Chapter 30

Rain and Jet walked through the TARDIS doors together, arm in arm. Any doubt that had existed moments before was completely purged from their minds. All that mattered was that they were together now, regardless of how long that would last.

As they stepped outside, they slowly took in their surroundings. They weren't anywhere special, just a small chapel that Jet recognized to be in Lower Leadworth. A long, narrow aisle ran down the center, each side lined with only a few spectators.

On the left sat Amy and River, both smiling back at Rain with tears glistening in their eyes. The Doctor and Rory sat on the left, looking as proud as ever. As Jet stood there looking at all the proud, smiling faces around him, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of sorrow for the parents that he no longer had, who could no longer be seen smiling at him with the pride of those before him now.

In the front of the little chapel stood a man neither of them had seen before. He had short brown hair and wore a long military jacket. However, judging by the fact that he held a small book in his hand, the two gathered that he would be performing the ceremony.

"Jet! Why don't you come up here?" he called, beckoning the soon-to-be-groom forward. In saying this, they could hear that he had what sounded like an American accent. Jet straightened his black bowtie (which the Doctor had hand-picked) before making his way to the front.

No more than a few seconds later, soft wedding music began to waft through the doors of the TARDIS, as if to say that this was her wedding gift.

However, as the music progressed, Rain slowly made her way forward. It was strange. All her life—the whole time she had been imprisoned by the Silence—she had secretly dreamed of this day. She'd dreamed of the breathless nervousness that came with walking down the aisle. But this wasn't there. As she looked forward, she saw only Jet's face, and she realized that whenever she looked at him, it was impossible to feel anything other than pure joy and love.

For this reason, she found herself thinking that the aisle was incredibly long. After all, that small expanse of space was the only thing keeping her from him.

The rest of the ceremony flew by in a blur. It was so hard to concentrate when all Rain could think about was the near future. She had given up on contemplating the far future. Without Jet, that was something she couldn't—wouldn't—picture.

The next thing she knew, the American man performing the ceremony was asking her if she promised to love Jet forever, till death do they part. Without hesitating, she answered, "I do."

She looked over at Jet, who was trying to retain at least a little seriousness without breaking out into a wide grin. Soon, she heard the same words come out of his mouth. "I do."

It was all Rain could do to wait until the man said, "You may now kiss the bride," before she threw her arms around him, pressing her lips to his as he gladly did the same.

They only broke apart when they heard a sharp scream from the audience. Whirling around to find out who it had come from, they saw River clutching the Doctor's forearm tightly, her face twisted in pain.

It took the Doctor a moment to realize what was happening. But once he did, the confusion on his face began to mingle with excitement. "It's time." Now he got up, slung River's arm around his neck, and made his way to the TARDIS, turning around only to say, "Rain, Jet, everyone else: don't go anywhere. We'll be right back . . . with a new addition to the family." At this, the two disappeared into the TARDIS.

A few slightly awkward moments passed as everyone tried to take in what had just happened. After all, what were the odds of a wedding and birth at the same time? Soon, though, things got a little lighter as the newlyweds began to mingle with Amy and Rory.

After a while, the man who had performed the ceremony joined the conversation. "Congratulations," was his first word to them as he shook hands with both Rain and Jet.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" asked Jet.

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness," he answered, giving a brilliant smile that showed off his teeth. "I'm an old friend of the Doctor's."

Jet couldn't help but notice that Jack seemed to be looking at Rain a little too much. "Captain?" he asked, doubtful.

"Yeah. Captain. I work for Torchwood. But you can just call me Jack." He looked directly at Rain as he said this.

"Okay," said Jet as he took Rain's hand. "Look, it's been fun and all, but I think we'll just go wait inside the TARDIS, if you don't mind."

"It was a pleasure to meet you," Jack called as Jet all but pulled Rain back to the TARDIS.

However, they didn't exactly get any time alone, because as soon as they got inside, they were followed by the Ponds.

"Oi!" called Amy. "You didn't think you could leave without letting us see our new grandchild, did you?" The way she said this was rather comical, especially considering that they looked younger than their daughter.

"Sorry. Just needed a change of scenery," Jet answered, picturing Jack again.

So now the four of them sat and waited. The next couple of hours were spent recounting to the Ponds all of the adventures that had taken place since the last time they had met. They told them about the run-in with Madame Kovarian, and Jet showed them the barely-visible scars that still ran down his face and neck.

Rain was right in the middle of describing how they had escaped, when the Doctor walked in carrying a small bundle. When he spoke, it was a whisper. "Everyone, allow me to introduce Storm Song."

Once he said this, Storm began to wriggle, opening his eyes just slightly enough that everyone gasped as they caught site of them, including the Doctor.

"Wow," said Amy. "His eyes are . . . very blue."

It was true. Storm's eyes were something different, even for the Doctor. It was as if both the sky and sea were captured in those piercing blue eyes, warring with each other, but coexisting at the same time. They were calm and restless, loud and silent, old and new, just as the Doctor's were.

So after he had taken in the sight of his son, the Doctor laughed quietly. "The eye of the Storm."

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