Chapter 35

"So what do you want to do today?" Jet asked Rain as they finished eating breakfast. The previous day had mostly been spent relaxing and just taking in the serenity of their surroundings. So today Jet figured that he should probably show her all this town had to offer. However, after seeing the blank look on her face at this question, he began to pose his own suggestions. "We could go sightseeing or . . . take a tour of the town."

Rain smiled up at him politely. "Aren't those the same thing?"

"Yeah, okay. Leadworth isn't the most exciting place," he sighed, "but there are actually some very interesting points if you look close enough."

Honestly, Rain didn't care where they went as long as she was with him. After all, waking up the day before to find him missing was more than enough adventure for the next couple of days. "That sounds great."

So now they set off slowly, hand in hand. There was no need to rush. It was still fairly early, so the only cars on the roads were those heading off to work. The rest of the town still slept quietly. Not only that, but no matter how long they took, the sights would still be there once they finally did arrive.

Their first stop was a small school that looked as if it had been standing there for several generations. Jet quickly explained it as where he spent all his time from first through twelfth grade. However, Rain noticed a shadow pass over his face as he said these words that seemed rather hollow.

"Is there something more, something you're not telling me?" Rain asked as Jet hurriedly tried to move along to their next destination.


Rain gave him her best "yeah, right" look. "Jet, come on. We're married now. You can't lie to me."

After weighing the possibility that Rain might back down (and finding that impossible), Jet gave a long, deep sigh before speaking. "I don't like to talk about this place. Apart from what happened to my family, all my worst memories happened here." He paused, hoping that this small amount of information would be enough. However, seeing that Rain was clinging to every word he said, he grudgingly continued. "You know how when we first met, I told you I didn't have anyone left?" Rain nodded. "Well didn't you wonder where all my friends were?"

This question surprised her. In fact, she had never really thought about that. At the time, all she'd been concerned about was the fact that he had no family. His friends had never really come into the conversation. "Well, what happened to them?"

At this, Jet gave a dark, sarcastic chuckle. "There weren't any. That's the problem. There were so many people willing to pretend, though. As long as they could get something from you, you'd have a "friend." " Here, he paused again, realizing just how much he was saying and not wanting to ruin the day by explaining all this to Rain. "Long story short, I stopped catering to their needs, and they just left. But not without making my life miserable first."

Rain didn't say anything for a while, hoping that maybe he would continue. However, as he didn't seem willing to speak on the subject anymore, she realized the conversation was over. She knew he didn't really like talking about his past, and actually felt slightly guilty for pushing this information out of him. So now she wrapped her arms around him, burying her face against his chest. "I'm sorry."

He didn't answer, only pulled her closer so that she knew that everything was okay now. Then when they broke apart, Jet was eager to pretend as if nothing had happened, and Rain happily played along.

"Next stop, downtown!" It was a rather long walk there from the school, but Rain wasn't complaining. After all, it was a very nice day outside, and all the birds seemed to have chosen today to serenade the passersby with their tunes.

By the time they reached this destination, traffic was beginning to pick up as it neared twelve o'clock. So now the two were confined to the sidewalks instead of the bumpy brick roads that they had been walking on.

Leadworth wasn't a very large town, so naturally the downtown wasn't either. Yet, Rain was still awestruck by all the things Jet was pointing out to her. Many of the shops and businesses would have appeared absolutely ordinary with anyone else, but with Jet, the buildings practically jumped up and came alive. He knew everything about this town, from who owned each building to all the interesting things that had happened since their construction. One had been consumed by a total of three fires but was never fully destroyed. Another had just happened to catch a master thief who had been causing mischief a few years back. Jet knew every detail.

Now there was a pause in his personal tour, as he saw Rain staring at a place across the street. There was a small park there, smaller than most she had seen before, but to her it was indescribably beautiful. A small bench sat in the shade of several tall trees, each alive with the sound of birds chirping peacefully from their branches. Jet could tell that this was where Rain really wanted to go. "Why don't we go sit down?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing," Rain answered, glad that he had brought this up.

In order to get to the park, it was necessary for the two to cross over the road that stood between them and their destination. There was only one car anywhere near the crosswalk, but Jet shrugged this off, as there were stop signs protecting them from both sides. However, as they continued across, he noticed that the car showed no signs of slowing. But as always, he noticed this too late. The car was headed straight for Rain.

By the time he was able to react, he knew impact was only feet away, so pushing Rain out of the way, Jet dove to save her. From Rain's point of view, all she heard was the screeching of tires before she was pushed to the ground feet away. Scrambling to her feet, she whirled around. The car was long gone by now, and Jet lay motionless on the bricks.

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