Chapter 19

Rain followed Jet as he stormed out of the TARDIS doors. He seemed pretty angry, and she practically had to run to keep up with him. When she finally did, though, she could see tears of anger in his eyes. That was something new.

"Jet?" she asked, trying to get him to at least slow down.

He didn't answer her, though. As angry as he was, he was didn't want to accidentally go off on her. It wasn't her fault, after all, that her father hated him.

Finally, though, Rain stopped in front of him, causing him to almost run into her. "Jet, at least say something." Her voice was full of concern.

Jet took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down for at least a few seconds. "You might not want to talk to me for a while. I don't want to hurt you."

Rain was slightly taken aback by the anger in his voice, but she knew what he meant. So she didn't follow him as he walked off further into what seemed to be a rain forest. At least, she didn't follow him immediately. She gave him some space before walking after him.

Soon, she came to a river winding its way through the trees. Jet was seated along the opposite bank. Rain walked a little further downstream before sitting down on the shore.

They just sat there like that for a while. Every once in a while she would steal a glance at him, but he didn't look at her, only stared at the river, thinking about all that had just happened.

However, after a while, just sitting there began to get very boring. Then suddenly she saw the branches behind Jet rustling. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even notice. Rain was about to call out and warn him when she realized that there was no real danger.

This was because the rustling had been caused by a local who had just come down to the river to catch some fish. He had dark skin and was wearing clothing that looked to be traditional to the natives of the planet. He was, however, human.

Unknowingly, the man sat right next to Jet and seemed to be trying to strike up a conversation with him. Rain laughed quietly to herself. The poor guy didn't know just how mad Jet was. When he found out, though, he tried to cheer him up. Apparently, that wasn't working too well, as Jet soon shouted so loudly that Rain could hear it clearly from the other bank. "Go away!"

The man looked very insulted, and got up to find a more peaceful spot to fish. When he spotted Rain on the other side, his face lit up, and he crossed to the other side by walking on top of the rocks that protruded from the water's surface.

"Hello!" he called as he came over. This was surprising. Rain didn't expect him to speak English.

"Hello," she called back. "Sorry about my friend. He's not in the best mood right now."

"Yeah, I figured that out the hard way," the man said with a smirk. Up close, he looked to be about the same age as her. He sat down, cast his line, and propped the rod against some rocks so that he wouldn't have to watch it constantly. "I can tell you two are definitely foreigners, but where do you come from?"

Rain had to contemplate slightly before answering. "Well, I don't really have a home planet, but Jet's from Earth."

His eyes lit up when she said this. "Oh yes, I've heard a lot about Earth. But how can you not have a home planet?"

Rain didn't really feel like going into the whole backstory. "It's a long story."

They were silent for a while until the man said, "My name is James, by the way."

Once again, Rain was surprised. "James? That's a very . . . normal name on Earth."

He wasn't fazed by this comment. "Yeah, we get quite a lot of our culture here from Earth." Now he lay back on the ground, putting his hands behind his head. "So is Jet your boyfriend or something?"

She really wasn't sure how to respond to this. "Well, I'm not quite sure. I guess so."

James sat up when she said this. "Really? Then why is he over on the other bank?"

"Well, he's pretty mad right now, so I don't want to upset him." Out of the corner of her eye, she could now see Jet watching them intensely, obviously jealous of this new man. Rain smiled. It was time to have a little fun. "James, would you mind doing me a favor?"

His face lit up. "Sure! What do you need?"

She lowered her voice on the off-chance that Jet could actually hear what they were saying. "Well, I think Jet is kind of jealous of you right now."

James caught on immediately. "Oh, so you want to mess with him a little?" He looked a little too happy about this.

Rain nodded, trying to hide her smirk in case Jet saw it. James wasted no time on this new assignment. Immediately, he wrapped his arms around her, and she began to laugh just loud enough that Jet might hear.

Stealing a glance at him, she could see him squirming uncomfortably. "How's that?" James whispered.

"Pretty good, but maybe a little more."

James shrugged. "If you say so." With that, he planted a kiss on her cheek, and she proceeded to smile as if this was the best moment of her life.

This seemed to be too much for Jet. He now got up and came over to the other side atop the rocks. He walked right up to Rain and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from James. "Leaving so soon?" James asked.

Jet turned around. "Yeah, well, sorry. She's kind of taken." At this, he began to pull her back into the forest.

Rain smirked and called over her shoulder, "Thanks, James!"

"No problem! Don't forget to visit." Now he turned and walked back to his fishing pole.

Jet stopped when the river was no longer in sight. "Wait, did you set all that up just to make me jealous?"

"That depends. Did it work?"

Jet looked down and scratched his head. "Um . . . maybe just a little."

Rain just laughed and answered sarcastically, "Sorry, I wasn't quite sure if I had a boyfriend or not."

He pulled her in, kissing her more fiercely than he had yet. When they finally broke apart, he said, "For further reference: yes, you do."

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