Chapter 41

The Doctor had given Rain the best chance she would have to resurrect Jet's memories. He wasn't sure if mere words would be enough to work, but it was all he had. In his mind, the chances still weren't very good. Now all he could think about was the look on Rain's face when she'd first discovered that Jet did not know who she was. This image would be forever ingrained in his mind, and it sure wasn't leaving now. If Rain's attempts to help Jet proved unsuccessful, then he didn't want to be around to face her when she realized all was lost.

Slowly, he trudged down the halls of the TARDIS, paying absolutely no attention to where he was going. Somehow, though, he ended up in front of a door he had become very familiar with over the past couple of months. It was just a plain wooden door, but opening it revealed the newest and littlest Time Lord, sleeping softly.

The Doctor couldn't help but smile at the sight of his son. Taking care to not make any noise, he slowly walked inside, closing the door behind him. His footsteps were silent as he crept up to the side of the cradle, peering in.

It was astounding to see just how much Storm had grown. Now little golden curls were starting to cover his head, reminding him of River. However, something about the Doctor's presence seemed to have been sensed by the boy, as his striking blue eyes now fluttered open. He didn't cry like he used to, only lay staring up at his father as if in a trance.

Storm's face was so comical that the Doctor couldn't help but pick him up. "Hello, Stormy! How was your sleep?" Storm always liked it when people spoke to him, and he gave a happy giggle in response.

"Well that's good," the Doctor said. "I'm glad that someone around here is happy. You're sister isn't doing so well. But I'm sure everything will turn out fine. It always does." Of course, he was lying. Rule one: the Doctor lies. But what was the point of telling a child only a couple months old? The Doctor didn't want to upset him. If the boy wanted to believe that everything always ended well, then who was he to ruin that?

Rain lost count of the number of conflicting emotions that were now running through Jet's eyes. There were hints of shock and happiness, but also several that she had no name for. Still, the predominant one was confusion. His eyes were wide now, wider than she'd ever seen them. It was as if he was trying to take in as much of this scene as he possibly could.

After a couple minutes passed without either of them speaking, Rain began to worry. "Jet?" she asked. "Jet, are you okay?"

Now his eyes snapped shut, his breathing becoming shallow and jagged. He was visibly shaking, so she reached out a hand to steady him. As she did, though, the shaking only got worse, causing his breaths to get more and more desperate, as if he was a swimmer coming to the surface after nearly drowning.

Gradually, the shaking subsided, turning into steady rocking. It was a pitiful sight. Jet was practically hyperventilating as he rocked back and forth with his eyes shut and his hands in tight fists in his lap. All the while, Rain maintained a comforting grip on his arm.

Finally, though, she could feel his muscles begin to relax. His deep breaths turned to sobbing. Rain couldn't take it anymore. "Jet!" she called. "I need you to tell me you're okay. Please!"

At the sound of her voice, he was silent, becoming still. Ever so slowly, he opened his eyes. He saw her sitting there next to him and cocked his head. "Rain?" he asked.

She didn't get her hopes up, just in case. "Yes?"

"Rain. The only girl I fell in love with. The one who was kidnapped by the Silence. The one I died to save. The one who saved me time and time again. The one who married me. My . . . wife."

The words fell out of his mouth so quickly that she had to listen closely in order to keep up. There were a few moments of silence as she mentally digested everything he just said, taking in the emotion that had been absent for too long, but now flooded his words.

Tears came to her eyes as she realized what had just happened. This man that sat next to her was her Jet, and she wouldn't lose him ever again. In one fluid motion, their arms simultaneously wrapped around the other, as if on cue.

They sat there for the longest time, each of them now with tears streaming from their eyes. When Jet had finally recovered enough to speak, he said, "I didn't think there was any way I could forget you. I'm so sorry I—"

"Oh, shut up," Rain cut in, sounding rather like Amy as she silenced him with a kiss. Jet gratefully accepted, taking in everything about this moment as they kissed. He'd forgotten how much he missed the feel of her hands running through his hair as he breathed in the scent of her.

Everything about this moment was perfect. Rain couldn't help but think that it all seemed a little cliché, but right now she didn't care at all. All she would allow herself to think about was the fact that Jet—her Jet—was back in her arms again.

River peered through the tiny crack of the barely-open door, watching as the young couple embraced. Obviously, she was happy that Jet was back, allowing Rain to be happy again. But there was . . . something else, something she just couldn't put her finger on. Yes, looking at Jet's demeanor alone was enough to know that he had gotten his memories back, but this just seemed too . . . easy. The Silence never let people go that easily. They always had a backup plan.

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