Ice Princess

Chapter 2: The Host Club

When school ended I looked for a quiet place to complete my homework and found that all the rooms were full of chattering students. However, as I sighed to go home to study, I spotted a room that seemed quiet enough to study. Music Room 3. Hopefully there weren't any band students there practicing. I turned the handle to find......

Rose petals thrown at me and a blinding technique that set me on guard. However, it only took me 1.34 seconds to realize what this room was as I heard people speaking. "Welco-" I slammed the door shut and was about to turn around when I felt two pairs of hands grab me and pull me inside and I sighed. I shouldn't make a scene.

"Why close the door on us when--" one voice said.

"We were all assembled to day hello!" A slightly higher pitched voice finished. I turned to see two auburn-haired twins. It was slight, but the one to the left seemed to have a higher pitched voice.

I looked around the room and found it was inhabited by quite influential people.

"Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. " I stated matter-of-factly as I surveyed them. They looked at me with slight surprise.

"How could this girl we've never seen around the school before--"

"Know our names?"

I shrugged, not about to tell them anything. I spotted a tall blonde. "Suoh Tamaki." He looked up with a "dazzling" smile.

The one with the glasses was pretty easy to recognise. "Ootori Kyoya." He simply squinted at me and pushed up his glasses.

The next two I recognised right away. "Haninozuka Mitsukuni and Morinozuka Takashi." Honey seemed to look happier now but still pouted when I glanced at him. Mori simply nodded once.

"Oh beautiful maiden from the heavens above-" I whacked Tamaki on the face.

"Flattery gets you nowhere, narcissist." I noticed him sulk in a corner.

"Kyoya, who--"

"Is this dazzling and cold young lady?" The twins asked.

Kyoya opened his notebook.

"Isana Soujirou. Birth date January 12. In Class 3-A. Daughter of family specializing in single martial arts and has many prominent pharmaceutical and a few fashion businesses internationally. That's all I have."

"Why does Isa-chan--"

"Have a boy's name?" They continued and glanced at me. I merely shrugged.

"Then why do you--"

"Wear that eye patch?"

I shrugged again and Kyoya looked at me suspiciously. "In your file there is no specific information about you besides your birth date and that you do kendo. No personal information. May I ask why?"

I shrugged again and Honey interrupted. "You still didn't tell me why you changed-" Mori put a finger to his lips and shook his head. Honey, as in understanding, nodded then quieted. Kyoya raised an eyebrow.

"By the way who is that..." I studied the brunette standing to the side and frowned. His eyes were too large and he was lacking an Adam's apple. "...girl over there?" Everyone seemed to gasp and Tamaki held a hand to my mouth, eyes wide. "H-how did you know?" He stammered. "Give her a fake Adam's apple or something. " I replied and realization dawned on him.

I shrugged to myself. "I won't ask, but considering Ootori-kun's line of work, I am guessing this has to do with a debt?"

He raised his brow. "And how will I know you won't spill this?" I shrugged. "I have nothing to gain. He seemed to study me for a moment, then seemed satisfied and went back to typing on his computer.

The twins looked at me curiously and asked,"So you're the same age as Mori and Honey-senpai? "

I shook my head. "No, I am a year younger. I merely started school a year early."

"So have you--"

"Joined a club yet?" They asked.

"I have no time." I replied, beginning to become agitated. That was when I noticed my phone buzzing. "One moment, please." I turned away and checked the caller before answering.

"Isana, you must be here soon. You have work today."

"Hai,"I replied with the usual answer.

I turned back to the club. "My apologies, however I must be taking my leave now, as I have business to take care of." I bowed and exited the room. Surprisingly, I got no reactions from them. They still seemed to be bewildered upon my quick recognition of the girl in their midst.

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