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The Savior's Savior

By Karklutz

Other / Romance

Chapter 1: How It Began

Prologue (no one's P.O.V.)~

Everyone's soul-mate is different, but 1 thing for everyone's soul-mate stays true... One can not harm or kill their soul-mate. Whether it be with magic or a normal muggle weapon. It is not possible. Why? Fate doesn't let it happen because everyone belongs with someone and sometimes it's hard to know who they are, so if they end up being someone you see as your enemy, you'll still have a way of figuring out it's them. When I say everyone has a soul-mate, that means everyone does. Yes, even the Dark Lord himself.

And, on this night, this very night, Halloween 1981, Voldemort/the Dark Lord/ Tom Riddle will find out just who his soul-mate is and who he is related to.

You see, everyone misinterprets prophecies all the time, luckily this misinterpretation won't cost someone their life.

With soul-mates not being able to kill or hurt each other is to help stop wizards from accidentally killing their soul-mate because they don't know who it is. And, so that it may help soul-mates end up together no matter what in the long run.

The Dark Lord entered Godric's Hallow, with the intention to kill. Voldemort knocked out the parents of the children upstairs after a long 10 minutes of crucio against each.

He climbed the stairs that led him to nursery with 3 triplets sitting in a crib. These children's names were Jake, Rose, and Harry Potter. Harry was sitting somewhat protectively in front of his 2 slightly younger siblings. You could tell by the look on his face that he was expecting something bad to happen.

Voldemort took out his wand and pointed it at 15 month old Harry Potter. He uttered the words of the killing curse so low you could almost not hear him. The green light came out of his wand and started towards Harry, but it rebounded. Something that would only ever happen if Harry was Voldemort's soul-mate. The Dark Lord stared at the young child for only a few moments before he realized that the spell didn't just re-bound, it damaged part of the house structure. The roof of the nursery was starting to cave in. Voldemort, once known at Tom Riddle, took a fleeting look at young Harry before apparating away with just a slight pang of guilt.

When the roof collapsed, Harry was just about able to stop it from crushing his siblings and himself, but some of the falling roof left 2 identical lightning shaped scars on both of Harry's siblings. And so, everyone thought that Jake Potter was the Boy-who-lived and Rose Potter was the Girl-who-lived. They assumed that they used their combined powers to save themselves and Harry from both the killing curse and the collapsing roof. When really, it was Harry's doing.

Over time, Harry's siblings, even the siblings that came after them, were the favored ones of the family. Leaving Harry to teach himself to do everything he'd need to know how to do. Any accidental magic caused by Harry, they thought was one of Harry's siblings. The only people who seemed to remember Harry existed were his godfathers, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, but even that was short-lived for young Harry.

Eventually Lily and James had 3 more kids (1 more girl and 2 more boys). Zack Potter (2 years younger than the triplets), Sage Potter (3 years younger than Zack), and Desmond Potter (1 year younger than Zack).

They had 1 too many kids than rooms, so Lily and James did the only 'logical' thing, send Harry to his aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley, at the age of 6 1/2. They took him in, but only because Lily had asked a hundred times. They decided they could at least make some use of him, so he basically became their house-elf. Harry could never understand why his parents would do such a thing and for sometime he thought maybe they'd come back for him, but after a year, he knew that wasn't true. His parents didn't want him and, in his mind, he didn't need them.

He always tried to be on his best behavior, but somehow he always ended up in trouble and beaten for doing something on accident. After about 2 1/2 years, he finally figured out how to control his magic and no longer had accidental out bursts of it. Luckily for him, this helped him get beat less.

At his aunt's and uncle's, Harry still didn't get presents for his birthday or Christmas, but he was used to it. And, at least, now he wouldn't have to watch his 2 siblings that were born the same day as him get presents on their birthday when it was also his. His cousin, Dudley, got as many presents as his parents could get him and this made Harry slightly angry. But, Harry kept telling himself that his aunt and uncle weren't his parents and weren't responsible to get him presents or remember his birthday. And, that's how it was in his relatives eyes as well.

Harry missed living with his parents, but only because there he didn't have to cook or clean for them and at least they didn't beat him.

Because Harry had no kids that would talk to him or be friends with him, he became friends with the snakes near his house and near the park. To his surprise, he could talk to them. Harry hasn't spoken anything besides Parseltongue in so long, that most people just think he's a mute. He rarely screams during beatings anymore either because of how used to them he is, which doesn't help with the whole mute thing. When asked anything, he normally just shakes he head yes or no. He only really gets asked yes or no questions anyways and he doesn't go to school, so he doesn't have to answer questions there.

What Harry doesn't know is that the Dark Lord can always feel when he is in pain. Harry can't feel Voldemort's pain because he hasn't come of age yet, and that's when he'll be able to. Although, that's good for Harry because he feels enough pain as it is, he doesn't need Voldemort's pain (whether mental, physical, or above all emotional pain) on top of his own.

When will Voldemort say 'enough is enough' and help Harry? Will he ever do that? Will he just ignore what fate wants? Will he seriously ignore the person who's supposed to be his soul-mate and lover someday? Or will he go to action and help the poor child?

