Chapter 25

"So where are we going again?" Rain asked as the Doctor continued to swirl around the console, pulling levers and pressing buttons.

He stopped piloting for a moment to sigh with the frustration of answering this question for the third time. "Once again, you two are taking the day off and going to Melody Island," he answered, motioning to her and Jet. "And we're going to stay here since the island isn't exactly safe."

She looked at him questioningly. "If it's not safe, then why are we going?"

The Doctor threw his hands up in the air before going continuing his dance around the console. "It's perfectly safe for you, just not for River."

With the help of River, who had followed behind the Doctor, correcting his mistakes, the TARDIS soon landed on Melody Island. The Doctor shooed Rain and Jet out the door, insisting that they take the day off.

Once the two were safely outside, River turned to him. "Alright, what's this all about?"

"Well," he said, trying not to sound as excited as he was, "I thought it was about time we take a look at our baby."

Her eyes widened. "But . . . it hasn't been that long."

He shrugged. "Time Lords don't take as long as humans." At that, he held out his hand and led her to the sick bay, allowing the TARDIS to scan her body. "This shouldn't take long," he explained. "Any minute now, the monitor will tell us everything we need to know." Even though he was trying to sound nonchalant, he couldn't help the wide smile that was breaking out across his face.

A few seconds later, soft beeping noises were audible. Immediately, the two Time Lords recognized it as a tiny heartbeat. The Doctor blushed, his cheeks turning a deep red. After all, even though they had a daughter, this was their first time having this experience. River let out a slight gasp of joy as the image of their child appeared on the screen.

The Doctor straightened up, adjusted his bowtie, and smoothed back his hair, exuding pride. "River Song," he said happily, "I believe we have a son."

She jumped up immediately, throwing her arms around him. He returned the embrace, and when they finally broke apart, he saw that tears of joy had been forming in her eyes. "So what should we name him?" the Doctor asked.

River answered right away, as if she had been planning this all along. "Storm. His name should be Storm."

The Doctor took another look at the monitor, chuckling as he turned back. "The Oncoming Storm. I love it."

"So why exactly did the Doctor kick us out?" Jet asked as they walked along the beach.

Rain shrugged. "I don't know. But considering what happened the last time we left them alone, I'm not in any hurry to go back."

Jet laughed, remembering. "So why is this called Melody Island, anyway?" he asked.

"Melody used to be River's name," Rain answered. "She changed it after she escaped from the Silence."

Jet, who had never heard this story before, was now very confused. "Who are the Silence? And what did they want with River?"

"The Silence want the Doctor dead, so they kidnapped River as a child and forced her to kill the Doctor," she explained.

"But how can he be dead? I just saw him."

Rain sighed, not exactly wanting to explain the whole story. "Well, to put it simply, the Doctor was hiding in a robot replica of himself. Anyway, she changed her name after she realized that she didn't want to kill him." She shrugged. "It's more or less the same thing I did."

This surprised him. "Wait, what? You were kidnapped by the Silence?"

"Yeah." Her eyes became glassy as she tried to remember. However, her memory only held bits and pieces of her time there. One thing she remembered very clearly, though, was the cloudy mist of hatred that would fog up her vision at the very mention of the Doctor's name. Now she shook her head, trying to clear this thought away. Rain chuckled lightly, trying to ease the tension. "I thought my name was Lyra. That's what the Silence had called me."

Jet was silent for a while, trying to process this information. Finally, he asked, "What was it like when you met the Doctor, then?"

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to push down the memories, but it was no use. "I can hardly remember. All I know is that the moment I saw him, I became so angry that my hands were shaking. I wanted to kill him so badly, and I didn't even know why." Her voice was strained, and they had stopped walking now. Rain's face was a mask of pain. Jet didn't press the topic anymore, as he feared that if he did, she would break down.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around her, as if he could somehow shield her from the Silence. He looked down at her, cupping one hand around her face and lifting it so that their eyes met. "Listen to me," he spoke softly. "I know you're not a killer. I also know that you've changed and can control yourself. You're not just a puppet. And I can promise you that if I ever get the chance, I'll make the Silence pay for every second they spent with you."

She buried her face in his neck, wanting so badly to believe him. The fact was, though, he was a human, and even if he did seek revenge on the Silence, he wouldn't even remember it.

Suddenly, Rain fell to the ground screaming. Her hands were pressed tightly against her ears. Jet crouched down next to her, speaking frantically. "Rain? What is it? What's wrong?"

"That noise," she answered through gritted teeth. "I . . . I can't hear anything but that noise."

Jet looked around, confused. "What noise?" It was no use, though, as she couldn't hear him.

Out of nowhere, two men in black suits began to approach. As they got closer, Jet realized that they weren't men at all. Their faces were contorted, and they had three fingers on each hand. He was thoroughly terrified, but he stood his ground, refusing to leave Rain.

One of these creatures spoke to Jet, his voice hollow. "You are Jet Carson. You will run."

He didn't move, just maintained a firm grip on Rain. Apparently, she had been able to hear the words of this creature. "Jet!" she yelled. "It's the Silence! You have to run. They'll kill you!"

He stood up, addressing the Silent that had spoken. "I don't know how you know who I am, but I do know what you did to Rain. So I'm going to make you regret it."

The Silent made a throaty noise that sounded like cruel laughter. "You are weak. You will run or we will kill you."

Rain was practically in tears now. "Jet, just go! They want me, not you. Run! After you go, you won't even remember what happened."

"How can I just forget you?" he retorted, his voice hoarse with fear and indecision.

She looked up at him, pleading. "You have to." It was almost a whisper.

Jet gathered that once he turned away, he would forget this whole incident. So before running, he made one last promise to Rain. "I'll find you. Whatever it takes, I will find you. I'm not going to let them turn you into a monster."

At that, he ran. He got about halfway back to the TARDIS, and then stopped. Putting his hand to his cheek, he felt wetness. Well that was strange. For some reason, he felt angry and upset, but he didn't particularly know why. And where was Rain? The only thing he could remember was that he had a promise to keep. He wasn't quite sure what that promise was, but he knew he would die before breaking it.

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