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The animatronics


Do you wanna work at the most deadliest place around well looks like this family is already aware some don't listen some have nightmares some are being controlled to do bad things because they are desperate?Some just kill they're self...this family is the Afton family don't be scared to join the animatronic family they open real soon they can't wait to meet you.....don't be SCARED!

Fantasy / Drama
Sweet tea☕☕☕
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Chapter 1.the first to die

Chris's pov

"Hahaha" the hallway filled with laughter.laughing at me...I'm like the one kid who has never once been not bullied while everyone else live there life and I'm stuck here getting bullied by my brother friends.your probably thinking"well why haven't you told your brother" because sometimes he can get emotional and he might be friendless.so yeah I really do care but I guess thats it for today.

I put my diary down as my brother comes in."hey little bro" Michael,my brother."yeah,hey mike what do you need?" I ask."well dad said dinners ready,and he said he needs to talk to you after too."

I nod and walk past him waving.as I walk down stairs and see my my sister,mom and dad."hey chris,I need to talk to you after dinner its important."

As we at ate I kept thinking about my diary.it was the first time I wrote it in 2 years.I felt better after writing it.something knocked me out my head.it was my sister,Elisabeth."What are you doing?" She asked while swirling up some Alfredo with melted cheese on top."oh just thinking,I still haven't wrote in my journal yet thats what I'm thinking about if you really wanna know." I replied back to her.oh okay she says then goes back to her phone watching videos.

A few minutes later I was talking to my father and mother,William and Clara Afton."honey we have..been seeing people bully you.not people but Michaels friends.why haven't you told us?!"

I look at my mom back and my dad and say" because.."

My brother,Michael Afton doesn't know a thing.you might think why doesn't he know well I don't want him to be friendless since I know how that feels..my only friends are my family my dad,William Afton.My mom,Clara Afton.My sister,Elisabeth Afton and me Chris afton the youngest.

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