Harry's P.O.V. (Harry is almost 11)~

I sat in my 'room', which was really a cupboard, and listened to the 'tick-tock' of the clock. Every few minutes, I look over to the clock. I'll be 11 once the clock hits midnight. Although, it's not like I'm purposefully staying up, I can never sleep anyways. I always end up having nightmares of Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon hitting me. Which has mad me an insomniac. Just as the clock was about to strike 12, I heard a door being blown off it's hinges. I hoped that Uncle Vernon wouldn't hear because he'd automatically think it was me no matter what the evidence. Unfortunately, he did hear because he was storming downstairs. I stayed as still and quiet as possible, pretending I was sleeping.

I could hear my elephant of a uncle shout, "Who are you?!" And "Get out of my house!" I could hear whoever broke in, talking to Vernon talk in a calm, low voice. But, I couldn't make out what he was saying. At least, it sounded like a he. Then, all of a sudden, all you could hear throughout the house was Vernon's blood churning screams. I was glad to know that Vernon was probably dead and wouldn't bother me anymore, but frightened that I'd be next.

Next thing I know, Petunia was screaming in the same manor, and then so was Dudley. Then, all of a sudden, everything was still and quiet until I heard at least 3 different footsteps searching the house. Either they were looking for anything of value, or they were looking for me. Maybe if I come out of the cupboard and surrender, they won't hurt me. 'Yeah, I doubt that.' I thought sarcastically to myself.

I was still very silent and still. Even if I wanted to move, I probably wouldn't be able to move that well from Vernon's 'early birthday gift' just before I had to go to my 'room.' I'd barely be able to walk, so if I even had a chance at sneaking passed whoever these people are, I wouldn't be able to run so they would more than likely catch me anyways. 'Maybe if I stay perfectly still and silent they won't know I'm here and eventually give up.' I thought, hopefully.

That was until one of them was standing outside of the cupboard saying, "Hey, did anyone check in here? It's a long shot, but just to be on the safe side."

Someone else, who sounded like they were in the kitchen, said "No, we didn't." And then the other 2 men were walking towards the cupboard.

'I'm so dead, I'm so dead, I'm so dead...' I thought over and over as they unlocked all of the 30 locks on the cupboard.

"Why are there so many locks?" A new voice asked.

"I don't know. And it's not like we can ask the rest of the residence, they're dead." The one I heard early answered. I gulped hard as they unlocked the last few locks and opened the door. They didn't look scary or give off a scary vibe which calmed me some, but not a lot. They seemed shocked for a moment before regaining their posture and started whispering to each other. I knew they had seen me cause they looked right at me. Plus, they had flashlights they used to look in here.

One of the men, with long, light blonde hair, offered me his hand. I was hesitant at first, but took it anyways. He helped me up and out of the cupboard. He and the one with greasy, black hair down to his shoulders, helped me to the living room. I sat down at the couch and watched them as they talked very quietly to one another. 'Probably deciding what to do with me or to me.' I thought. Even though I probably could have heard their conversation if I tried, I didn't want to get into trouble by eavesdropping, so I just looked around the room. After what felt like 30 minutes but was probably only like 10, they turned to me.

The one that didn't help me into the room but followed behind has brown hair and red eyes. He looked me straight and the eyes and said, "Hi, I'm Tom Riddle." He started. I could have sworn that I've heard or read that name before, but I didn't think much f it. "That's Lucius Malfoy," he said pointing to the one with almost white hair, "and that's Severus Snape." He finished the introductions and pointed at the one with black hair. "Now, Harry, I'm sure you have plenty of questions, but we should get somewhere safe first." He stated.

"Why should I trust you?" I asked, trying not to sound scared but also not trying to sound rude. My voice was scratchy and hurt just saying those words. Especially I rarely speak English anymore.

Mr. Snape went to the kitchen and got me a glass of water while also handing me what looked like medicine. I drank the water, but looked at the other thing for a while before Mr. Snape said, "It'll make your throat feel better." I don't know why, but I felt like I could trust him, so I drank that.

"I could have gotten that water myself, but thank you." I said. My voice wasn't as scratchy and it didn't hurt that much anymore.

"To answer your question," Mr. Riddle started and I immediately gave him my attention, "you should trust us because we're here to take you from your horrid relatives to a safe place where no one will harm you ever again." He said that with so much sincerity that I had to believe him.

I nodded and said, "Okay. Where are we going?"

"To my manor." Mr. Malfoy answered. I nodded again.

"Do you know what side-apparation is?" Mr. Riddle asked. I racked my brain a second, before nodding. I took Mr. Riddle's arm and within a second we were standing in front of a magnificent manor. It was bigger and looked more well-kept than my parents' manor. We walked through the manor's doors. The inside was much more wonderful than the outside and the 3 men chuckled as I looked around in awe. I followed them to what looked like a meeting room. Mr. Riddle took one of the head seats while the other 2 men sat on either side of the table near the head, but the other head seat was empty. I went to go sit down a bit further down than them, but Mr, Riddle insisted that I sat next to him in the other throne-looking seat. I was a bit hesitant at first, but did as I was told. It was silent for a second as I sat starring at and twiddling my thumbs.

Mr. Snape was the one who broke the silence. "So, what questions do you have?" He asked me.

I thought for a second, before asking, "Why'd you save me from my aunt and uncle's?"

"That one's a bit hard to explain," Mr. Riddle started, "Do you know what a soul-mate is?" I nodded. "So, you know how everyone has a soul-mate and that no one can do any harm to the person who is their soul-mate, correct?" I nodded again. "Well..."

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