Why are you crying?" I asked her and then was soon cut off by my math teacher.

" Mrs. Seo, would it be alright if I drove you back home? I'm afraid that it would be a burden for you to take the city bus."

She didn't answer.

My mom just sat there covering her face and using her hands like a mask to hide it.

" Here let's get you to my car," he said as he helped my mom up and we made our way through the doors and to his car.


Home at last.

My mom has calmed down but she didn't speak a word.

If my math teacher Mr. In asked her a question, she'd just give him one word answers.

" Thank you for the ride," I said as mom and I got out of the car.

" No worries! And take care of her will you?"

" Yep! Sure thing! What type of daughter would I be if I didn't?" I smiled.

" Right on with that! See you in a bit!" And with that Mr. In drove away.

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