Chapter 27

The Doctor and Rain froze. They both knew that Kovarian would be happy to carry out her threats as she held the knife to Jet's throat. "You will bring me the baby, or this friend of yours will die."

The Doctor realized immediately what this would mean. He looked down at Rain, not exactly meeting her eyes. "Rain, I'm sorry."

He watched as her face became a mask of horror. "Doctor, what are you saying?"

All he could do was shake his head. He didn't have the strength to tell Rain that he'd already made his decision. At this question, Kovarian laughed wickedly, pressing the knife against Jet's neck so tightly that a single drop of blood dropped to the ground. "I believe the Doctor has made his decision."

Once again, he turned away, not daring to see the expression of disgust that filled Rain's features. She turned to Kovarian now, trying to appear determined. Attempting to keep her voice from shaking, she said, "And what if it's not the Doctor's decision to make?"

"Rain, what are you doing?" the Doctor asked incredulously.

As she answered him, she dropped her voice to a whisper, making her words inaudible to Kovarian. "We can come back for Storm in a few days. They won't even have had time to harm him at all. But if we leave now, Jet will die."

The Doctor considered this for a moment, but just a moment, before shaking his head and answering her at the same volume. "Storm isn't born yet. I'd have to hand over River too. There's no way I can trust these people with both my son and my wife, even if it is only for a couple of days. With their technology, I'm sure that's more than enough time to harm them."

Rain shook her head, her eyes now clouded with tears. "We can't . . . we can't just leave him. Do something! Save him!"

The Doctor hung his head, ashamed to recognize that this feeling was all too familiar. "I can't."

Kovarian spoke up now. "Sorry to interrupt this little father-daughter heart to heart chat, but I'm afraid it's time to say your goodbyes," she intoned with mock sympathy as she pressed the knife slightly further into Jet's neck.

Her words petrified Rain. Unable to speak, she glanced over at Jet, whose eyes seemed just as calm as the day she'd met him, the day she'd saved him from himself. Though the knife prevented him from speaking, he was able to mouth out three words, the only three that needed to be said: "I love you."

This silent promise was enough to cause Rain to sink to her knees on the ground. Her last resort was to try and reason with Kovarian. "Please, please," was all she managed to get out, though.

"No." She spit out the word as if it were a curse. "You will bring me the baby, or you will watch your love die."

Rain watched as Jet closed his eyes, bracing himself. As he did so, she buried her face in her hands, incapable of watching what would surely happen next.

She expected to hear a gasp of breath as the knife plunged into his throat, but instead all that was audible was a single bullet shot. Rain dared to look up just enough to glance over at the Doctor. There he stood, his arms wrapped tightly around River, whose gun hung in a holster around her waist.

Once Rain saw it, she immediately had to shove down the tiny spark of hope that tried to force its way into her head. After all, there was nothing worse than losing newfound hope.

She didn't look over to where Jet was, as she was afraid of what she might see. However, her resolve was weakened by a noise. Someone was coughing, someone in the same place Jet had been. She couldn't take it anymore. Her eyes snapped over to where she had expected to see Jet's limp body still chained to the wall.

Instead, what she saw was a much more welcome view. Jet had a long cut on his neck, but he was still alive, as he was now coughing. Next to him, Kovarian was lying on the ground by the knife, a bullet hole visible in her gut.

Rain wasted no time in getting up and running over to Jet. She was so happy that she didn't even care if her attempts at freeing him were useless; she still tried them anyway. One by one, the Doctor sonicked the locks on his cuffs, making it appear as though it was Rain who had opened them.

Once free, Jet fell into her arms, nearly unconscious due to oxygen deprivation. However, other than a scratch on his face and the cut on his neck, he was unharmed.

For a moment, both couples just stood in the safety of each other's arms, forgetting exactly where they were. That is, until a blaring alarm started going off around them.

"We must have triggered the alert system by sonicking the locks," the Doctor called over the noise. "Everyone, back to the TARDIS. Run!"

River took his hand, as always, and they led the way down the corridor. However, Jet only made it a few steps before becoming fully unconscious. By now, the Doctor and River were halfway to the TARDIS, and Rain could hear frantic footsteps coming from somewhere in the other direction, so she slung Jet's arm over her shoulders and proceeded to carry him as quickly as she could.

Soon, the blue box was just a few steps away, with the Doctor holding the door open. Rain silently noted that Jet was a lot heavier than he looked. However, she was able to take the few steps ahead of her before stumbling into the TARDIS, collapsing under the weight of Jet's unconscious form.

Once inside, and with the Doctor's aid, she was able to carry him to the sick bay, laying him gently on one of the beds.

After doing so, the Doctor cleared his throat and muttered something about River piloting the TARDIS before exiting the room, leaving Rain and Jet to themselves.

Rain looked down at the face of her fiance, which was scarred by a single scratch running down his face. She reached her hand out to his forehead to smooth away his dark hair, as it had become rather shaggy after all the time he had spent traveling with them.

She couldn't help but notice how peaceful he looked as he lay unconscious. After all the events of the day, he was probably exhausted, and so he wouldn't awake any time soon. Rain didn't care how long it took; she would be the first thing he saw when he woke up. So she pulled up a chair and waited.

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