Chapter 36

Rain's mind seemed to stall in this moment. It was almost as if her body was on autopilot, since her brain refused to believe what had just happened. The next thing she knew, she was on her knees next to him, crying for help to anyone who would listen, insisting that someone call an ambulance immediately.

By the time her mind had caught up with the situation, she realized that she hadn't even checked to see if Jet was alive yet. Part of her refused to even accept the possibility that he might not be. "Jet?" she asked, shaking his shoulders slightly. "Jet, please wake up." Her words were becoming more desperate now, as she held on to any hope she had left.

Leaning down, she placed an ear to his chest, listening for a heartbeat. The noise was so faint when compared to the chaos of people around them, but nevertheless, his heart was beating. Rain slowly let out the breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding, before moving her ear from Jet's heart to his mouth. Short, choppy breaths came periodically, but it was better than nothing.

"Jet?" she called again, shaking him slightly, just as she had before. This time, though, the result was different. Suddenly, Jet lurched forward, overcome by a fit of coughing, but conscious nonetheless.

Rain's spirits rose even higher once he awoke, but the feeling didn't last long, for Jet wasn't just coughing; he was coughing up blood. Even Rain knew that that could never be a good sign.

After a couple of minutes, the coughing stopped, and Jet lay back on the bricks of the street. His eyes were still open, but he looked weak, his face pale. For a moment, he looked calm, so Rain considered asking him how he felt. But now his face contorted in pain, and he clutched his torso in a way that could only mean that something inside must have been badly injured.

At this time, the ambulance showed up. Rain was shooed away from Jet so that he could be placed on a stretcher and hauled into the back. Her mind was racing, and she tried to block out the outside world as she began to come up with some way to reach the only person who could save him for sure: the Doctor.

The Ponds! Surely, they must have found some way of contacting the Doctor after all this time. Rain didn't give the EMTs a second look, only began sprinting toward the Pond residence. As the town wasn't exactly large, she was there in minutes. As soon as she reached the door, she began pounding on it as if her own life depended on it.

Soon, Amy opened the door, her expression somewhere between confusion and worry once she saw who it was. "Rain? What is it? Are you okay?"

"It's Jet," she panted. "He . . . he was hit by a car. They took him to the hospital."

Amy's eyes got wide now. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go!"

She made to rush out the door, but Rain held out her hand, stopping her. "No. We can't. I saw him, and I know that he's going to die. We need to contact the Doctor; he's the only one that can save Jet." Rain was surprised at how calmly these words came out of her mouth.

For a moment, Amy just stood there, analyzing the situation in her head. She must have decided to believe Rain, though, as she called into the house, "Rory! Call the Doctor!"

Once the number was dialed, Amy snatched the phone from her husband, not wanting to waste any unnecessary time. "Doctor, listen. We need you. Now." At this, she hung up, knowing that the Doctor could easily tell the time from which they were calling.

Sure enough, the TARDIS materialized right outside the house seconds later, landing on the flowers, as usual. The Doctor must have sensed the urgency of their situation, as he rushed out of the box and into the house before River even had time to ask why. Soon enough, though, she was in the house as well.

It took only a few seconds to explain the situation. After that, Rain, River, and the Doctor hurried into the TARDIS in order to make it to the hospital quicker. Amy and Rory, however, stayed back. They knew what it was like to travel in the TARDIS and go on life-threatening adventures. But they also knew that after traveling onboard once, you never want to leave. That was a goodbye that they couldn't stand to make again.

Once they landed outside the hospital, it wasn't hard to find out where Jet was. As soon as they walked inside, they found several doctors swarming around his room. Eventually, one nurse stopped after seeing the new visitors. "Are you the family of Jet Carson?" she asked solemnly.

It was Rain who answered. "Yes."

The nurse seemed to hesitate for a moment before continuing. "I'm sorry, but I don't think there's anything we can do."

Rain didn't lose hope yet. After all, this was exactly what she had expected. The only one who could help him was the Doctor, who spoke up now. "Ah, yes, I see," he said, with genuine sorrow on his face. "Would you mind if we had a little time alone with him?"

"Oh, no, of course not," stammered the nurse. "Take your time."

The three now entered the room where Jet lay motionless on a cot, eyes closed, but still breathing. His face was paler than it had ever been, with an air of death filling the room. None spoke, for fear of waking him from what might be his last peaceful sleep. Taking out his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor scanned him as quietly as he could. After checking the readings, he shook his head, scanning him again. This time, though, he just ran a hand across his face, turning around to face Rain.

The look on his face said it all. Rain was certain that both of her hearts must have skipped a beat in this instant. She had spent so much time dreading this moment, but she hadn't been prepared for it to happen so quickly. He wasn't supposed to die now! They should still have a few decades together. And now he would die soon, and she wouldn't even be able to properly tell him goodbye, since he was unconscious.

Still, she walked over to him slowly, feeling like a mourner looking into the coffin of someone who was already gone. As if mechanically, she bent down to whisper into his ear, "Goodbye," before placing one last, gentle kiss to his lips. She couldn't help but think that the roles should be reversed. Shouldn't it be the prince kissing his princess in hopes of waking her? Subconsciously, she could hear a steady beeping suddenly become one sustained beep, but this wasn't registering fully right now.

Behind her, River turned to whisper to the Doctor. Now may not have seemed like the best time, but she needed to know. "Doctor, why did you scan him twice?"

He didn't seem as fazed by this question as she had expected. "Because the first time, he didn't register as human."

River just stared at him, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. The Doctor must have realized what she was thinking too, as his face now took on the same expression as hers. "Rain," he called, "step away from Jet."

However, his voice still wouldn't register in her thoughts, as the only thing she could focus on was Jet. River must have realized this, because she now grabbed Rain's arm, pulling her away. It took immense effort and a little bit of screaming, but she was eventually able to pull the girl away.

Rain watched in horror through tear-filled eyes as the Doctor pointed his screwdriver at Jet. With the press of a button, Jet melted into a pile of liquid flesh on the cot.

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