The story is about a man named Johnathan who got out of a relationship with his ex now he's trying to find love again he meets a woman on tinder in takes her on a date thinking this could be the woman for him. but things didn't turn out the way he expected

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
Age Rating:


My name is Johnathan I'm 38 years old and I'm about to tell you the craziest thing that happened to me.

It's been 7 months since my wife Sarah and I had a divorce, we were always arguing about the dumbest things. Sarah and I never had that communication we used to have until on July 23, 2019, she lost the baby while giving birth oh God that day was a nightmare. After that day we never spoke to each other every day she cried So she asked for a divorce then that was it my life was over I lost my wife and my child thank you, God.

It was now February 19, 2020, my phone rang and it was my friend Michael, I haven't seen him in 2 years. "MICHEAL- Hey what up Johnathan long time how's things going for you" I was silent for a moment "life has been great" I replied, "I heard you and Sarah split up you alright", "never been better". While Micheal and I were talking he asked me did I ever try going on dates with other women "I never used a dating app before so I just gave it a try", moments later he send me a link to an app called tinder so I just gave it a try. 30 sec later the app had installed I opened the app, signed up, and just looked for some girls. A few minutes later the phone started buzzing, I opened the app and it found me a match the girl's name was Nichole she was 23 years old with black hair green eyes and pale skin she was gorgeous.

It was 10:30 pm I left the house and jumped in my car to go meet her at the restaurant when I made it I walked into the restaurant and that's when I saw the woman in the picture, I was supposed because I learned usually about these type apps the people you think you'll meet won't be them but it was her she's as gorgeous as the picture. I walked over to her in said "hi you must be Nicole right and how did you get here" see turned in looked at me with those green eyes it felt like I was in a trans, "Nicole- yes and you must be Johnathan and I've got my ways" her voice was so smooth she got up from her chair gave me hug and a kiss on the cheek. A few minutes had passed Nicole and I were talking then we got hungry so we started to order our food I've ordered a steak with red pepper and onions, "Nicole- I would like a raw steak with a bottle of red wine" In my head, I'm like a raw steak well people have there own way of eating.

while we were eating I asked her how long she had been on tinder "Nicole- well I've just started using tinder because my husband and I had a divorce a few months back, "wow small world that happened to me" she looked at me and smiled" moments later I was so drunk I couldn't speak well so I told her "Do you maid driving because as you can see I'm a little drunk", "Nicole- I'll be happy to help" I jumped in the car and I just fall asleep. 22 minutes later I woke up but something was off this wasn't my home I was in someone else house, The house looked kinda creepy it looked like something from a horror movie so I got up and decide to investigate the house.

While I was looking around the house all of a sudden I hear a bump from upstairs, As I was walking upstairs a saw a room glowing so I walked inside the room and there were candles everywhere. I thought to myself wtf is going on and I just remembered the woman I was on a date with, while I was looking in the room the woman showed up at the door naked and said "Nicole- I see you look confused you forgot to give me your address so I brought you here" so I said "Thanks for that but I need to go" She then started to walk up to me and said "Are you sure you want to leave" she replied but then she got even closer I noticed something was different I remember her eyes being green now there yellow but dam did she have a body.

The woman came up to me pushing me on the mattress she slowly takes my pants off, got on top, and started kissing on my torso came up to my lips, and started kissing on my neck. While she was kissing me I just said fuck it we started having sex, Her skin was so smooth, her dark hair glowing from the moonlight then she started kissing on my neck again that's when I felt a pain in my neck like something sharp, I pushed her off me in touched my neck it was blood but soon as I looked at her she had razor-sharp teeth, eyes were glowing yellow, nails we're long and blood dripping from her mouth, and she was just staring at me the way a lion looks at its prey. That's when she charged at me I doughed the attack grabbed the keys, ran out the door, got inside the car, and drove off.

The next day, I woke up with a bad headache and first I called Micheal to tell him what happened to me you guessed it he laughed then I tried my ex she just told me to get some rest. I stayed in my room for 5 days just trying to figure out what I had encountered. I hate to say it but I believe what I saw was a vampire I know it sounds crazy but it was right there, to be honest, I don't know what to believe in anymore listen all I can tell you guys is don't use tinder because you may meet someone you didn't expect to meet.


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