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Will You Be My Valentine? | Park Jimin


About shy, yet determined, Jimin.

Age Rating:

1- Shy


Jimin stuttered as he tried to talk to his crush Hinako,

" do you w-want to w-work together on the upcoming project?"

" Sorry Jimin,"

she smiled apologetically,

" maybe next time? I'm already partners with Gracie."

"It-it's okay," he just smiled back.

Hinako turned on her heel and started to walk with her ponytail swaying side to side.

Being the lovestruck boy that he was, Jimin just stood there, mesmerized by her long black flowy hair.

From the other side of the classroom stood Taehyung, Jimin's best friend.

Taehyung being the great friend he is, observed the whole situation and decided to ask his friend if he succeded.

As Tae approached Jimin he noticed something was off. It was as if he turned into a never blinking, non aging statue.


he waved his hand in front of Jimin's face.

"Earth to Jimin!"

He blinked and looked at Tae,

" Yeah? What? "

"So you're finally out of your trance huh?"

" What trance?"

"Chim don't toy with me,"

Taehyung smirked,

" you were definitely staring at

Miss. Mitsuko during your little trance."

" N-no I wasn't," he looked at his feet.

" Chim you're turning pink,"

after his friend's remark, his face slowly turned into a darker shade of pink until it finally became red.

" Okay so...now you are turning red," Taehyung observed his friend, " like really red Chim."

Still red from embarrassment, Jimjn lifts his head and quickly looks at Tae only to say,

" If you say something about my face again, it will soon fly off into space."

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