Ice Princess

Chapter 1: Ouran Academy

I quickly tied my ebony eyepatch on my left eye as I walked out the door into the awaiting limo. It stopped at a pink school. I closed my eyes and shook my head. I opened my eyes again and gaped. The school was bright pink. Checking the time, I immediately pulled an emotionless mask on my face and walked out of the limo. "Thanks Kisaragi." The driver nodded.

I felt the eyes before I saw them. I glanced around and saw some students stop and stare and I rolled my eyes inwardly and started towards my classroom. Class 3-A. I glanced around the hallways. It was just like the other Ouran academies and I had no problem finding the classroom. I quickly slipped into an empty seat close to the back, and others glanced wide eyes at me and I sighed, and suddenly the bell rang and the teacher walked in.

Class. We have a new student today." The teacher had no problems picking me out from the class.

After all, I had made no effort to suppress my aura. My ebony eyepatch and drowning indigo eyes with a hint of obsidian pierced whoever I gazed at and the rest of my appearance was no exception. My wavy ebony hair flowed past my waist and I had taken the liberty to make a few changes to the uniform. Instead of the gaudy yellow, (I still kept to the school colours) I changed it to the sky blue of the male uniform and modernized it. It was no longer poofy, but slick and loose at the bottom skirt. The neckline went low and I fitted a dress shirt underneath. A yellow tie was fitted tightly and tucked into the dress. My eyes scanned the classroom and my eyes seemed to fine something familiar between two people.

"Sana-chan!" I heard a voice call and I tilted my head in surprise and looked at the subject three seconds before blinking and flashing between him and another boy.

"Haninozuka-kun?" I muttered to myself and his face brightened as if hearing me.

I shrugged and faced the class. "I am Soujirou Isana."

Honey looked surprised. The teacher motioned to the empty seat close to him at the back. "You can sit down. Since it seems you know each other, I suppose that Haninozuka may show you around." I nodded and sat back into my seat.

I managed to avoid talking to anyone up until lunch, where Honey decided it was fun to sit beside me. Mori silently followed suit. I nodded to the both and then continued my meal in silence.

Honey broke the ice. "Sana-chan, why did you change your name? And why are you so different? You don't eat sweets and you don't talk to me anymore!" He whined.

I flinched when he called me my nickname. "Isana Soujirou is my name. You may have known me in the past, however, people change."

Tears welled up in his eyes. "Mori! Sana-chan is being mean!"

"I said my name is not Sana."

"Well then Yahirou Sana Soujirou!"

I calmly sighed and trained my steely gaze on his eyes. "That is not my name. Now if you will excuse me." As soon as I walked away, I heard him sniffle. But something made me turn my head. I saw Mori's cold eyes bore into my back.

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