Chapter 20

Jet and Rain held tightly to each other's hand as they strolled back to the TARDIS. After the incident with James, Jet had calmed down significantly and actually planned to apologize to the Doctor. As they walked, he tried to decide what the best way to go about this was, trying out his ideas on Rain.

"What about something like, 'It was my fault just as much as yours'?"

Rain shook her head. "That makes it sound like you're blaming him too much."

"Well, it was sort of his fault," Jet pointed out.

She rolled her eyes. "Regardless, maybe you should say something along the lines of, 'We were both mad, but that's still no excuse for the way I reacted.'"

Jet cringed. He hated apologies, especially when he felt that the Doctor should apologize first. But if it made Rain happy, then he would at least be willing to try. "I guess that'll have to do," he said, as they were now standing in front of the TARDIS. He took a deep breath. "Well here goes nothing," he said, opening the door.

He held it open, allowing Rain to enter first, and then followed behind her. Their first impression was that the TARDIS was empty. That was odd; the Doctor and River had been in the console room when they'd left.

Now they started looking around for any clue as to where the two had gone. "Look!" Jet exclaimed, holding up the bowtie he had found on the floor. "That's strange. I don't think I've ever seen the Doctor without his bow-." He was cut off by what he saw next: a trail of discarded clothes trailing down the corridor. Automatically, his cheeks became bright red, and he dropped the bowtie.

Rain looked startled. "What? What is it? What did you find?" she asked as she began to walk over to where he was standing, looking rather embarrassed.

Before she could reach him, though, Jet took her hand and began leading her back outside. "I . . . um, don't think this is the best time to disturb them."

"What are you-." Her voice dwindled out as realization sunk in. "Oh."

Once they were outside, neither of them really felt like walking, so they just sat down and leaned against the door of the TARDIS, saying nothing for the longest time. Eventually, though, Jet decided to break the silence, no matter how awkward it might be. "So I suppose this means that you'll be getting a new sibling soon?"

Rain blushed. "Yeah, I guess so."

There was another long silence. "For the record, I've always wanted a little brother."

She looked up at him. "I thought you had siblings."

"All sisters." He smiled sadly, remembering.

"Well, there is a fifty percent chance that you'll get your wish," she said, attempting to cheer him up.

He laughed softly. "I'll take those odds."

The conversation ended there, with both of them caught up in their own thoughts. However, their daydreaming was shattered by the sound of footsteps from inside the TARDIS. "Do you think it's safe to go in now?" Rain asked.

Jet helped her to her feet, opening the door just a crack and peering in. "Yeah, I think the coast is clear." Once again, they entered the TARDIS.

The Doctor and River were standing around the console as if nothing had happened, looking perfectly normal. They didn't greet the young couple or even acknowledge their entrance with anything other than a smile and nod.

Finally, Jet was willing to approach the Doctor just to break the awkward silence, as they seemed to be happening too much today. He walked up behind the Time Lord, who was typing in coordinates, and cleared his throat. The Doctor turned around with an inquisitive look.

"Doctor," he said, holding out his hand and trying to remember what Rain had told him to say, "I'm sorry for trying to punch you. I know we were both angry, but that's no excuse for the way I reacted." He looked over at Rain, who gave him an approving nod.

The Doctor considered this for a moment, wondering if Jet had any sort of ulterior motive. Upon finding none, he took Jet's outstretched hand. "No harm done. And after all, it was largely my fault."

Jet scratched his head, trying to put into words the question he really wanted to ask. "So . . . then, is it okay with you if I stay?"

The Doctor glanced at Rain, who threw him a pleading look. With a sigh, he answered, "I suppose. Just try not to be so . . . flirty," he said, waving his hand around as he tried to come up with the word.

Now Rain walked as casually as she possibly could over to River, leaning against the console next to her. "So what did you and the Doctor talk about while we were gone?" she asked, trying to keep a straight face. Trying, but failing.

River didn't meet her eyes, but instead focused on the buttons she was pushing. "Oh, not much. Mainly, we discussed where we should go next." Rain couldn't help but let a little giggle escape at hearing this obvious lie. Now River's head snapped up. "What's so funny?"

Rain suppressed more laughter. "Oh, nothing. Just out of curiosity, did you discuss that with or without clothes?"

River shot her a positively deadly glare. "You came in early, didn't you?"

"Mm hmm," was all Rain could manage to get out, as she now gave up on not laughing.

River looked over to the boys, who didn't appear to be listening. "Was Jet with you?"


She ran a hand over her face to hide her embarrassment, but then just ended up joining in Rain's laughter. "Well then I suppose this would be a good time to tell you that we decided to have another baby."

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