Chapter 23

The next few weeks drifted by with relative ease. At least, the four of them were able to enjoy a few nice trips without any monsters or conflicts.

Surprisingly, Jet and the Doctor had actually begun to get along. At first, the girls found it comical to watch how they half-heartedly interacted, but both of them were doing their part to end the feud, so eventually they may have actually seemed to be friends.

Jet knew this wouldn't last, though. He knew that, after what he was about to do, the Doctor would possibly drop him back on Earth. But he didn't care; that was a risk he was willing to take.

Today was what the Doctor had called a "day off." The TARDIS was floating aimlessly through the time vortex, leaving her passengers to find something to do on board.

At the moment, the Doctor was tinkering with some wires under the console, River had all but locked herself in the library, Rain was in her room, and Jet sat in the console seat, running things through in his mind.

He'd thought about this a million times, but now that he actually had his chance, he couldn't seem to find the courage to follow through. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small velvet box and began turning it over in his hands.

Finally, he came to the conclusion that it would probably be a good idea to consult the Doctor first. After all, if he didn't approve, the backlash would be worse if he didn't ask for permission.

So now Jet took a deep breath and walked down the steps to where the Doctor sat on his swing under the console. When the Doctor saw him coming, he took off his safety goggles and released the wire he had been holding. "Hello, Jet," he said happily. However, when he recognized the nervous expression on the boy's face, his tone changed. "Is something wrong?"

Before answering, Jet tossed him the velvet box, allowing the Doctor some time to figure things out for himself. After a few seconds of stunned silence, though, he said, "Doctor, I'm asking for your permission to marry your daughter."

Now Jet cringed, waiting for the outburst that was sure to follow. However, it never came. Instead, the Doctor just sighed, tossing the box back to him. When he met Jet's gaze, his eyes showed exactly how old he was, a sad smile playing on his lips. "Honestly, I knew this day would come. I just didn't think it would be this soon."

Jet stood up a little straighter, certain now that he would obtain permission. "So are you saying that it's okay, then?"

The Doctor got up from his swing and walked towards him. "You haven't known each other for even a year."

"I've known some people for my whole life that haven't meant more to me than she does." Now he wasn't so sure that he would hear a "yes."

The Doctor was now practically groping around for reasons against this. "Well then, what about the fact that you're a human and she's a Time Lord? When you die, she'll keep on living. Do you really want her to go through all that?"

This caught Jet by surprise. Of course, he had thought about it before, but he had always just seen it as a minor difference in species, nothing to be concerned about. After all, she seemed human. He hadn't reflected much on how it would affect her when he died.

Then, he remembered a conversation he had had with Rain once. "We've talked about that. She told me that she just wants to enjoy all the time with me that she'll have."

The Doctor, who had honestly thought that his statement had been enough to win this argument, now found himself defeated. He clapped a hand on Jet's shoulder, giving him an approving smile. "Then go for it."

Jet's eyes got wide. He almost stopped to ask if the Doctor was serious. Almost. After all, he didn't want him to reconsider. So now he ran through the halls of the TARDIS, all the way to the door that he knew led to Rain's room.

He paused right outside, tightening his grip on the small velvet box and hiding his hand behind his back so that she wouldn't see it.

Rain had already heard his footsteps running through the halls, though. "Jet? Is that you? Go ahead and come in."

With his free hand, Jet slowly opened the door. Inside, Rain was sitting on her bed, reading a book. However, when he came in, she closed it, setting the book on her nightstand. She patted the bed beside her, signaling for him to sit down.

Jet shook his head, and Rain looked at him in confusion. Instead, he said, "Actually, I'd prefer to stand right now. Would you care to join me?" He reached out his free hand, pulling her up to stand in front of him.

Now he took a deep breath. His heart was pounding so loudly that he was almost sure that Rain could hear it. Slowly, Jet got down on one knee, causing her to gasp. He brought out the box from where it was hidden behind his back and, opening it, said, "Rain Song, I've known you long enough to know that you are the only one I could ever love. I promise to love you forever, no matter how long that may be." He paused just slightly, allowing her to take in the situation. "Will you marry me?"

The fraction of a second that followed was the longest of Jet's life. He saw tears in Rain's eyes, and her hands covered her mouth, so he couldn't quite tell if she was happy or not. Soon, though, there came a definite answer. She said it softly, so that he had to strain to hear it. "Yes."

Jet wanted to make sure that he'd heard correctly before letting himself get excited. "Yes?"

"Yes, yes, of course!" She threw her arms around him, making him land with his back on the ground.

He couldn't help but laugh with relief at her reaction. "Just one more thing," he said as he took the ring out of its velvet box and placed it gently on her finger.

She took a moment to analyze the ring. When he proposed, she hadn't really been looking at it. All she could see was him. "When did you have time to get this?"

Jet smiled slyly. "Remember a few days ago when we landed in Paris?"


"Remember when I got 'lost'?"

Recognition now flooded through her eyes. "Oh, so that's what you were doing! I thought it was highly unlikely that you could get lost."

He laughed softly, and then realized that they were still lying on the ground. Getting up, he pulled Rain to her feet.

"Do my parents know about this?" she asked, cringing slightly at the thought of what the Doctor might say.

"Yeah," he said. "Well, actually, I only told the Doctor, but he was fine with it."

This was not at all what she had expected to hear. "Wait, he was fine with it?"

Jet shrugged. "He asked a few questions, but in the end, he gave me his permission."

Rain considered this. "So I guess we should probably go tell River now."

He took her hand, looking down at her as he laughed. "As long as she doesn't have her gun, that shouldn't be too bad."

"Don't worry," Rain answered. "She's always liked you."

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