Ice Princess

Chapter 3: Monster

I slunk down the alleys and slipped easily into the mansion. I quickly glanced at a painting. It read 'Fujimoto Juun'. I nodded. Good. Right place.

Getting past the guards was fairly easy; none noticed my presence. I easily concealed my outstanding aura.

I noticed my mistake, however, as I entered my target's room. As soon as I entered, a revolver was cocked and put against my head. I expertly plunged my fingers into a pressure point on his arm and wrist as he froze. As soon as he did, I aimed a roundhouse kick onto his shoulder, but not before he dislodged the knot on my eyepatch. I gasped as the thin material hit the floor, revealing my icy blue eye.

"Ah," came a voice from behind me and I spun around. "I honestly cannot believe the infamous assassin, the Ice Queen would be but a young girl. A little Juliet in her swallowtail robes. Tell me, who are you?" The man asked.

"Fujimoto Juun." I bluntly said and pointed a gun at his head. "You are to be purged."

He looked hurt. "Why, young dear, I cannot believe I have greeted you properly." He snapped his fingers and shots rang from a painting to her right and she dropped to the floor. Fujimoto smiled. "Why, I have accomplished an amazing feat!" He gazed at the girl's unmoving figure. "Did you think I'd face the Ice Queen without proper preparation beforehand?"

Suddenly, a guard paled and dropped to the floor, his skin developing frost. Fujimoto paled and faced the girl, who was no longer there.

"I believe you are forgetting why I am called the Ice Queen." A loud voice boomed and he spun around, and looked around wildly. "Wh-where are you?" He trembled.

"Over here." A voice replied and I dropped from the ceiling, landing on the floor and wrapped my fingers around his neck, and ice began to appear around his body. The temperature of the room was quickly dropping. He spasmed as he felt his insides freeze and his body shut down and he gazed at her emotionless mask with fear. "M-monster...." he gasped as his heart stopped, glancing at both her icy blue eyes that looked like a dragon's.

I dropped the corpse with disgust. "It is merely a curse." I whispered as I took up my phone and clicked speed dial. "It is done."

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