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“Oh~ fuck~” Taehyung moaned.

“You like that baby?” Jungkook kept thrusting in and out of Taehyung at a fast pace.

“Jungkook~ feels so good,” Jungkook kept hitting his prostate perfectly, “You’re taking me in so well baby,” Jungkook held Taehyung’s hips to keep him in place as he thrusted harder and faster. Bed creaking, skin slapping, sinful noises, all these sounds could be heard in their bedroom.

“Jungkook, I-I’m gonna cum~” Taehyung moaned, “Me too baby,” Taehyung came all over his and Jungkook’s stomach, Jungkook thrusted deep and hard into Taehyung as he came. Taehyung moaned at the feeling of being filled, Jungkook pulled out and collapsed next to Taehyung, beads of sweat on his body, Taehyung’s as well. “We just had 3 rounds of sex,” Taehyung giggled, Jungkook hummed, “Are you still mad at me?” No response, “Babe, Bogummie hyung just gave me a friendly peck on the cheek. What’s wrong with that?” Taehyung pouted, “What’s wrong is that you’re mine. No other man should be touching you,” Jungkook got up and grabbed a towel to clean them up.

Taehyung tried to sit up, but the pain in his lower half made him wince. Jungkook sighed, “I’m sorry baby. I went too rough, forgive Kookie?” Taehyung smiled and made grabby hands at his boyfriend, Jungkook laid on the bed next to him, “Silly bunny. Stop being so jealous, I love you and you only. Okay?” Taehyung kissed his cheek, “Okay.” Jungkook pulled Taehyung closer and placed his head in the crook of Taehyung’s neck; taking in his strawberry and roses sent. Taehyung stroked his head and the two fell asleep in each other’s arms.


[Next Morning]

Jungkook slowly opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times waiting for his eyes to adjust. Once his eyes had adjusted he saw the ethereal angel that is his boyfriend, Kim Taehyung. “Morning love,” Jungkook kissed his face all over to wake up Taehyung, “Morning,” Taehyung yawned, he smiled his famous boxy smile, “C’mon time to get up sleeping beauty.” Jungkook stood up and began to walk to the bathroom when he heard a loud thud.

“Owwie~” Taehyung had fallen off the bed trying to stand, Jungkook snickered, “What are you laughing at! You did this to me! My bum hurts~” he whined. Jungkook immediately felt guilty, he walked over to Taehyung and picked him up and laid him back down on the bed. “Sorry petal. I’ll go get some pain killers, okay?” Jungkook pecked Taehyung’s pouting lips and then went to the kitchen. He came back with some painkillers and water, “Here, take these,” Taehyung took two and then drank the water, “Better?” Taehyung nodded. “Can you help me get ready?” Taehyung smiled sheepishly, “Anything for you love.” The two took a bath and then got ready for college.

Now they were eating breakfast, Taehyung had made pancakes. They were talking about how excited they were for the first day and how excited they were to see their friends. Taehyung was a medical major while Jungkook was business major. Jungkook was going to take over his father’s business and Taehyung wanted to be pediatrician, they both supported each other. Once they finished eating they put their dishes in the sink and then grabbed their bags and headed off to school.

“Taehyungie!!” Jimin, Taehyung’s best friend, came up running and grabbed Taehyung’s arm and dragged him to their friend Hoseok. “Hey Jiminie!” Taehyung smiled and then greeted the rest of his friends, “Hey hyungs!” Jungkook reached them breathless, “You… guys run.. too fast,” Hoseok laughed, “Did you guys hear about the new transfer students?” Jimin asked, “No. Why?” Taehyung asked, Jimin giggled, “I heard they’re very good looking,” Hoseok rolled his eyes, “My Yoonie is probably way better looking,” Taehyung smiled, “Who? That grandpa?! Yeah, okay,” Jimin said the last part sarcastically. “Park Jimin!” Hoseok jumped up from where he was sitting and chased him, Jungkook sat down and got on his phone.

After Hoseok caught Jimin they all sat down and talked before any of their classes started, “So wh-” Jimin was cut off by the sounds of girls squealing. Taehyung, Jimin, and Hoseok all looked towards the direction the girls were running and saw 7 good looking men, “Who are they?” Taehyung asked. “They’re the new transfer students,” Jimin said, Taehyung looked at the boys, “You see the guy with the platinum blond hair with the really tall guy?” Taehyung nodded, “That’s Bambam and Yugyeom, they’re dating. The the guy with mullet, JB, is dating the guy with the plump lips, Jinyoung.” Jimin said, “The guy with the light brown hair is Jackson, and the guy with the blond streaks is Youngjae.” Taehyung looked at the boys, they were very good looking, but one caught Taehyung’s eye, “Who’s that?” Taehyung looked at the boy with light brown tips, “Oh, that’s Mark.”

Taehyung continued to stare at Mark, ‘He’s really good looking,’ Taehyung thought. “Taehyung, it’s time to go. I’ll walk you,” Jungkook said, “Okay.” the two got up and said bye to their friends. Jungkook walked Taehyung to his class, “I’ll see you at lunch?” Taehyung nodded and gave his boyfriend a peck, “Bye,” Taehyung smiled and walked into his classroom.


He sat down in the third row, he placed his bag on the seat next to him and took out a pen and a notebook, “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.” The professor walked in to the room. “Let’s get started, yeah?” Class had begun. In the middle of a lesson someone had knocked on the door and entered, “Sorry I’m late sir. I got lost,” Taehyung looked up and saw the guy from earlier, “Name?” The professor looked at him, “Mark. Mark Tuan,” He said, “Well Mark. Since you’re new I’ll let you off, but next time try not to be late, okay?” Mark nodded, “Taehyung?” Taehyung looked at the teacher, “After class can you please show Mark around?” Taehyung nodded slowly. “Thank you. Mark you can take a seat.” Mark nodded and walked up to Taehyung. “Can I sit here?” He asked, “Sure.” Mark sat down and class continued.

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